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Free slots online sounds good, right? And it is! It is particularly good in the world of online gambling, where you can soon find yourself losing money once you start putting your money where your mouth is. But is it possible? It is! And we’re here to show you how to play free slots, how to get the most out of them, and how to do it safely. Let’s have a look.

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How to Find Free Slots

The free online slots come in two different forms:

  • Free slots on demo mode, and
  • Free slots granted as free spins by casino sites.

Both can be found in a number of places: casino sites themselves, review sites, specialist free sites, manufacturer’s sites, and more. Each offers a different experience to the player, but as long as you take elementary precautions to keep yourself safe you can enjoy free slots without a care in all of those places. Finding them is easy, but you need to find safe places to play them.

Finding Safe Free Slots

To find safe free slots should be easy. If you’re playing free slots at demo sites or review sites then you should be able to stay safe fairly easily, as long as you’re not called on to register at a site by giving over personal information.

The law may have something to say about this depending on where you are. In some territories, you may be required to prove that you are of legal age to gamble before you can even play demo games without staking.

These proofs are generally, in our experience, no more demanding than clicking a couple of boxes to confirm that your birth date is in an acceptable range to meet the requirements of the age laws in your home country. If you are required to supply personal information or even payment details then you are in a whole new ball-game and need to take a whole load of other precautions.

Perhaps the safest place of all to play free demo mode slots is at the site of a company that makes them. Not all slots designers do this, but the bigger ones do, and as well as being able to check out games for free you should be able to read a lot about it too.

These sites are often very high quality too. They may require a birth date from you but they shouldn’t ask you for personal or payment details. If the company is reputable, then you should be completely safe.

Online Safety and Free Slots

You should of course be taking safety precautions whenever you’re online. This applies especially when you are playing for money and throwing your bank account details around, but you should get in the habit of making sure you’re safe at all times.

This includes good quality tech solutions, like antivirus and anti-spyware software for example. You need to keep that software updated, and regularly updating all of your software, including your drivers, is another good way to make your online experience safer. If you’re setting up accounts you need to follow good password protocols. Use a password manager if you have a lot.

Do a bit of research – it is worth your time!

Free Slots at Review Sites

Many review sites will allow you to play a demo version of the slot games they are previewing. These sites sometimes ask you to provide personal details to validate your age, but this is by no means standard.

Most review sites will be safe in our view, and most will have a good selection of games for you to try, including lots of new games, which are inevitably the focus of review sites. Go for it, but be wary if you’re ever asked to hand over any payment details.

And be aware: review sites are part of the casino industry, most of them operate on the basis that casino sites will pay them for sending new customers their way. There’s nothing too sinister about this – this is how advertising of all sorts works – but just be aware of what’s going on and that you will be pushed to go to and sign up at casino sites.

Free Slots that can be Dangerous

Google is generally good. However, Google is not perfect. It decides what results to show you. It has no way of knowing how good the site is – all it can do is judge the content that it reads. Google – and other sites – are getting cleverer are judging the value of this content, but as they do sites get better at producing the content that will attract Google’s thumbs up. That means that some sites know how to game Google and will look to produce lots of content to attract people using certain search terms.

We put a lot of stress on safety at this site and we think you should make it your first priority. So make sure you’re fully aware that free slots are free because you can’t win any money on them. We’re sure you know this, but scam sites know that people who are desperate can look for shortcuts and are vulnerable to being tricked with offerings that aren’t all that they appear to be. If you need money – don’t gamble to try to get it, and never expect to get something for nothing from a gambling site!

Free Slots at Casino Sites in the Free Demo Mode

You can also play slot games for free at free slots sites.

Most online casino sites have games that you can play on demo mode without staking. In order to play these games, you will almost certainly need to sign up for an account at the site.

You may not have to hand over any money, but you might have to hand over payment details even when you’re not paying to play. This puts your safety concerns at an altogether higher level. In most cases, the best way to stay safe at actual online casino sites is to play only at sites that are licensed and legal for you to use wherever you are. This means following age, geographic, and financial limits on your part too.

Gambling is regulated almost everywhere in the world, so make sure you know what the rules are where you are. For example, the UK does not allow any site to offer gambling services to anyone in the UK unless they have a UK Gambling Commission licence and follow the rules needed to keep that licence.

Finding the slots you want to play should be easy. Most free online slots sites arrange games in a number of ways, usually focusing on the titles that are the most popular with their users, new titles, and so on. You can often find games listed by developers too. Most of the free slot games can be accessed on demo mode via their listing. A recent example we’ve seen asks players to hover over the game tile before selecting demo mode when you play.

Free Play Slots via Free Spins

Another way to play games for free is with “free spins” offers from casino sites.

Free spins are often offered as parts of a welcome offer, and commonly as parts of other offers. These spins are free but also not free. That is, you will not have to pay the wager for the spin.

However, you’ll find that these free spins are not quite free. You’ll be asked to deposit money to earn free spins. And they will come with a number of restrictions on how you can play with them: commonly this will include a wagering requirement that will commit you to spend many multiples of the value of the free spins and any wins you make with them before you can withdraw money made from them.

So their spins are free. But not uncomplicatedly so; and you will have to commit to spending time and money at a site in order to get these free spins.

Of course, the big plus is that you might win some money without spending any of your own upfronts – then you have to decide whether it’s worth spending the wagering requirement to free up that cash.

Conclusion about the Free Slots

Why should you play slots in demo mode? In most of the examples we’ve shown here, the first answer is: No

  • commitment you can play most demo slots with no sign-up, no download, no registration and no commitment at all. Just find the games you want to play and play them, then pop off and play the next game wherever you feel like playing (remembering, of course, to play safely).
  • No cash this is the big one for most players. We talk about safety all the time here, and most of the time we’re talking about financial safety. “If you do not play, you cannot lose,” was good advice when it was given on The Wire and it’s doubly good when you’re talking about slots. Don’t bet and you can’t lose!
  • Practice most slots are very easy to understand. However, finding out that you don’t understand one when you are waiting for a £10,000 win to drop in a bonus game is not very good for your blood pressure! You should never be afraid to hit pause and check out the rules, but knowing the game inside and out before you even start to stake is even better.

Good Quality Free Slot Games and Free Slots Sites

Slots are popular and so is offering things for free, so there’s a lot of competition out there in the “free slots” market. This gives you a certain amount of power as a consumer because you have a lot of choices.

However, choice in capitalism can be something of a chimaera. First of all, you have to contend with the large numbers of games and casino sites that are different heads on a single hydra – lots of differently branded sites run by a single entity, as is not uncommon. Then you have to take into account the magic of branding, marketing, and advertising of all types. This will promise you things that you cannot have – or rather that are not quite what they seem.

This is a big issue around casino sites, which commonly make a hugely attractive Welcome Offer to players. This offer will usually sound like several hundred Euros worth of free play. We think it is not good practice to judge sites by welcome offers: instead, you should look at the quality of the site and judge if you’re going to be happy spending time and money at that site in the long run.

Free Slots FAQ

If you pick good quality sites and take elementary precautions – as you should all the time you are online – then yes, you can play free slots with complete peace of mind.

Google will help you out, as will review sites. You’re looking for manufacturers’ sites as a great quality option, but also review sites. And you can sign up at a casino site and set games on demo mode.

Free slots are best enjoyed at legitimate licensed sites that offer a good quality experience. If it’s a casino site it needs to be licensed in eth jurisdiction where you’re playing. An age check is a good sign that they take the law seriously.

Free slots can help you learn your way around a game so you’re ready to play for real when you do want to bet. You’ll also be saving money, staying safe, and getting your gaming fix with zero risks to your bank balance.

You can win money on free slots if you play games offered to you by casino sites as “free spins”. However, in order to collect your winnings, you’re going to have to spend a lot of your own money in the vast majority of cases.