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Hippo Pop
  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96.10%
    5 x 7 
    65536 (Bothway)
    0.20 €
    40.00 €

One of the online slot games that Avatar UX has built is Hippo Games Pop Slot. This game offers a maximum of 65,536 different chances to win. Free spins, expanding reels, and growing multipliers are some of the characteristics that are available in the game.

This high-volatility slot game has a return to player percentage of 96.10%, and the highest payout is worth 48150x the player’s initial wager.

Theme, Sound And Graphics of Quick Hits Slots Online

The Hippo Pop series has grown to include many games, and it's great that each version of the Hippo games looks unique and different.

The background sound is a holiday-themed song with steel drums. This chill music makes the setting feel more exotic. The majestically magical animals might have fit a scary dream track better. But many players will like the upbeat music. If they don't, the mute feature is easy to find.

The animation is appealing because it has bright colours and a uniform style. Greenlight pours in from above, making the jungle scene behind the reels feel real. It looks like the sun is shining through a thick layer of leaves. Pretty flowers are growing on either side of the reels, which makes the room look more festive.

The magical animals in Hippo Quick Hits slots online are the best part of the game. Each character has bright, shiny eyes that look almost like neon lights.

The flamingo looks like it's possessed, and the way its face looks makes it a bit like a dinosaur. It sounds like it might be talking in a strange, raspy voice.

The hippo is the show's star; he looks like a god made of gold. When the hippo looks straight at the players, it has a sad and scary look on its face.

Animation and music make the dream jungle world fun, even if the magic is scary sometimes.

RTP And Variance of Hippo Games

The Hippo Quick Hits Slots Online have a return-to-player percentage of 96.10%. In addition, it is a very volatile online slot game with a maximum payout of 48,150x the bet.

How To Win the Hippo Pop Slots for Free Play

In the Hippo Pop Slot Demo, each spin starts with 486 different chances to win, and winning combinations are formed when 3 or more matching symbols appear in a row from right to left or from left to right.

A symbol can pop whenever it grabs a win. Consequently, this results in a pair of symbols in place of the single symbols, which boosts the number of winning ways in the slot machine. This procedure continues until no more wins occur or you reach the maximum number of ways to win.

When participating in the Hippo Pop, the maximum number of winning ways present is 65,536.

Hippo Games Multipliers

Once you have stretched all the reels to their maximum potential, a multiplier will add to your victory in the game slots for free play. That will allow you to win more each time you play. If you go on to add winning combinations to the reels, this multiplier will continue to increase.

  • A 2x multiplier for 6 symbols high
  • A 3x multiplier for 7 symbols high
  • A 4x multiplier for 8 symbols high

Hippo Pop: Offering Free Spins and Bonuses

If a player fully expands the rolls during the base game, the multiplier starts to go up and will keep going until there are no more wins. The Free Spins feature begins after the base game wins a payout.

In the Free Spins mode, the reels start at 3 symbols high, but if you win enough, they can grow to 8 symbols high.

A boost from the base game comes at the start of the Hippo Games pop.

When the reels are higher during the Free Spins Hippo Payout, Hippo Images will pay out more money. The Hippo sign will pay out 2x its base value when the reels are full. The hippo symbol will then pay 3x its base value if the reels get to 7 symbols high and 4x its value if they get to 8 symbols high.

If a player advances to the highest reel point, they will get 2 more free spins.

They get 5 free spins on the Bonus Wheel when the Free Spins game starts. That gives you more chances to win prizes.


Hippo Games Pop is an excellent addition. The appearance is appealing and offers several fascinating features, even though activating them can be mildly challenging.

Although it is clear that they are all part of the same series because they share a visual style that is very similar to one another within the realm of Hippo Game Pop.

Let's venture deep into the jungle to have the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of exotic species, including flamingos, zebras, panthers, and hippos.


On our site, you can try Hippo Pop without creating an account. Also, any gaming website that worked with AvatarUX would let you use the slots for free play.

When you play this online slot machine, the maximum prize that you might get is worth 48,150 times your initial wager.

For the demo mode of Hippo games, you can use any reputable gaming site or casino-related website, like Slottomat.com. Following the real money investment, picking a licenced operator with a good reputation and excellent services is significant. The best choice would differ for each person, depending on their tastes.

That's for sure; this game aims to play on phones, laptops, or any other device.

Hippo Pop has an RTP (return to player percentage) of 96.10%.