Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find any ownership details at licensing distributors online like Curacao, Malta, or UK Gambling commission, chances are it could be a scam. That's why it's important to always check owner information on an online casino before you deposit money.

No, not in most countries in the EU and UK. But the license the casino uses can have its own restrictions in offering online gambling to certain countries. So, if you experience an IP block when visiting the website, it's probably because you are in a country that the casino can not offer their services too.

Every casino you find at follows strict rules regarding customer safety, gambling selection, and, not least, fair terms for its members. Although there might be foreign owners on some online casinos, they have licenses with rules and regulations they need to follow to offer online gaming to UK and EU players.

Most countries have their own law about paying taxes on casino winnings. If you are not sure of percentage or limits on tax deduction on winnings, please ask your local tax authorities.

If we are talking about amounts around 4- 5000€, Neteller and Skrill could be a fast and easy solution for you. Usually, the money is in your online account within 24 hours, and you can also have a very own card connected to your Skrill or Neteller account.

Online casinos follow strict rules regarding privacy and age restriction on gambling. To be sure that you are the one you are saying and that you are of authority, they need to collect the necessary data according to their license. If such schemes were not in place, it would be very easy for scammers to create an account in your name, or for people under the age of age to pass through the check.

If you want more control over how much you play for, it might be a good idea to invest in a Paysafecard. This is a prepaid visa card where you choose how much you want to refill. Otherwise, Skrill and Neteller offer fast and secure solutions without being directly linked to your bank account.

In principle, you should never use payment information belonging to another person. This may result in you being banned, or not being able to withdraw any winnings without the owner of either card or other payment methods you use, also verifying their identity.

Yes, there are usually limits to how much you can withdraw, Especially if there are bonuses with no deposit you have won. Otherwise, they can operate with both daily, weekly, and monthly withdrawal limits.

The license ensures your access to the best game providers, fair games, and also a casino that takes customer safety seriously. License issuers such as the Malta Gaming Authority regularly check their registered casinos and ensure that all online casinos follow the industry standard for safety and security.

This is because the casino most likely has a block on the country you are visiting, and restrictions for players in that country. This block can be avoided if you download a VPN solution. is a simple solution you can use to avoid such barriers and still enjoy the casino while on the go.

NetEnt, Betsoft, Play n 'Go, Microgaming, Big Time, and Red Tiger are probably the ones that rank highest over the most popular online slot machines these days. Here, it's a good idea to try them out in the demo version first, so that you find the games you like the best, rather than thinking about what everyone else is playing.

The biggest winnings are usually found on progressive jackpot slot machines. You can see jackpots at tens of millions of dollars on Microgaming's Mega Moolah, or NetEnt's Mega Fortune several times a year.

The only good advice is to try to endure as long as possible on slot machines. Set a reasonable budget per spin and don't blow everything on 5- 10 spins. The big rewards are usually in the bonus features, and they usually take some time to trigger.

There have been many attempts to master this game over centuries. One of the first was probably the Martingale strategy. This is based on doubling the stake for each lost spin so you always end up with a profit. But unfortunately, both bet- and table limits will put an end to this in a short time.

Card counting is a very well known strategy in Blackjack that has worked for many players to break the bank of casinos around the world. But this strategy requires tremendous concentration, and with today's number of decks in use, it is almost impossible to achieve this without practicing hard every single day on such strategies.

Yes, both Evolution and NetEnt's live casino is well adapted for smartphone users. What you have to think about first and foremost is whether your phone support such games, and that you have good enough speed on your broadband. If you have poor coverage where you are playing, you may risk the game hanging or ending at an unfavorable time.

If you are mostly looking for traditional games like Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat, it doesn't matter which provider you use. But if you want more variety, and in addition to exciting games you've never tried before, Evolution Gaming is above and beyond everyone else.

Yes, as a rule, you can also receive welcome bonuses if you are only interested in betting. You will be offered these when you register. Just remember to choose the odds bonus instead of the casino bonus. If you choose wrong, the customer center can certainly help you get the right bonus through live chat.

Yes, most betting platforms that the casino uses are well designed for mobile phones. However, if you are unsure, you may want to contact customer service first before opening an account. Not everyone is equally well optimized, and not everyone offers live streaming of eg football matches.

No, odds may vary slightly from different providers, as they use different agencies that supply different odds on sporting events. Therefore, you may want to have an account with multiple bookmakers so that you constantly have the opportunity to get the best odds at the sports events you want to bet on.

At many of our casinos, you can play for free as much as you like on slots and video slots before you bet a penny! Just click on one of the casinos and try the game selection right away. You can also find offers for free spins and bonus money also at some of the casinos on the list.

Yes, some have. If this is important to you, you can find several casinos that offer support in many different languages. As a rule, you will find good answers to questions about your customer relationship and bonuses easily available on the website in well-translated texts.

Most of them support Euro, Pound, and Dollars as currencies on the games. They also offer other currencies as well like Scandinavian currencies. Some even support crypto like Bitcoin.

Yes, but most known casinos online today are based in Malta. The websites are usually very well catered to UK players. som have even Malta and a UK Gambling Commission license.

Casino has to have wagering requirements or other restrictions to be able to offer bonuses to all. If it was possible to get free money without restrictions, even the biggest casinos would disappear quite quickly. Therefore, wagering requirements ensure liquidity at the casinos, giving more players the opportunity to get more money to play with.

Here at of course! Here you will find a large selection of well-known, and new casinos offering different bonuses and wagering requirements. So you can find the bonus that best suits you and your game.

Find all recommended slot machines under "Free Slots" at the top of the website. Then you get a great overview of the most popular games online at the moment. You can also try the slot games completely free.

There could be limitations and restrictions on casino games in your country. If you are uncertain of this, please check with your local authorities. Casinos are not liable if you are in a country with restrictions for gambling online.

At many online casinos today, you are offered several different bonuses at registration or on member promotions. To keep track of this and what bonus you want, they use codes. But if you forget this, it is usually easily arranged through the live chat center.

Yes, every casino we offer has settings for responsible for gaming. You can enter daily, weekly and monthly restrictions and both spending money and time you spend on slot machines. We recommend all players to use it so that you can more easily stick to your budget, and at the same time not fall for the temptation to play more than you should.

Get free spins on popular slot machines right away when you sign up for our newsletter. Then you get to try selected games at one of our casinos without any obligation to deposit money.

Find slots that fit your budget here by reading our reviews. In addition, you can test all the games for free and see which bets you need to use to be able to use the games.

Slots are just a game of chance that gives random results on every single spin. Unfortunately, no one can rely on slot machines to make a steady income.

Here you will only find free slot machines as we are not a casino. The games you will find on our website are in a demo version which has all the features you need to train your skills and understand how the slot machine works.

If you have had problems with gambling before, we strongly recommend staying away from online casinos. However, most players do not become addicted just because they find it fun to use such games once in a while.

We want to offer as many slots as possible that we recommend our readers to try. These slot machines are rated on many different criteria, as not everyone out there likes the same type of games.

RNG means random number generator. This technology must be implemented in all approved casino games such as slot machines to ensure fair and safe play. All approved slot machines you find on our website have undergone a long overhaul before launch.

Game developers spend a lot of money to get their slot games approved by commissioners around the world. This is so they can be allowed to offer their slot machines at online casinos. Here, you will only find approved and safe games based on RNG technology.

You will find new slot machines at Slottomat almost every week as hundreds of games are launched every month by different game developers. We add slot machines that get the most attention, and also the games that give players the best value for their money.

Under the free game, you can find top selected casinos that have the game available for all players. Simply choose the bonus offer you want, register an account at the casino, and then start playing hundreds of slots including Starburst!

Under each game, you can see a small selection of casinos that have the game available. On all game pages, we make it easy for you to find great casinos that offer the games you like.

You can trust NetEnt slots if you play them at licensed sites that are legal and legitimate for you to play at. NetEnt are licensed all over the world and in their 20-year history have won numerous awards.

Yes, you can! There are demo mode options on most casino sites, but you will have to sign up in order to access this. You can also look at review sites and referral sites, where in return for your (legitimate!) date of birth you should be able to play demo versions. We were unable to access versions at NetEnt’s website, but we do recommend you take a look there as the site will show you where you can play these games and give you a lot of information.

To play for real money you need to find a licensed casino site (which you can do with us or at NetEnt’s site). Then you need to set up an account and make a deposit, or accept a no deposit or free spins offer, then find the game and start to play.

There is no shortcut to winning NetEnt slots, which are based on random number generators. In order to play them safely, you should play them on demo mode first, make sure you read the small print and rules, and play following safe gambling rules.

NetEnt slots are as good as any in the business, they cover all genres and styles of slots, from classic slots to the latest video slots games that have characters, plot lines and arcade-style games.

If you pick good quality sites and take elementary precautions – as you should all the time you are online – then yes, you can play free slots with complete peace of mind.

Google will help you out, as will review sites. You’re looking for manufacturers’ sites as a great quality option, but also review sites. And you can sign up at a casino site and set games on demo mode.

You can win money on free slots if you play games offered to you by casino sites as “free spins”. However, in order to collect your winnings, you’re going to have to spend a lot of your own money in the vast majority of cases.

Free slots are best enjoyed at legitimate licensed sites that offer a good quality experience. If it’s a casino site it needs to be licensed in eth jurisdiction where you’re playing. An age check is a good sign that they take the law seriously.

Free slots can help you learn your way around a game so you’re ready to play for real when you do want to bet. You’ll also be saving money, staying safe, and getting your gaming fix with zero risks to your bank balance.

Yes. Use safe sites, follow safe gambling protocols and keep your machine and your behaviour safe and you’ll be safe at progressive jackpot games as you will at any other licensed, legitimate gambling game.

Trick question! Play them. That’s the only answer. These games are random. You get a tiny, tiny hint as to when some games are going to pay out, but it is such a marginal possible advantage and brings so many of its own downsides that you are best advised to simply play games that you enjoy playing when you enjoy playing them.

The best thing you can do is read the rules. There may be limits on how you trigger the jackpot game, including demanding higher stakes of you, so make sure you know what you’re doing and that you’re betting enough if you’re after the big prize.

Progressive games are usually made by big companies who have the infrastructure to build the big networks that make the prizes attractive. This means the games are very mainstream and very easy to find. Most sites now list jackpot games as a separate category because they know that it’s one players are interested in. Look for the Big Prize, or the Jackpot tab at your favourite site.

The same as most other games, only perhaps a little intensified. Because the prizes are so big there’s a temptation to take a chance when perhaps you shouldn’t. Make sure you know how to play safely. And be aware that these games do extract a price in the form of slightly lower value in the base game. Please factor that in if you’re playing them regularly.

3D slots can be played for free in a number of ways. The first is via a 3d slots free spins offer. You’ll need to read all the small print on that though. You can play completely for free – but without any chance of winning – by using review sites or designers’ websites. And finally, check out a review site, many of them will let you spin, not to win, after you verify your age.

There is no reason why not! Well, there might be several reasons why not, but if you are legally allowed to play them and you have the money and a means to get it to a casino site then you can. Set-up an e-wallet account at a site like PayPal, scan your driving licence ready to prove your age and you’re ready to go.

All slots are governed by one thing – chance! Forget skill, forget technique, forget timing and cross your fingers and put your lucky pants on (other lucky gestures and items of clothing are available). All you can do is take a chance and try to do it safely – please never pay for advice on how to win at slots, there is no secret.

You need to make sure you’re playing 3-reel slots at a safe site, and that first of all means a legal and legitimate one. Wherever you are, make sure you know what the laws about gambling are and that you know how to keep on the right side of them and find legitimate sites. That’s your first step.

Click and hope! With a very minor, qualified exception for games that have a guaranteed pay-out deadline, all slot games are ruled by luck. There is no theory and no strategy guide that can get you around this single fact, so accept it and play for fun rather than for cash.

You need a licensed casino site that is legal in the jurisdiction in which you are in. You also need to be of an age to legally gamble. And you need some cash, so you’ll need a bank account linked to the internet, a voucher or prepaid card, an e-wallet, or a mobile phone payment app.

We use review sites to play free slots. You’ll need to verify your age in most cases. You can also play games for free at most casino sites simply by clicking on demo mode once you’ve picked your favourite fame. If you want to find 3 reel games you’ll need a site that lists them that way or check out the classic slot genre. Mobile players often have as many 3 reel slots to choose from as any other player so that’s a good way in.

5 reel slots are as safe to play as the sites you find them at and the precautions you take. You want to see a licence before you go anywhere near a slots site and make sure you’re doing your bit on passwords too.

You click and you hope. These games are all based on luck and luck alone. Anyone who tries to sell you a guaranteed way of winning these games is lying to you and probably scamming you.

Yes! Though the mobile explosion has caused a resurgence in 3-reel games you can play and pay for 5-reel slots on your mobile.

Almost all casino sites will have a huge selection of 5 reel slots, often listed as video slots, and you can cash in a welcome bonus and start playing these games. 5 reel slots are popular in free-spins offers too, with Starburst a perennial favourite.

They are if you know what you’re doing. That means learning what the rules and laws are where you live and how to stick by them. Please don’t try to get around laws even if you find them inconvenient. We will also repeat our advice to read the rules on any game you play.

To check out free bonus round slots you need to find either a casino site that will allow you to play games with bonus rounds on demo mode. A large number of affiliate sites and review sites also allow you to play games for free.

Real money games are what most players want, and to play them you’ll need a safe site and a way of shifting money around the internet. That could be Bitcoin, that could be a mobile app or payment system, it could be an e-wallet (like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller), or it could just be your bank account or debit card. If you don’t have any of these you can use prepaid cards to convert cash into online money.

If bonus rounds or bonus rounds slots are predictable then you are being ripped off. Slot games must be random and there is no way to predict what will happen if the game is operating correctly. Forget strategy and skills and trust to luck!

As a company licensed more than 100 times in 20 jurisdictions I think it’s fair to say that Playtech have passed the legitimacy test. As long as you pick legitimate sites that you’re entitled to play at then you shouldn’t have an issue.

You still need to keep safety at the front of your mind, so always make sure you’re only gambling with money that you can afford to lose and make sure you know safe gambling protocols. It doesn’t hurt to read the rules of the game you’re playing either.

Can you play Playtech slots without gambling your own money? You can. Playtech slots are often featured in free spins offers so keep your eyes peeled for those. More simply you can always play on demo mode at your favourite casino site or find review sites that host free games in return for your date of birth.

Take your pick! Playtech games really so span the whole world of slots – you can see almost every possible theme in our shortlist. All of the company’s games are safe and high quality and can be played with confidence. Use review sites to find the titles that suit your taste in theming or gameplay and get stuck in.

Playtech slots are governed by random number generators. This means that there is no sure-fire way to hit winning combinations – it’s all in the lap of the gods. The best advice is always to play safely and to stay well away from any sites that tell you that they are able to sell you a winning method.

You can win money on free slots if you play games offered to you by casino sites as “free spins”. However, in order to collect your winnings, you’re going to have to spend a lot of your own money in the vast majority of cases.

If you play at sites that are licensed and legal in your jurisdiction then you should be able to play all of these games safely. Please do some research – at this site for example – and find out how to find such sites where you live.

You can! If you’re offered the chance to play them for free with prizes then you might want to make sure you’re at a safe site! However, many review sites host free games so you can check them out, and most casino sites allow you to play games on demo mode. You can also cash in free spins offers and might get some penny games in relation to that – however, offers are complex and may not be as free as they first appear, read one of our guides to assessing them.

If you’re legally allowed to and you have some cash then you can. You’ll need a casino account, which might mean scanning and sending ID documents, and you’ll need some money. To transfer money online you’ll need a debit or credit card, a bank account that can transfer via the internet, an e-wallet or a prepaid card. These days you can also use your mobile phone bill to cash up accounts at some casinos.

Usually, it’s 3-reels with fruits, cards, gems, jokers, bars and bells as the main symbolic palette.

You need to make sure you’re using a safe site. In most places that means a site that is licensed by the local gambling regulator. You also need to keep your personal safety in mind too, so make sure you’re in a good frame of mind and you’re only playing with money that you can afford to lose.

We can’t tell you that. We can give you a load of great advice on playing safely – budgeting, low stakes, time limits – but anyone who tells you that they can tell you how to win a slot game is lying to you and should be avoided.

Beware of free offers in the gambling world. Things that look too good to be true often are, but you should be able to play games at licensed casino sites on demo mode and that’s a safe way to go. If you find review sites that you trust you can often play free games there too.

Take a look up the list again and check what the main criteria we have here: you need to be safe. To play for real money you need a top-quality and legitimate casino site, you need some money (that you can afford to spend) and you need some money in your account, probably via a bank, e-wallet, or mobile app, then cross your fingers and click to spin.

Most slot games are completely legitimate and deliver exactly what they say they will. However, you need to make sure they’re also being hosted on legal and legitimate sites (in your jurisdiction) and that you’re legally entitled to play them. Do yourself a favour and do some research on safe gambling behaviour too as your own personal health and finances are also worth protecting.

Free games can be found in two places generally: dedicated demo or review sites and casino sites. Unlicensed sites may offer free games as a service with no option to play for cash. Casino sites can host games that can be played on demo mode. Both are good options for beginners.

To get staking you’ll need some cash, and you’ll need a way of getting that cash around the internet -that can be an internet-linked bank account, a debit or credit card, an e-wallet (PayPal is the best-known example), a mobile payment app, or perhaps a Bitcoin wallet.

Fruit slots are the same as any other slot in most ways, most importantly they are governed by random numbers. There is no way to predict the result of a spin on a slot, and so there is no strategy that will help you win. The best “gambling strategies” are in fact simply common sense ways of reducing your spending. That’s no bad thing, but that’s not how these documents are always advertised.

Generally yes. But scammers know that people who are desperate for money are more likely to be more desperate and that makes them more vulnerable to making bad decisions. So make your safety checks extra sure – licensed, legal, and legitimate – and also check in on your own mood and your own financial situation when you play.

You can, but you won’t win that money! Most games are available on demo mode either at casino sites or at review or affiliate sites. You won’t win cash prizes if you don’t stake, so just play for fun and use the opportunity to learn about games.

Find a legitimate, legal and licensed site and a method to get your money into an account and you’re good to go. That means a bank account, debit or credit card, e-wallet (Neteller or Skrill perhaps), or mobile app. If you don’t have any of those, then you can use a prepaid card to load some cash onto your account.

If I knew that do you think I’d be writing slots guides? The truth is I do know and yet here I am because you win high payout slots just by getting lucky. That’s it, there is no shortcut, there is no trick or technique. Avoid people who tell you that there is and cross your fingers and play. With the tiny exceptions – that have almost no practical impact – of time-limited progressives your fate is in the hands of the gods, or whatever else you pray to.

Microgaming is one of the pioneers of online slots. They have acquired licenses for every game they make, to make sure they are safe and fair to play. They also support dozens of other developers on their platform and is one of the most reliable game developers and game platform developers online.

All games from Microgaming are free to play on our website. You can also find great casinos that have the games available on each slot page when you want to try the slots for a chance to win and play with real money.

Microgaming has one of the most popular progressive jackpot slots of all time! Mega Moolah is a slot that breaks records almost every year on jackpot size. So on this page, you can find casinos that have Mega Moolah available.

They do release games from time to time, but they are not as consistent as other developers these days. Instead, Microgaming focuses on being an av platform for other developers. This gives them the opportunity to help smaller developers to get in the slot business.

On our site, we have chosen the very best games from different developers. Simply choose Microgaming on the free slots page in the filter and read our reviews. Here we determine what the win potential is, and also guide you through all the features.

On our free slots page, simply click Play'n Go in the filter in the menu and you will find dozens of free slots from them. These are completely free to play here, but you can also find casinos that have the games available.

They have made several great slots and constantly develop new ones. That's why we always write a review of the games and let you try them for free on our website. This way, you can make your own decision on which Play'n Go slot is best for you.

We have made it easy for you to find the best casino for you in regards to slots! Simply click on your favourite games on the free slots page. Then you will find several trusted and highly rated casinos that have the games available.

Here on Slottomat, we only offer demo games that do not pay out real cash prizes. However, you can choose one of our casinos on the slots page and play for real money.

Play'n Go is a highly credited slot developer online, and all the games they make are tested and checked thoroughly before they are released. All games are based on RNG technology, which gives you a random result every time you press the spin button on a Play'n Go slot.

Yes, Yggdrasil games are licensed in a number of jurisdictions and the company is legitimate and trusted. You must make sure that you only use licensed and legal casino sites to play Yggdrasil games if you want to play for real money. You should also do some research on how to gamble safely as gambling addiction is a real thing that should not be taken lightly.

Look for licensed legitimate sites – sorry for repeating this – and check out their titles. You may find hosting sites listed at some review sites and affiliate sites. Many sites now allow players to list titles by developer, a useful feature we think. You can also check the partners list at the Yggdrasil website.

First you’ll need some money! Then you’ll need a way to move money online, which can be a bank account, a debit card, an e-wallet (for example PayPal or Skrill), or a pre-paid card. Some sites now accept crypto currencies. Then you’ll need a safe site to play at. That means one that is licensed and legal for you to play at in the legal jurisdiction you are playing from. Then you need an account, which will mean proving your identity, and possibly supplying identity documents like a driving licence or passport. Then you need to know you’re playing safely. So make sure you understand safe gambling rules and that you are playing only with money you can afford to lose. Then go ahead and have fun!

Most casino sites allow you to play games for free in demo mode. You will probably need an account to do this. Many demo and review sites carry free versions of games that cannot be played for real money. These sites may require you to prove your age – in reality this just means putting in your date of birth – before you can play gambling games. You can also usually play games at the developer’s own site.

You will need to be lucky! There is no trick to winning at slots which are governed by random numbers. As it is impossible to predict a random sequence there is no skill element in playing slots. The most important thing is to play safely.

Almost all casino sites offer bonuses and other offers. The most common is a welcome offer that may include free spins on Yggdrasil slots. You can find these offers by searching sites like ours and looking at casino news sites. New release games are always a good subject for bonus hunters. Look at the promotions page of the casino sites you use to see what offers they have. Almost all promotions have limits on how you can use prize money and are designed to deliver player eyeballs for long periods of time so learn how to use them safely.

We’ve shown in this article that Red Tiger are massively respected in the industry and licensed four times over. However, you need to make sure that you only play their games at licensed sites that you are legally allowed to play at. Do that, and do some study on safe gambling behaviours and cyber-security and you should have a safe time playing Red Tiger slots.

A casino with a good supply of Red Tiger slots might be a Red Tiger casino. There’s a lot of those. The company themselves list the likes of Paddy Power, betfair, PokerStars, William Hill, GVC, Casumo, Bet Victor, betsson, Mr Smith Casino and many more as their partners. The site with the most visible Red Tiger presence at the moment is William Hill.

To play for real money you need a licensed casino site. You can find those using our site or with a Google search – make sure you check out licensing and site safety before you play at any site. Then you’ll need an account and some cash. You can cash up your account with debit cards, e-wallets, pre-paid cards, and – sometimes – crypto currencies. You may also need to confirm your age by uploading copies of ID documents like passports and driving licences. Then play safely and enjoy!

If you have a casino account you can usually play games for free, by selecting demo mode. It’s also not uncommon to find free versions of games available at review sites and at the company’s own website. These sites are usually not licensed for gambling, but still need to ask you to provide a date of birth that makes it legal for you to play.

Red Tiger slots are random. That is part of the deal with all legal slots. That means that if anyone tells you that you can use skill to win on these games they are lying to you. It’s a better idea to learn how the games operate, how to work out which offer the best returns (using RTP and volatility) and to learn how to play safely than to think about winning big.

There is one exception to the skills rule, and that is in Progressive Jackpots, and particularly in Red Tiger’s Daily Drops jackpots. The introduction of a time-limited prize means that if you know a jackpot has to pay out at midnight, it hasn’t yet paid out, and it’s 11.59pm, then you may be slightly increasing your chances of winning it to play at that time. However, the likelihood is that 10,000 other people – these sites rely on big networks to build up their prize funds – have also seen this fact and are also playing, with just one allowed to win the big prize.

Safety in gambling is a big issue and it has a number of facets. What we can tell you for sure is that Quickspin slots are safe to play in that the company is completely licensed and legitimate and offers great quality games. Where you play them is another matter. You must only play Quickspin slots at sites that it is legal for you to play at and you need to know what that means in your jurisdiction. You should also check out some safe gambling techniques before you play any online video slots.

Any site that is licensed and legal can host Quickspin slots. Only sites that are licensed for gambling can let you play them for money. Hundreds of sites host Quickspin games, and you can find out which by searching sites like ours or checking out sites on the fly. Lots of good quality sites offer you the chance to list games by producer, a nice feature that we think helps players choose the sites that suit them.

You can usually play free games at a licensed casino site, though you will need to have an account to do so. In order to play games at some free review and affiliate sites you will need to provide a date of birth that shows you can legally play. You can also often play free games at company websites.

Find yourself a licensed, legal casino site, get an account and cash it up and you’re ready to go. In order to do that you will need to have some way of sending money online – that could be an online bank account, an e-wallet like PayPal, or a pre-paid voucher. You’ll also need to be able to prove your age, and that may involve sending copies of ID documents online.

We’ve seen that Quickspin offer their casino sites a lot of options for promoting their games. That means you should see plenty of Quickspin bonuses. Many welcome bonuses will allow you to play Quickspin slots for free – with lots of restrictions on how you can use any money that you win. Search sites like ours or Google, and look at Quickspin’s news pages to see what they have going on.

Winning is random. Sorry to tell you this, but there is (almost without exception) very little that players can do to influence the outcome of a slot game. You should learn to accept this and how to deal with it so you can play safely at all times. There is very little you can do to make yourself win, but you can always keep yourself safe and you can always read the instructions on any game that you play – that’s a good start and probably a healthier way to consider these games.

ELK games are widely available and you should find them at most sites. For example, in the UK, you can find ELK games at around 500 of the over 700 casino sites that players can use. If you need to find ELK games then you might need to go via a review site that reports where you can find the games, or use the ELK sits to check them out.

ELK Studios games can be played for real money only on licensed and legal sites. Make sure that you check out the legal situation of any site that you play at and that you are playing games legally.

You can play most slots for free at the company’s own website. You can also play them at review sites, though you may be required to prove your age – by ticking a box. Most casino sites also allow you to play games for free on demo mode.

Playing to win is a misnomer when it comes to slots or any game of chance. If you’re ever offered a toss of coins and you start to think about strategies then you’re fooling yourself – and the same applies to slot games, because although they’re much more sophisticated than a simple coin toss they are still a randomly determined event. So forget playing to win and learn to play safely.

It is safe to play ELK Studios slots fi you follow our advice and play them at legal and licensed sites that you are legally entitled to play at. There is another level to safe slots play and that is your own personal safety. That is a big complicated subject area but it’s one that you should study – at least a little – before you play any slots at all. Learn a little about gambling addiction before you play any online gambling games.

That’s not for us to say, but it is for you to find out! We can tell you that the company’s Gold series has been consistently the company’s most popular title and that has come on the back of some great reviews too. However, the company produces a broad slate of games and they keep releasing new titles. All are decent quality and all are safe to play, so if you like a particular genre or style of game than you should look for that style first and then find the ELK Studios games. The company is due to release Tropi Cool and Dream Diver in 2021 and has recently released Nitropolis 2, a sci fi game. There are also several classic slots from ELK Studios.

Casinos usually stock large numbers of games – sometimes over 1,000 – by multiple slots developers. So you’ll never find a completely dedicated Pragmatic Play site – at least not for a while – but you’re likely to find some sites giving more prominence to their games than others. The best way to find Pragmatic Play casinos is to consult review sites like ours or to look at the site of the developer themselves.

To play Pragmatic Play slots for real money you need a number of things. Frist, you need money, which you’ll have to deal with. Then you need a way to send money online, maybe via an online bank account, an e-wallet like PayPal, a prepaid voucher or perhaps crypto. Then you’ll need a legal, licensed site that you are legally entitled to play at. And you need to prove your identity, your age, and your location to that site. Put all those things together and you can start to play Pragmatic Play slots.

No. Pragmatic Play is a legitimate company with lots of licensing and auditing in place to let you know that they take seriously their duties to provide legal and honest games. The sites you play these games at also need to be safe and fair. TO find such sites you’ll need to use the licensing and regulatory framework where you are. Using licensed sites is the best way to stay safe while playing Pragmatic Play sites online.

Free play means no wagering, so you can’t lose any money but you also can’t win. You can play casino slots at many casino sites in demo mode. And you can also play at some review sites. In the case of review sites that don’t offer any wagering you should be able to play games after just inputting your date of birth. You can also play demo version of Pragmatic Play’s slots at the company’s own website.

Most casino sites offer bonuses and they may be linked to particular slot companies. These bonuses change often and it’s usually necessary to use casino news and reviews sites to keep on top of all them. If you like Pragmatic Play slots enough that you’d like to make them the make-or-break on whether you choose a site then a Pragmatic Play bonus is worth looking for. With such a bonus – usually available to new customers – you may get free spins or cash to spend on your favourite games. These offers are marketing tools for the industry and you should be sure that you understand how they work before you start to cash them in. As Pragmatic Play also make live casino games you may find live casino bonuses related to this company too.

Yes, you can play Betsoft games safely if you play them at sites that are legal and licensed in the jurisdiction that you are playing them from. You need to learn how to find those sites and how to check that they are legit. Once you’ve found them then you can play with peace of mind.

The answer to our first question is true for real-money games. You must never play a real-money game at an unlicensed site – it is dangerous. If you’re playing slots for real money you also need to make sure that you have some understanding of safe gambling more generally. Please look into it before you start chucking your money around.

You can usually play free versions of slots in three ways: first, you can go to a casino site, get an account, and so on, and play games on demo mode; or you can find review and referral sites (which is what we are), and look for demo games; and you can often find versions of games at the supplier’s own website. In all of these cases you may – depending on where you are – be asked to prove your age.

A big problem with slots players is the belief in strategy. There is no strategy in slots play because it is governed by a random number generator. While slots games are more complex and you should certainly read the rules before you play, having a strategy at tossing a coin makes as much sense. You can assess games by their RTP, the theoretical return to player, which will give you a broad sense of how “generous” a game might be. And you can look for games with big prizes, while knowing that the chance of winning those prizes is extremely long odds. The best way to win big prizes is to accept that you have no influence over the outcome, to play for fun, and to set strong safe gambling rules around your play.

That’s a matter of opinion, of course. We have told you the most popular titles here, from Viking Voyages to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. These games must have something going for them. You can also look for games that suit your tastes by searching for Betsoft games with gameplay features, themes, and graphic styles that you like.

Betsoft remain a popular slots provider and the games keep coming. Lava Gold, Hat Trick Hero and Safari Sam are the three most recent, and the company is due to release Macau, Maze Quest Rise of the Mummy, and Jungle Stripes in the near future as we write. You can check back here for new releases and new slots sites hosting Betsoft Games.

Unfortunately, Slottomat is not a licenced casino, so we can only offer the demo version on our site. But please feel free to choose one of our casinos below the game so you can play for real money.

The maximum amount you can place is €100 per spin. The game is designed to suit all budgets so you can go from €0.1 up to €100.

Starburst’s game setup is simple and straightforward. It is good for individuals who are new to online slots because its layout is easier to understand in comparison with others. Starburst is also generous in giving free spins!

The highest symbol value in Starburst is 60. It can range from 25 up to 60 times the coin value.

Yes! It only has one bonus feature, but it has a high chance of working on the first try.

Cash Noire is an exciting and thrilling game that will keep the players entertained for hours. It is also suited for prominent players and those with small budgets.

The payout in Cash Noire isn't particularly outstanding because it is significantly easier to hit winning combos on this than Starburst. Despite the low payout, there are multiple features you can use to help you win more money.

You can choose from 26 different bet levels ranging from €2-200 for every spin. Cash Noire gives you several options for progressively increasing your bets as the account increases.

Definitely! It is not easy, but not impossible. You can have good winning chances in Cash Noire if you consistently persevere.

In this new update, you will notice how the sound, animation, and graphics are enhanced. The jackpot is also revamped, making it way better than the original version. Stakes are ten times lower than in the last game!

6 is the highest payout you can get in the new version, compared to the previous version, where the highest you can get is 5.

The minimum amount of pay lines is 60, but you can get as many as 166147 pay-lines on the same spin. There are seven different bets to pick from, ranging from €0.24 to €4 each spin.

The effort limits are minimal, and winning chances are relatively high compared to its former version. You can collect €80,000 in total in Gonzo’s Quest Megaways.

The good thing about Starburst XXXtreme is you have broad options you can choose from. It ranges from €0.10 to €50 per spin, depending on how you want to spend. But, the stake may vary depending on whether you activate XXXtreme spins.

In terms of the symbol, they remained almost indistinguishable. 7 is the highest paying symbol, and the lower-paying symbols are yellow, green, red, blue, and purple.

You’re in luck! In the improved version, Starburst XXXtreme offers three types of betting modes. You can play the normal mode, which will cost you 10x your stake that will ensure you a Starburst Wild on each spin, or you may opt for the two XXXtreme options that will cost you 95x your bet and will guarantee you two Starburst Wilds per spin.

Sadly, Starburst XXXtreme does not offer a bonus round. To uplift your mood, we improved the volatility and winning potential while keeping the classic aesthetic of the game! You can also buy spins with extra Starburst Wilds at any time.

Indeed! Starbursts Wilds are making an appearance again. You may use them also use them as win multipliers. The win multiplier could go from 2x and may reach up to 450x if the odds are in your favor!

Sad to say, but you cannot earn real money on our site. If you fancy playing real money, there are multiple casinos to choose from below the game!

Unfortunately, Fire Joker has no jackpot and free spins. The most significant potential prize you can get is a maximum of 10x multiplier on the highest possible win, resulting in an 8000 times stakes result.

Absolutely! It may lack features compared to other games, but Fire Joker’s Wheel of Multipliers offers tremendous prize potential, plus its layout will bring you back to memory lane! It also works exceptionally well on mobile phones, so if you’re not a fan of computers, this game is for you!

You can bet from 5p to €100 in this game. Fire Joker is rated as medium variance, so be prepared to take small risks!

The Dog House Megaways is considered to have a high volatility level. Be patient enough, and you will have the chance to win the jackpot prize. Nothing is impossible!

Yes! The free spins are advantageous in The Dog House, and you can acquire 2-7 sticky wilds on the reels during all spins. This game offers plenty of bonus features you will truly enjoy.

Some players prefer the old version for some reason. But, with the new version, you have all the advantages of the previous one, plus you will earn more money because the jackpot has doubled to a 12,000x bet! You may collect up to €1.2 million with the highest stake in the game.

They are substantially different and may even appear discouraging at first look. Nevertheless, there are more chances to hit a pay line and an outrageous number of re-spin opportunities.

This game has two bonus features, but The Wild symbol is the game's important feature for it allows you to combine with other symbols on the reels to help you obtain more winning combinations.

The presumed RTP in Hell’s Kitchen is 96.97%, to be exact. However, you cannot entirely rely on it. The outcome still depends on how you will play it.

It is advisable to set a budget before playing to avoid conflicts. Keeping the stakes low in the start can help you hit exciting multipliers or other bonus features. It will take some time, so don’t forget to be patient!

The max coin win is 1000x, and the highest payout you can achieve without any bonus feature is 10x bet with 5 of the main symbol, the Beef Wellington.

The wild symbol can provide up to 100x bet, while the lowest one can only cater up to 1x bet. There are four different ways to win with each symbol.

You can’t select the number of pay lines per spin, but you can choose from various bets. The smallest bet is €0.1, while the highest bet is €100 per spin.

Hyper Burst is generous in giving bonus features. It has three different kinds, namely Wild, Respins, and Hyper. Each has another way to cater to you in winning.

Hyper Burst offers a lot of chances to win. If you play with the highest stake of €100 per spin, you can win over €1.2 million in total!

The outstanding quality of IO is the expanding game board and the re-spin feature, as it allows you to earn nearly infinite free spins if the reels are extended to their maximum lengths. You also have excellent multipliers to help you get the most out of your earnings. IO also receives good feedback because of its exceptional graphics and layout.

You’re a lucky star! IO has a lot of possibilities for winning. It offers a high RTP and peak rewards of up to 5000x that can appear on any spin. The bonus features also work to help you get the best of your winning chances.

You can choose from 12 different bets ranging from €2 to €100 every spin! Take note that this is not the game for folks who enjoy the progressive play because there are limited possibilities to change the stake along the way. However, most players’ budgets are suited for this game.

Yes, you do. You have to get at least three matching symbols on one of the pay lines to receive a payout—all paylines pay, allowing you to win many times on one and the same spin.

No. Ted Megaways, and our other online slots, only use play money. If you want to take a shot at using real money, you may choose from the casinos below the game.

On this slot machine, the Ted logo is the most valuable symbol. It will provide you up to 50 x bet, whereas the other symbols only give you 1- 5 times the bet back. Observe that there is a significant disparity in the symbol values.

The chances of winning are significantly greater in this updated edition, and it is better suited to players with a limited budget.

Plenty of new advantageous bonus features, as well as increased winning potential based on the bet amount, and lots of famous lines from the Ted movie! Triple the fun!

Megaways implies exceedingly large winnings, in this case, 38,000-times stake. The RTP is 96.04%, although the variation is modest to high.

Twin Spin Megaways is popular with players and makers because of the increased profits. This game incorporates the features of a famous traditional slot machine. It's a pretty nice-looking and sounding slot from NetEnt, with appealing maths to match its carefully designed reel set and symbols.

The amount of money you need will depend on what kind of player you are. The minimum bet for Twin Spin Megaways is €0.1, while the maximum bet is €100.

Yes, Twin Spin Megaways has a four variety of bonus features, such as Avalanche, Wilds, Free spins, and The Megaways System.

Aside from its Christmas theme that will surely entertain you, it has several well-paying symbols and multipliers that can result in enormous payouts. You can enjoy this game for as low as €0.05 per spin.

We do not suggest it because of its low win potential. But, there is no harm in trying. You can still land good winning opportunities, thanks to its well-paid symbols and large multipliers.

Holiday Spirits only have two simple features because it is unusual for online slots like this game to be filled with bonus features.

The Wild, Pink Ghost, and Purple Ghost can give you the highest value that can go up to 16x bet with 3 of a kind in a payline.

Reactoonz is highly volatile, with little wins popping all the time. It indeed offers huge earning chances, with a large arsenal of bonuses and wild features.

Every single victory, Reactoonz rewards you with plenty of free spins for you to get a lot of bang for your bucks here. But, don’t forget to trigger bonus features and make use of the Quantum Leap perks.

No, you don’t have to spend a single penny. Feel free to play as much as you wish, and find out if you think this game is worth investing your time in.

Reactoonz is an exciting intergalactic adventure that has gained a lot of attraction among players. You'll be a part of an interstellar battle with fantastic characters on the reels and a ton of fun gaming features. It also has an RTP of 96.51% and a top win of 457,030 coins. Not bad for a chance to win!

Yes! You can make the most out of Knockout Diamonds on your mobile phone because it is designed to be played on portraits and small screens. With that, you can play this online slot anywhere you want!

The most you can win in Knockout Diamonds is 2500x. It might not be a massive reward, but it won’t harm you if you try.

Nothing is ever easy. The Knockout Diamonds slot machine has a medium to a high level of volatility. So, if you are not averse to risks, this game is for you!

Unluckily, you can't gain real money here, for this is only a demo version. But if you truly desire to play with real money, there are different casinos below the game. Just choose and click the one you like.

Divine Fortune has high win opportunities, but the winnings in the main game are lower than in standard online slots with 20 paylines. Expect minor winnings to appear frequently here.

Each spin has a different number of paylines, so winnings are determined based on your total stake per spin rather than per line.

You can win up to 5x bet with 6 of a kind in a payline in the Medusa symbol. The lowest symbol value in the Divine Fortune online slot can only provide up to 0.5x bet.

The most significant disadvantage of this new version is its low winning potential, with only 5x bets available with the highest paying symbol. In comparison to the original version, this is way too little.

The five criminals who appear to have been incarcerated in San Quentin for much too long are the highest paid symbols in this game! If you hit 5 of a kind, you'll win between 2.5 and 5 times your stake, and you'll win even more if you fill the reels with one of these villains.

Yes. If you manage to activate the extra rounds with the scatter symbol, you will be richly rewarded. To activate "LockDown Spins," you must have at least three scatter symbols on the reels, which is quite a feat. Note that it will take time.

It is not required to buy it, but be cautious if you do. You may just rely on your luck. If the universe is on your side, you might be able to get 150,000x. It’s worth a go!

The free spins will help you have a chance to win the enormous 150,000x jackpot on this slot machine. The more free spins you have, the more opportunities you get to win the jackpot. You can purchase free spins rounds, but they are very pricey.

The scatter/wild symbol triggers the free spins round. Free spins are given out in groups of ten. With three or more scatters during the game, you can retrigger the free spins round. The number of retriggers is unrestricted!

Mysterious Egypt is rated as high volatility, so there is tremendous win potential! However, higher volatility equates to higher risk. But if risks excite you, this online slot is undoubtedly made for you!

The game has only ten paylines, yet it may pay out over 5,500-times stake in a single spin. Every spin has increasing mystery symbols, with two of them appearing throughout the free spins phase.

The amount of money will depend on how strong you play. For your reference, the lowest you can bet is €0.1, while the highest is €100.

The gameplay is fantastic, the bonus symbols are great, and the base game includes two symbol collection elements! There are some vast icons, as well as some intriguing bonus symbols.

Cluster pays a multiplier via symbol collection, a free spin round, and a donkey meter to trigger a special donkey bonus are the significant elements here. Additionally, you can accumulate symbols to activate a large set of extra wilds on the reels.

With multipliers activated, you may win a top prize of 10,000 times your stake, which is fantastic, especially in a high-volatility game.

Yes, you don’t need to pay in order to play the Miner Donkey online slot. Don’t worry. There are no hidden charges either.

Wilds with up to 10-fold multipliers and a pyramid symbol extending wins and adding a multiplier are the game's standout features. Instead of paying out for lines, the game uses an unusual win calculator that pays out for clusters of symbols.

You’ll have to take a leap of faith. If you think about it, you will spend tons of cash if you wager at the top of the betting ladder at £100, but with a top payout of 12,000 times the stake, this is a smart and profitable game.

The first bonus symbol in this game is the wild, which comes with its multiplier. It completes clusters, which are groups of five or more symbols close to one another.

The pyramid has 25 holes that can be charged with winning symbols and can transform neighboring symbols into matching symbols, allowing for additional combinations to be created.

There are nine various symbols in Phantasmic Fortunes, and the biggest it can provide is up to 5x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline.

To receive free spins on Phantasmic Fortunes, you must land at least three bonus symbols on the reels at random, though it does not happen very often. It is considerably more likely if some of the wheels have been expanded.

There is no doubt that the winning potential is high in Phantasmic Fortune if you start with many intriguing bonus elements. This online slot has an RTP of around 96, thanks to a beautiful combination of bonus features and paylines.

During free spins, you receive the most bang for your buck, with winnings multiplied by up to 1000 times. This might result in a total effort of 13867x, and equates to a possible win of nearly €200,000 at a bet of €15 per spin.

In this online slot, the major bonus rounds are respins and free spins. Respins are awarded by collapsing reels, as they are in many of these games. The free spins round is triggered when the free spins symbol appears on the reels.

No, Hot Gems offer an excellent small betting range. With bets ranging from 25p to£25, you can win a maximum payout of 5,000 times stake.

Hot Gems online slot is straightforward but rewarding. It is a mining game you can enjoy for a while, with an RTP that's close to average and a great little betting range.

It only occurs on odd-numbered reels and awards 15 free spins with a multiplier for collapsed reels.

To win, you must land at least five identical symbols in a cluster. Luckily, many fascinating extra features can assist you in winning.

The biggest you can win is 2000x. The jackpot prize may not be amusing to some players, but if you play this slot with the highest stake of €40 per spin, you can win a total of €80,000!

This is highly recommended for people looking for something different from the standard fruit vending machines. Plus, the bonus features in this online slot are really interesting!

The lowest bet in Bombuster starts at €0.2 up and goes up to €40. You don’t need a lot of cash to experience and enjoy this online slot!

No doubt that The Green Knight online slot is one of the players' favorite. The win potential on this slot is really incredible, and it crushes the competition! You have many high-paying symbols, and while it takes a while to get a winning combination, it definitely pays off when you get a jackpot.

Well, nothing is ever easy! It may appear that hitting the jackpot is a simple task, but hitting the infamous wild symbol isn't so simple, especially not five of a kind! The jackpot appears to be far more achievable compared to other online slots.

You will be granted free spins if you land at least three Green Knight symbols on the reels. This symbol can occur anywhere on the reels to trigger free spins!

You have a choice of 20 different stakes ranging from €0.1 to €100. It may be a bit low amount of options when compared to other competitors. As a result, there are fewer choices for increasing your stake gradually while playing.

If you play with the biggest bet, you can win roughly €1.1 million! Tip: You can find the most significant wins during free spins.

It has wilds and scatters that can help you win more money, so expect a lot of action while the reels are spinning!

Only 3 of a kind in one of the paylines payout, and the lowest predicted win is a 0.2x bet. But, hey! There's a lot more to earn from the additional features.

The objective of the Hades Gigablox online slot is to get at least three matching symbols to be paid out on the 50 different paylines.

There are 23 different bets available, ranging from €0.1 to €100 for each spin. Helloween online slot features a wide range of stakes, making it ideal for changing risk as you play.

There are 20 different symbols in Helloween online slot, including seven other wild symbols that pay out winnings. The J, 10, 9 symbols can only pay up to 1.5x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline.

Helloween online slot jackpot prize may not be the most impressive in the world. However, you have a great possibility of winning in this online slot.

There are two highest paying symbols in Helloween, the Wild and Gold Ring, and they can pay up to 20x the bet.

RTP in Wild Walker is undoubtedly good when there is a wandering wild symbol on the reels all of the time. Its RTP is at 96.55 percent, which is far higher than most new online slots.

The smallest coin bet on Wild Walker is €0.01, but the crazy scientist rewards you with a wild 100x stake if you get eight consecutive symbols on the reels.

The Wild Walker online slot stakes are pretty high, with the lowest bet per spin being €0.25 and the highest being €250. Nonetheless, it is well worth your time to try out this online slot, thanks to the RTP and the extra features that can help you win!

The Wild Walker's wild symbols are always present and never vanish from the reels. This aids you in landing extra winnings with the symbols in the main game on every spin. The bonus sign is the only symbol that the wild cannot be mixed with.

Bonus spins are grouped into sevens. If you repeat the bonus symbol upgrade in the free spins round, you can win another set of four free spins.

The level of volatility is high, and you can expect a win every 22 spins based on the hit frequency. This should appeal to patient gamers!

Sadly, Kluster Krystals Megaways online slot doesn’t have many bonus features, but a few mini-features can be triggered after six respin.

The three mini-features in this online slot remove one color sign from the playing area entirely, increase each symbol's value to the next most valued symbol, and remove all single symbols from the playing area.

It may seem daunting to land six similar symbols to receive the highest prize, but this game has more reels and rows than others. Its layout and each spin have at least 4096 betways, which can be increased to almost 85 million possibilities to win.

Nitropolis offers stakes ranging from €0.2 to €100 every spin, with 12 distinct sums to pick from. This is low in comparison to other online slots.

Nitropolis online slot may have an inconceivable chance of winning, but there is a high limit of around 10000x stake on this online slot. On a single spin, you can win a total of ten million if you gamble with the highest bet.

There are four highest-paying symbols in this online slot, which can yield up to 5x bet. You can also get rewards on these four highest-paying symbols.

Big players are more likely to enjoy this online slot because it has a total of 49 different bets to pick from, ranging from € 0.2 to € 400 on each spin!

The boost symbol aids in the expansion of reels 2, 3, and 4. You'll also win free spins if you manage to land a boost symbol on the three center rows.

You gain four free spins for every boost symbol you land on the reels. This implies you'll get at least 12 free spins, but you could get more if you get multiple boosts in a row.

If that happens and you fill them with the highest paying symbol, you have the win almost 27,000 times your stake.

You have a total of 2,304 possible winning combinations, and the high volatility comes with a 30,000-times-stake top prize.

If you want to play with real money, then you may choose from different casinos found right below the game, as we only offer the demo version on our website.

Aside from its steampunk aesthetic, Coils of Cash is simple to play and understand, even with its intricate bonuses. There's also a fun free spins round that recurs to some extent.

Power coil multipliers carry over to the free spins round from the main game. The Scatters during the free spins round provide two additional free spins for each one found.

The first bonus feature in the base game is the wilds. Avalanche winnings are also available, and an extra row of symbols is added to the top of the screen until eight rows are reached.

It all comes on how much you wager on average and how you perform as a player. This online slot has a betting range from 0.2 to 100 coins.

The two newly added features in Katmandu Gold online slot are The Ice Climber feature and Expanding Wins. Also, each new win in this online slot adds more rows to the screen, eventually driving you up to that vast number of possible winning combinations.

This is an added feature in Katmandu Gold online slot. Expanding wins are arrowed symbols. When these are added to a winning combination, the winning combination will continue to expand in the arrow's direction.

Path of Destiny online slot has easy bonus features and a fantastic setup. No wonder you’ll get addicted to the game as soon as you win!

No miracles or impossibly difficult combinations are required! Everything can fall into your lap on the first spin.

In the main game, you have nine distinct symbols to choose from. The are several symbols that pay out are the same winnings, and they are also quite good winnings compared to most online slots.

Path of Destiny is suitable for all players as it has many different stakes to choose from. You stake as low as €0.2 per spin and still be able to win considerable amounts!

You can find several casinos on our webpage that has the online slot available. Simply click on one of the casinos below the game and open an account at the casino of your choice.

You have a total of 39 different bets to select from, which means you'll have lots of opportunities to encrease your wager as your account balance grows.

This slot machine does not have a big jackpot. It's comparable to classic 3 x 3 fruit machines with a top payout of 2000x your stake. Dark King: Forbidden Riches online slot concentrates on well-paying symbols rather than enormous jackpots that are nearly impossible to obtain.

The reels are set up in a standard 5x3 format, with a total of 20 paylines that pay out generously. So yes, the winning opportunities in this online slot are well worth chasing.

There are four symbols with large payouts. These four symbols can pay up from 120 to 300 coins! Bear in mind that the god symbols are on another level.

Regrettably, free spin rounds are missing from the War of Gods online slot. There are numerous features. However, they all occur during a single game phase.

War of Gods online slot is stunningly designed, making them stand out in a crowded field. The game's gameplay is straightforward to grasp, and it's a breeze to play, thanks to the intuitive controls.

With the highest stake of only 20 coins, the betting range is relatively tiny for a high volatility game. This game is created for you if you're attempting to play it safe.

The maximum prize is a 1,500-times bet, which could be worth £120,000 if you bet up to 80, which is a fortune we'd all desire to have.

Buffalo Blitz is considered high volatility, and it should pay out greater rewards with a longer delay between wins. For a game in this category, the highest prize of 1,500 times the stake isn't exceptionally big.

You can gamble anywhere from 0.4 and 80 coins, equating to 40p to £80 on UK casino sites. Please ensure you only take out the money you can afford!

The bonus games in this online slot are basic, but they can be beneficial. There are only two features: a wild and a free spins round. ​​It's a huge one, with up to 100 free spins, 100 retriggers, and no capacity on how many retriggers you may get!

There are just 11 stake possibilities ranging from €0.20 to €20 for each spin. It calculates out to be 0.008 euros per payline.

If you're fortunate enough to get the jackpot with Hoard of Poseidon, you'll get about 3400x your bet! Know that there are relatively decent winning prospects in the main game, and landing the top win won't require you to use many bonus features.

You can get two bonus features, the Chest Wilds and Multiplier. In the chest wild, this is where you’ll discover the jackpot. A multiplier can appear on the reels anytime, and you can get up to 5x higher payouts if you get this in combination with a payline!

The wild symbols are the game's most prominent feature. If you land the Poseidon, the octopus, and another wild symbol on the same spin, you will be awarded an additional bonus feature!

The fact that there are six reels and four roles is the most noticeable element. Instead of tens or dozens of pay lines, there are more than 4,000 chances to win!

There are, but free spins in multiples of up to 100 are highly unusual – and they will be extremely tough to come by.

The free spins symbol is what activates the free games. To give you a preview, with three signs, you'll get eight free games, and a total of 15 points are awarded for four symbols.

You can play Epic Ape for free at several UK online slots sites, and hundreds of UK online casino companies offer Epic Ape for real money play. Just make sure it’s a licensed site!

Three distinct jackpots are available on the Arena of Gold Slot Machine. The goal is to obtain at least six gold coins in a payline to gain re-spins and a chance to win one of the slot machine's jackpots.

Caesar is both the highest-paying symbol and the game's wild symbol. It means he can be coupled with all other winning symbols to help you win even more.

You can win up to 2,500 times your bet. If you land enough gold coins, you can win up to 1000 times your stake on the biggest jackpot without using any special aids. If you play real money on the slot machine with the highest stake, you will win 125,000€!

To earn a re-spin, you must land at least six gold coins on the reels. During the next three spins, the gold coins stick to the reels in the hopes of filling all three reels with gold coins.

Madame Ink online slot has five reels and three symbols. However, symbol sizes may vary. You have 243 active paylines for each spin, which often result in small winnings in your account. To win, you must have at least three of the game's ten winning symbols, including wild and scatter symbols.

Rather than having a few lines that pay highly, Madame Ink online slot focuses on multiple paylines and minor prizes in the main game. However, unlike an online slot with considerably fewer paylines, there is no difference in RTP here.

The wild symbol in Madame Ink can't assist you in starting free spin, but it gives big payouts both by itself and in combination with other symbols. The wild symbol can also merge with scatter symbols if they appear on the same payline.

You can bet anywhere between €0.1 and €100 every spin for a total of 21 different stake amounts. Your expense depends on how you play!

On 24k Dragon online slot, the lowest symbol can pay up to 0.4x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline, while the highest symbol may pay up to 5x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline.

An engaging and bright game layout will keep you entertained for hours as you search for the ultimate prize worth 24000x!

For sure! With the help of the scatter symbol, it awards free spins if three or more appear on the reels simultaneously. You can win anywhere between 8 and 20 free spins depending on how many scattered symbols you hit.

On 24K Dragon, 17 different bets range from €0.1 to €100 for each spin, which is a bit small compared to other online slots. More bet options allow you to increase your bet throughout the game gradually.

You will love the Mystery Reels online slot because there are no low-value card symbols in this game, and even the low-value fruit symbols pay out!

The goal of Mystery Reels is to hit as many matching symbols as you can on the slot machine's 20 paylines. To get paid out, you must land 3 to 5 matching symbols on a payline.

There are ten distinct symbols in total in the game, eight of which are the main symbols, plus two bonus symbols with interesting added features to assist you.

There's a chance to win up to €100,000 if you play with the maximum bet, but even if you can't afford €500 each spin, there's still a shot at winning on this slot machine.

You've struck gold! Hammer of Vulcan online slot is not just an absolute blast, but the large payout of well over 20,000x your stake is undoubtedly the reason for its charm!

On the Hammer of Vulcan online slot, the lowest payoff is 0.2x the bet when three equal to the X symbol appear.

The Wild symbol pays out the most, with wins ranging from 4.5 to 12 times the stake on the highest-paying symbols!

Yes. You can buy your way into bonus rounds by tapping the star symbol to the right of the spin button if you don't want to wait for enough scatter symbols to appear.

Since you can buy bonuses and expand the reels from 243 to 1944 paylines on the latest edition of Hotline, you have a much better chance of winning. Free Spins can be purchased at any time, but they are expensive, so use them wisely.

Hotline 2 has a top win of 5180x your bet, or €260,000 if you play with the maximum bet. So the chances of winning are good on this slot machine, as is the fact that you may modify the game a lot by purchasing hotlines in the game. Not bad, right?

When you activate free spins, the reels will expand each time you hit a bonus symbol in the game. You'll have all 1944 paylines spinning in your favor. It does not always happen during free spins, however.

It is not required to buy it. However, the main game does not give large payouts. Sitting with this slot machine if you do not use the buy feature can be dull.

The game has a wide betting range, ranging from 0.2 to 500 coins, and the goal is to see the gods themselves – Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hercules to win the most money.

The lure of Age of the Gods is its top reward worth one million coins! Probably one of the factors for the game's massive popularity. The top prize on the reels is 5,000x the bet.

Aside from its Greek-themed journey of the Ancient Greek Civilization, the free spins round is the main attraction here.

Age of the Gods online slot is jam-packed with bonuses, including four different types of free spins rounds themed after four of the most well-known gods from the Greek pantheon. You will absolutely enjoy this game!

The sports car symbol is the highest paying symbol in this online slot that can win up to 15 times your bet with 5 of a kind in a payline!

Vegas Nightlife online slot contains three additional different jackpots that you can hunt for with winnings ranging from €10 and above!

The jackpots are consistent regardless of the bet per spin you choose. You may place bets ranging from €0.1 to €100 every spin, with a total of 30 different amounts available.

Free spins are triggered by three scatter symbols, but you can also earn scatter with a multiplier on big wins, providing you a 2x boost on all winnings you get while playing free spins!

If you want to hit one of the jackpots, you must bet between 0.1 and 200 euros per spin!

Most Mega Moolah slot machines have a maximum bet of 50-100, so Atlantean Treasures is better suited to big rollers.

Atlantean Treasures online slot has only one bonus feature. It's tricky to get a re-spin here, and there are no free spins bonus rounds also. However, you can win one of the game's enormous jackpots without needing to trigger a bunch of additional features!

Starfish and Seagrass are the lowest paying symbols in this online slot. With 5 of a kind in a payline, you get 2.5x your stake.

Dreamzone online slot is a cluster slot machine, which indicates that you get an unlimited number of re-spins when you win.

It features an exciting sci-fi design that many players will undoubtedly enjoy. Furthermore, contrary to many other slot machines on the market, the symbols are relatively well paid.

It's your lucky day! You may anticipate seeing a lot of symbols that pay out a lot of money here. You can win up to 48 times your stake if you bet on the symbol with the lowest value!

Dreamzone has a lot of bonus features that you should look at. It has four different extra bonuses at random while you spin the reels and are frequently triggered after you haven't won for multiple spins in succession.

No, you don't need loads of extra features to get a lot of money here! Even if the jackpot is only a tenth of what you'll find at other players today, there are 40 paylines with good rewards to earn.

Clash Spins are triggered when both of these symbols appear on the reels at the same time. You'll find plenty of unique bonus features here that can give you an edge during your free spins.

There are a total of 13 possible stakes ranging from €0.20 to €60 every spin. As a result, this one is best suited for the high rollers out there!

To be paid out, you must hit at least three identical symbols, and the payment is proportional to the amount you bet per spin.

The Fox is the highest-paying symbol that pays only 1.5x for five on a payline. This is because the Sylvan Spirits bonus round, also known as the "hit or miss" climax, allows insane multiplier action.

The bet ranges from 0.1 to 10 coins, which is extremely low for such a high-volatility game.

Sylvan Spirits online slot will surely get you hooked because every win increases the symbol multipliers in the bonus round. And, during the bonus round, the symbol multipliers never reset and can reach up to 99x. You can also get a maximum win of 7,500x!

You have 1,024 ways to win the grand prize in Sylvan Spirits! The presence of huge wilds and free spins round will assist you to succeed.

Before you get awarded a prize, you must land at least 5 of a kind in a cluster, and you can also gather a special type of alien in a new meter above Gargantoon.

It appears that they have increased the number of bonus features, which will most likely compensate for the lower payout. Other than that, there are no notable new additions to the original. We also wish Play N' Go had explored a little more with the latest version.

Reactoonz 2 offers you the chance to win a generous jackpot of 5083x your bet. It costs almost 500 times as much as the original.

Yes, it didn't change at all. Betting options in Reactoonz 2 are still from €0.1 to €100 per spin!

You must rotate a bonus symbol into a Zone to activate the bonus rounds. It will provide you five free spins anytime this occurs.

The transform function is another bonus feature in Diamond Vortex! It can be triggered if you get up to 5 landslides in a row and can fill numerous rings with the same symbols at the same time, resulting in massive clusters!

The most you can win on a single spin is 5000x your stake. This means that if you play with the highest stake on this slot machine, you might win up to €500,000!

Diamond Vortex is classified as a highly volatile online slot, so don't expect many wins. There are a few small wins that rarely offset the losses.

The payouts in Greta Goes Wild are highly appealing. For example, if you get the highest multiplier during free spins and fill the reels with Greta, you'll win 8000 times your bet!

You will not be able to retrigger it because Scatters do not appear during the bonus. However, by landing Wilds on the grid, you will be able to extend the bonus and receive additional spins. Two extra Free Spins await you when Sticky Wilds occur on each of the reels.

The Free Spins feature is unquestionably the game's core because most of the game's potential is found here. You can activate this by landing at least three Scatters anywhere on the reels. The more Scatters you land, the more Free Spins you'll receive!

You can choose a wide range of bets, ranging from € 0.1 to € 30 every spin. The $30 limit may dissatisfy the high-rollers.

Indeed! If you're fortunate enough to hit six identical bonus symbols on the reels, up to 25 free spins can be awarded to you.

The Nitro Booster feature reel is the biggest addition from the original game. Feature symbols appear on the top reel and award eight distinct modifiers.

To activate the Bonus Round, you must land 3 to 6 Hot Rod scatters anywhere in view, and you will be awarded 10, 15, 20, or 25 free spins, respectively.

Bonus rounds could give an advantage in playing Nitropolis 2. But unfortunately, it is not purchasable in this online slot.

A giant money bag with a dollar sign on it is the highest-paying symbol in the main game. You take home 100x your stake if you get 5 of these on a payline!

Surely! You will certainly enjoy its fantastic graphics and reminiscent of a good old-fashioned cartoon from the '70s and a decent chance of winning. The downfall is you can't anticipate massive winnings here.

It is possible to win up to 1,410x if you reach the diamond. Friendly reminder: it might take an immense strain on your budget along the way because this game is highly volatile.

It's better not to expect many wins in Vault Cracker, as the game is fueled by a highly volatile math mode.

The wild symbol assists you in landing prizes with other symbols in the game and standing for enormous wins in Money Train 2. Payouts are proportional to the combination of symbols with the wild symbol.

Money Train 2 took the good parts of the first game and improved them greatly. The graphics are updated, and there are some lovely animations to boot. However, the new version reduced the maximum bet.

The symbols that pay the most are the robbers looking for the money on this big freight train that runs across the screen. Probably the only time you're going to love robbers!

You have a crazy possibility of winning 50000x your stakes. If you play with the maximum stake on the slot machine, you have a solid chance of earning a total of €1.000,000!

Even with small stakes, the payouts are excellent on the Steam Tower slot machine. Just fit your budget and make sure to trigger the free spins feature as often as possible to get you to the highest level.

Of course! NetEnt Touch technology allows you to play Steam Tower on your mobile or tablet smoothly. Enjoy Steam Tower on any iOS and Android device.

The Dragon Eye is the highest paying symbol in Steam Tower. You can expect a 2000x coin value payout with five equals in a payline.

You cannot pick the number of paylines on the slot machine because they are locked. Don't worry, as there are several effort-adjusting options to assist you in controlling your budget while playing.

To be paid out, you must have at least nine similar symbols in a cluster. The game layout has been increased to 6 x 5, rather than the typical 5 x 3 pattern. It allows you to have significantly more combo options on the reels, as well as a higher odds of landing more of the same symbol.

In this online slot, you can win up to 5,000 times your bet! There are no multipliers or additional features required to win the big prize.

Yes, The Legend of Shangri-La online slot has a feature of free spins symbols that can grant you 5-8 free spins.

The sticky re-spin feature in this online slot can only be activated once you fail to win two clusters in a row.

This game is ranked as medium volatility. Playing The Legend of Shangri-La can result in a reasonably even distribution of winning and losing spins.

Fire Joker Freeze is a traditional slot machine with three reels, three lines, and only five paylines. The aim is to land three of the various symbols on one of the paylines.

The original Fire Joker symbols pay out more compared to Fire Joker Freeze. But, there are two wild symbols at play in this new version, making it easier to land winning combos on the reels.

Fire Joker Freeze is a little more intriguing than its predecessor in entertainment value and bonus features. The main attraction is still the multiplier boost you receive when you land a full screen of matching symbols, but the bonus wheel has four levels.

The major highlight in Fire Joker Freeze is that it has two wild symbols that can help you win more extra money!

If you load the reels with nothing but the Kay symbol, you can win up to 750 times your bet. Although, there are no progressive or fixed jackpots to be won.

The most prominent paying symbol in this online slot is Kay, the female protagonist, which pays up to 750x coin value.

You can pile up large prizes in the free spins feature. The main goal during free spins is to land either the Target symbol or one of the various wild symbols.

The free spins rounds are a little more difficult to trigger. But hey, once you activate them, you have both wild symbols and extra opportunities, which considerably increases your odds of winning. Nothing worth having comes easy!

Not really, since there are 14 different bets available here, ranging from €0.20 to €100 for each spin. There are ample options for folks with medium to big budgets to play and enjoy this game for decades!