Extra Chilli Slot Machine

Extra Chilli Online Slot

RTP (Reimbursement Percentage) 96.8%
Layout 7 x 7
Paylines 117 649
Max coin win 1 000 000
Volatility High
Min. stake 0.2$
Maks stake 50$

RTP (Tilbakebetalingsprosent) 96.8%

Layout 7 x 7

Gevinstlinjer 117 649

Maks mynt gevinst 1 000 000

Volatilitet High

Min. innsats 0.2$

Maks innsats 50$

Extra Chilli is a Megaways slot game that gives you almost endless win opportunities on the reels, with up to 117 649 paylines in one single spin. Big Time Gaming launched the Slot Machine in 2018, and is one of several very popular slots from this producer.

But there are many Megaways online slots on the market today. So the reason why Extra Chilli has become so popular is not just in the number of paylines. It offers a very cheerful and entertaining theme that many people certainly appreciate.

In addition, it is packed with bonus features that keep the wheels going for hours. For example, there are almost endless opportunities for free spins on Extra Chilli, where you are rewarded with extra spins for every time you land a prize.

So there are many reasons why Extra Chilli has stayed at the top along with the most popular online slots on the web.

But is Extra Chilli any better than any other online slot on the market today?

In fact, the RTP is well above the average of popular online casino games, so here you can expect that it often ticks in small wins. In addition, a jackpot of 20,000 x bets is absolutely top-notch, so there are very few online slots that match such opportunities for winnings.

Try Extra Chilli for free on our website and you'll quickly find out if this online slot is right for you. In addition, you will find a bonus offer from one of our best Play 'Go casinos, if you want to play with real money eventually.


Of course, in Extra Chilli there are lots of chili peppers on the wheels. Here you get them in many different colors and values. But the payouts vary greatly from the most valuable symbol to the symbols below with over 5 x less payout. This is often very common on Megaways Big Time Gamings' online slots. But, on the other hand, what helps to spice up the winnings are the big multipliers in the game each time you win. Here are the winning opportunities that await you in Extra Chilli:

  • Purple chilli - Provides up to 50 x bets with 6 equal in a payline
  • Red chilli - Provides up to 7.5 x bet with 6 equal in a payline
  • Blue chilli - Provides up to 2 x bets with 6 equal in a payline
  • Green chilli - Provides up to 2 x bets with 6 equal in a payline
  • A and K- Provides up to 1.75 x wager with 6 equal in a payline
  • Q and J- Provides up to 1 x bet with 6 equal in a payline
  • 10- Provides up to 0.9 x wager with 6 equal in a payline
  • 9- Provides up to 0.8 x bet with 6 equal in a payline

Game Setup

What characterizes Megaway's video slots is that the number of lines and rows varies in the game. In Extra Chilli, there can be anywhere from 3 and up to 7 lines and rows of symbols at a time, as the size of the symbols can cover multiple rows and lines.

For each spin, the slot machine calculates a new number of paylines, which can be anything from 1 to over 117,649 paylines.

But even though the number of paylines varies from spin to spin, the goal is the same as most other video slots. You must land at least 3 of a kind symbols in a payline to receive a payout. This can also be a combination of small and large symbols of the same kind.

The main game also has its own replay feature without the need for any special symbols to accomplish this. Each time you trigger winnings on the reels, the symbols are removed and new rattles on the reels can potentially give you more rewards.

Below the reels, you will find a single menu where you select bets from 2-40€ per spin, as well as the spin button and auto spin feature.

Bonus features on Extra Chilli

Scatter- If you manage to land the three golden letters H, O, and T (HOT), then this will trigger the free spins feature of the game. Three HOT scatter gives you 8 free spins, and you can also get 4 extra spins during the free spins round if you manage to land more HOT scatters.

If you land 3 to 4 bowls of chilli on the reels you can add even more spins. 3 bowls give you 4 spins, and 4 bowls reward you with 8 extra spins.

Multiplier - In free spin rounds you get an increasing multiplier for every spin you win on. It starts at 1x and gradually increases for each spin.

You can also further increase your winnings by getting a gamble feature available when you win free spins. Here you can double the number of free spins up to a total of 24 free spins in the bonus rounds, or lose the spins you have won.

Wild- Wild symbols can appear in the extra row under the wheels. These are entered on the reels if you have 4 wild symbols on the same spin in this row.

Win Potential

Extra Chilli is a highly volatile online slot with 20,000 x bet in the jackpot. This means you can potentially cash out over 1 million euros on this video slots if you play with maximum bet.

But this is not recommended if you are playing with a small budget. Bonus features are rarely triggered and you need to spend a lot of time on this game to build up your account and increase your stakes gradually. On the other hand, this game is very entertaining and the hours fly fast when you have fun on this slot machine.

Conclusion of Extra Chilli

Extra Chilli is similar to all other Megaways slot machines from Big Time Gaming. So it really up to you in relation to which theme and music you prefer when choosing a Megaways slot from Big Time. Of course, what varies slightly are the bonus features, but these give pretty much the same payouts. So if you prefer "Do you want to become a Millionaire" over Extra Chilli, then there are pretty much the same win opportunities with a slightly different layout.