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Age of the Gods
  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 95%
    5 x 3

Every age is an age of the gods it would seem. This original Age of the Gods slot hit title from Playtech is now one of the biggest in the world – not just in this version, but in the always-expanding family of titles, it now supports. The Age of the Gods slot empire is enormous and takes in multiple sequels, new styles of game and gameplay, and even now live slots play courtesy of Playtech’s live casino sites.

And it all started with this game!

Released in 2016, the original Age of the Gods slot is an early indicator that slot players love ancient history, and they love mythology.

The game sets itself up as a Greek-based tour around the legends and mythology of one of Europe’s founding myths – the Ancient Greek civilization.

Here you’ll find 5 reels and 3 rows of aged symbols with 20 pay lines that operate in both directions. The game has a big betting range, running from 0.2 to 500 coins, and you’ll be looking to see the gods themselves – Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hercules (to give us a mortal presence) – in order to win the biggest prize.

And that biggest prize is 1,000,000 coins, which is always a big attraction, and possibly one of the reasons why this game remains so popular. The on-reels top prize is a 5,000-times stake.

The game itself is packed with bonuses, including four types of free spins round, styled around four of the best-known gods of the Ancient Greek pantheon.

The graphics and sound aren’t really very sophisticated by today’s standards, and the jackpot prize lowers the RTP to players in the main game, but jackpot games have rarely had a bigger impact than Age of the Gods, but should you worship them?

Let’s take a trip into the afterworld and have a look!

How to Play Age of the Gods

The game is very easily understood even if you have only dabbled in slots.

A standard control panel runs from left to right with:

An info button to open up the paytable and the game rules. The line window. The bet per line window where you set your stake. The central windows tell you what you’ve won and what your bet is. Then there’s an autoplay window with a range of options (these features will become illegal in the UK later in 2021) and finally, we have a spin button. It’s all very standard.

The paytable opens with card symbols. These all pay 12, 50, and 150-times stake for sets of three, four, and five. The helmets payout 20, 75, and 250-times stake.

  • The first gods, a woman (Aphrodite) and a man with grey hair (Hades) pay 25, 100, and 300-times stake.
  • Hercules (you’ll recognize him from his animal skin hat) pays 30, 125, and 400-times stake.
  • Poseidon (fishy), and Zeus (angry) pay 40, 150, and 500-times stake.
  • Then, Athena, it’s nice to see a woman on top here, pays 60, 250, and 1,000-times stake.
  • There is a special prize for getting a full run of gods on a pay-line, which gives you a 200-times stake reward.

Betting runs from 0.20 coins to 500 coins, which should be 20p to £500. Please make sure you know what you’re playing for and that you’re playing safely, with money that you can afford to lose.

Bonus Features in Age of the Gods

The focus here is all on the free spins round.

These are awarded in the usual way with three scatters. This opens a second round where the player picks out the game that they’re going to play. A field of 20 coins is shown, and players pick until they turn over coins showing three matching gods.

These open these rounds:

  • Athena free spins This round comes with a multiplier on all spins of between 2-times and 5-times awarded prizes.
  • The Zeus free spins This set of free spins has an increasing multiplier that goes up by 1 every three spins. There’s a locked wild in the middle of the reels too.
  • Poseidon spins Poseidon has a trident and he uses it here to shoot lightning bolts that turn symbols on the reels (five of them) into wilds.
  • Hercules spins Hercules operates as a stacked wild in the middle reel.

There is no retrigger via scatters, but at the end of the round you get another turn at the picking game and you can retrigger games this way – it all ends when you pick Hades.

This game is linked with a progressive jackpot. The game is triggered randomly with a new picking game opening up and players picking until they get one of the four possible jackpots.

The top prize is the Ultimate Power Jackpot.

Under this are the Super Power, Extra Power, and Power jackpots. These, like all progressive jackpots, are subject to change. The slightly low RTP in this game reflects the way progressives are made up by taking a tax on each bet to grow these enormous prize funds.

The Age of the Gods jackpots is some of the biggest and best known in the world.

Age of the Gods Slot: The Verdict

What can we say about this game that hasn’t already been said?

It’s big, and complex, with very decent use of its theme – worth googling a bit and finding out more if you find this world interesting.

The graphics and sound have dated a bit in our view, but what never goes out of fashion is the enormous prizes from the progressive jackpot.

If you enjoy elements of this game but want another angle on it then you have an enormous amount of choice too. The Age of the Gods series is very big and there’s a lot of gameplay choices to be found among the titles on offer, including live play now. We wouldn’t be surprised if an Age of the Gods theme park opened up!

The main attraction is the progressive jackpot, but there’s a very decent game behind it.

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