Starburst Online Slot

Starburst Online Slot

RTP (Return To Player) 96%
Layout 5 x 3
Paylines 10
Max coin win 50 000
Volatility Medium
Min. stake €0.1
Max Bet €100

RTP (Return To Player) 96%

Layout 5 x 3

Paylines 10

Max coin win 50 000

Volatility Medium

Min. stake €0.1

Max Bet €100

Ever since the launch of the Starburst Slot Machine in 2013, it has risen to the top as the most popular of the UK and European online slots at casinos online. So what makes Starburst as popular today as when it launched in 2013?

Many factors determine whether or not an online slot becomes popular. Many have copied and created similar slots in retrospect, but have never achieved the same success as Starburst.

Starburst is produced by NetEnt, one of the largest Swedish game producers online. Here you can test the Starburst online slot above, and also get a big bonus at our best Netent casino if you choose to play for real money.

Why is Starburst so popular?

One of the main reasons why Starburst is still preferred by players around the world is that paylines pay both ways. This means that even though it has few paylines, Starburst pays out even if the row starts from the right or from the left. 

But even though the online slot offers medium volatility, it has only a hit frequency of 22.7%. This is very low for an online slot in this category, which is usually around 30%. 

So for you as a player, this means that it is not very often that winnings tick in on the reels of Starburst, and you would think that players would lose interest in this slot over time.

However, since virtually all winning combinations on the reels pay well on Starburst, there are still good opportunities to those who endure for a long time in this game and to earn a nice profit after a longer session.

In short, this means that winnings on the reels do not often show up, but it pays well when luck first strikes.

You might think that slots with Megaways and Infinity Reels would be able to knock Starburst down from the top, as they offer hundreds of thousands of more paylines than Starburst. But the truth is that these slots pay no more than Starburst compared to RTP, and the winnings that tick in are very modest, with microscopic payouts when you win. So even though Starburst has only 10 paylines with fewer hits on the reels, there are significant sums paid out when it lands a winning combination.

Starburst is a favorite at the online casino

Another reason why Starburst is so popular is probably that online casinos also prefer to give bonuses on this game. You will quite often see an opportunity to get free spins on Starburst, either with a welcome bonus, or free spins when registering for a new account.

Symbol values ​​on Starburst

On Starburst we find the classic online slot symbols "7" and BAR were the seven pays out 120 times the coin value, and BAR gives a full 250 times. If you fill the reels with the BAR, that's where the big prize is. But as you can probably see, low-value symbols in Starburst are also well-paid compared to many other online slots today.

Starburst has 5 different gems that pay the lowest winnings:

  • Purple and blue pay up to 25 times the coin value
  • Red pays up to 40 times the coin value
  • Green pays up to 50 times the coin value
  • Yellow pays up to 60 times the coin value

Coin value is the same value as you see under the "Coin Value" button on Starburst, and not your total bet per spin.

In fact, it is rare to find such good winning opportunities in the main game of an online slot, without a whole lot of bonus features that have to trigger to get some of the symbols with the lowest value to pay well. Starburst is just one of those slots you can dare to increase your bet a little extra, and still see your account survive after a few hundred spins.

The lowest payout you can expect to win in the Starburst is at 0.5 x bet. Today you can find online slots with lots of small payouts in just a fraction of this.

So what do you think is better; Seeing the flashing win all the time on the screen, with no response to account balance, or actually seeing the winnings that amount to something when they first occur?

Game Setup on the Starburst Slot

Starburst offers a great atmosphere when you turn on the online slot, with pleasant music and sound effects, combined with awesome graphics. The actual layout of Starburst is very recognizable and easy to understand for both new and experienced players.

Here you get a classic structure with 5 wheels and 3 rows with 10 well-paid paylines. With these elements in place, NetEnt has found a winning combination that players love around the world. Many have copied, but no one has managed to achieve the same success as the original Starburst.

Another factor for the slot game Starburst success among online gamblers is that it is tailored to suit all budgets. You can bet anywhere from €0.1 to up to €100 per spin.

In addition, you have many options for adjusting the stakes as the winnings tick in. NetEnt has always been good at optimizing its slots for all online players with a gradual increase in stakes, allowing you to maximize the game as the winnings tick in on the slot.

To adjust the bets on the Starburst Slot Machine, use the "Coin level" and "Coin value" keys next to the spin button in the middle. Other features you find are "Autoplay" so you don't have to press the spin button all the time, and "Max Bet" where you can increase the bet max without adjusting the level and value buttons.

But on Netent's online slots, it is important to note that Max Bet only increases to max below the coin value, and not to the other limit of the game at €100 per spin.

What Bonus features does Starburst have?

Sticky Wilds- A Sticky Wild means that you keep the wild symbol during multiple spins on one or more reels to help you land winnings. You can trigger this bonus feature by landing the wild symbol on the three middle reels, and will then stretch to cover all three rows of the reel it lands on. Thus, the Wild feature is both expanding and Sticky all at the same time! Also, it has a free spin feature where you can get up to 3 free spins in succession, and any winnings are determined based on previous line bets.

Otherwise, there are no additional bonus features available on the Starburst online slot. So this is definitively not an enticing game that draws the audience to this online slot with special features. But on the other hand, it is almost impossible not to land any winning combinations during free spins with the reels covered with wild symbols. So Starburst is not overloaded with bonus features, but they work when they first occur!

What is the win potential on Starburst?

In total, you can get away with a maximum win of 50,000 coins on the Starburst online slot. With a maximum bet per line of €10, this means a top gain of insane €500,000! So with a profit potential of 5000 x bets, you now understand why Starburst is so popular?

Of course, there are many online slots today that have a higher profit potential than this. But, on the other hand, they often require far more bonus features and multipliers to trigger to get the big payouts.

Conclusion of Starburst

Starburst is an online slot for those who only think first and foremost on the bottom line, and not the enticing action and countless bonus features. The game layout is simple and understandable, and so are the rules of the game. If you are new to online slots, you rarely have a confusing session on Starburst, as opposed to a wide variety of more modern slots with far more intricate layouts. Classic design, good winnings, and easy gaming setup captivate UK players online, which is why Starburst is number one among UK online online slots.


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