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Small world! These days the gaming industry is truly international. There are no boundaries on the internet, and while we’re a long way from John Lennon’s imagined nation-and-war-free utopia we can at least throw money at products made all around the world!

The slots world is as international as most, though a few lines on the map still mean more than others in this world. Sweden is a noted centre of the slots industry. The United States of America also pushes out a lot of products. The UK is the biggest gambling market in the world, so it has a healthy gaming sector. And live casino companies have headed to eastern Europe – no doubt, the cuisine and culture and wonderful, but it is lower wages that send them there to shoot their games. Malta too is an unlikely centre for the high-tech industry. The tiny holiday island carved out a niche with its regulatory and tax regimes (read, fewer regulations and lower taxes) and slots and gambling businesses from around the world have set up shop in the sun there. Bulgaria though, the home of CT Gaming, is new to us!

CT Gaming are multi-product producers making both off- and online games and the systems that help casino sites run are probably bigger and older than you think, though they are yet to make a major impact on the UK market.


Perhaps that is about to change!

lets have look online slot

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Sticky Bonus, 45x Wagering, 5€ MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
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Malta Gaming Authority
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CT Gaming, the company

We said CT Gaming are probably older than you think, and if you thought they were – like so many other slots slingers – a 21st- century business then you’d be wrong. Just.

CT Gaming were founded as Casino Technology in 1999. That makes them real innovators. The online casino market didn’t really exist before the mid-1990s, so they got on board this fast-rising elevator in the early stages.

They were Bulgaria’s first online gaming company too and hit big early on with Mega Jack. That splash allowed them to go global and set up in 15 countries.

They rebranded as CT Gaming for their 2019 20th anniversary.

IN between those two milestones they packed in a lot of work:

  • They were licensed in 1999 in Bulgaria. By 2002 they were an international company, with real-world slot machines cropping up in Russia and other eastern European and Caspian states.
  • By 2012 they had an online business. And in 2013 they were collaborating with Playtech, giving them a real global reach.
  • In 2014 they moved into systems, producing the BIG 5 System to run casino sites. In 2016, the company released 100 games.
  • The company’s projects include Games, Mutigames, Slot Machines, gaming systems, and some offline hardware.

The company itself lays claim to more than 500 online slots, while there are 436 games on the UK market, with 432 of the video slots and four other games.

CT Gaming Slots

Let’s have a look at those games. To make this list we use a UK-based chart. This rates games by their popularity and visibility in that market. CT Gaming is not yet a very big deal in the UK but we’ll follow that routine here and list their games from the most popular on down.

Treasures of Persia

Released in May 2020, Treasures of Persia is still CT Gaming’s most popular title. The company describe the game as “traditional” but we wouldn’t put it in the classic bracket as it doesn’t quite have those features – it’s not a fruit machine. Instead, it is another entry in the vast and perhaps bafflingly vast catalogue of games based on historical cultures. This game is golden in colour but has relatively low-treasure numbers, including an RTP of 92.23%. Medium to high variance means that it’s a slightly higher risk game than usual, and that means bigger prizes, in this case, a 1,000-times stake top prize on stakes from 1p to £25. The 5 by 3 layout is standard. Nice graphics and decent sound add to an entertaining game released in May 2021.

Thai Temple

Leaving current-day Iran for South-East Asia this CT Gaming was released in May 2015. It has a better rtp of 96.8% with high variance. The top prize is a 3,000-times stake reward with betting from 15p to £4.50. The game has a standard layout with 15 pay lines on a 5 by 3 grid. The bonuses are found in a free spins round and the game is linked to a progressive jackpot.

13 Black Cats

The unluckiest number and an unlucky symbol herald this magic and occult-themed game. There’s an extra row of symbols for a 5 by 4 grid of colourful symbols largely based around witchcraft and spells. The extra line gives us 40 pay lines in this August 2020 release that has RTP ranges. That means that sites can set their own RTP levels within a range set by the company.

2254 A.C. Revolution

A 5 by 3 grid set-up heralds this sci-fi game set in the future and with graphics that offer a nicely glowing take on a tech dystopia (we’ll assume that it’s a dystopia if people want a revolution – maybe we should assess our own societies in this way!). Released in June 2020, this game has a 95.9% theoretical return to the player and high variance for a 10,000-times stake top prize. There are 30 bet ways and the main bonuses are wild symbols and free spins.

25 Star Stones

In August 2020 CT Gaming headed back to the future with a very classic fruit game, complete with gems, stars, and sevens on the board. The game set-up is classic with a 5 by 3 grid, and this company’s usual control panel set up. The game has an RTP range of around 95.9% and low variance. That brings down the top prize to 5,000 coins.

30 Treasures

From July 2020, this game’s 95.67% is quite generous for CT Gaming. It’s a low to medium variance game with a top prize of 150-times stake. That stake can get up to £9 from a base of 30p. The game is very traditional in its paytable – oranges, cherries, lemons, and apples at the bottom – and 5 by 3 grid. There’s a double of quits gamble feature that can repeat up to 50 times. The RTP is a range, and the main bonus features are wild.

3 Towers

With a cartoon-style historical theme, 3 Towers is a fantasy quest game built onto a decently middle-of-the-road slot with 5 by 3 grid, medium to high variance, and a 96.7% RTP (range). The top prize is a 1,190-times stake and the betting runs from 21p to £4.20. There’s the gamble feature again, plus a free spin round and wild symbols. Some symbols expand for bigger prizes.

40 Shining Jewels

This one is on a 5 by 4 grid and takes its cue from the likes of Starburst, with a futuristic take on a gems game – a real old classic. The game is old, with a 2016 release date. RTP is 95.9% with a medium variance. There’s a 250-times stake top prize with betting from £1 to £400, so this is a high-roller friendly game, with 40 pay lines. You can enjoy the gamble feature.

50 Shining Jewels

A follow-up is always a good sign. At least it shows that an original game has got some fans. This one is a 2019 take on the shining jewels theme, with a more colourful set of gems on the same 5 by 4 grid, this time bumped up with 50 pay lines. Gambling runs from 50p to £5 and the prize is potentially 200-times that amount. Medium variance and an rtp range of around 95.5% is very standard in this market and the gamble feature, scatters, and wilds are the main extra features.

50 Treasures

Another relatively classic game from 2019 has the standard CT Gaming set up with a 5 by 4 grid. The RTP range is around 95.5% and the variance is medium. The top prize is a 500-times stake and gambling runs from 50p to £5 on up to 50 pay lines. Themed around, well, as you’ve guessed treasure chests, coins and so on, this could easily be described as a classic fruit game. We have the gambles feature again and scatters and wilds.

5x High Jewels

A genuine classic 5 by 3 this time, with a 95.43% starting point for the RTP range. There are just 5 bet ways, which is very low for a 5 by 3 game, but if you do hit then you could win big in this high variance game with a top prize of 5,000 coins.

5X High Party

This game is from the same family and looks and feels very similar to its sister title. The game has that 95.43% RTP range, a high variance, a 5,000 coins top prize and a 5 by 3 lay out. The graphics are completely classic with gems and fruits and sevens.

Playing CT Gaming slots safely

All slot games operate on a random basis. If they don’t then you are not getting a fair deal. That means that there is always a risk when you play any slot game.

In these reviews, we’ve given you a couple of bits of information that can help you to have a safer time when playing online.

They are the RTP and the variance or volatility of the games.

The RTP stands for theoretical return to player. This figure, you’ll note is less than 100%, and can also be expressed as “house edge”, a figure you arrive at by subtracting the number we’ve given you from 100. This confirms that games make a profit and this is the profit – when written as house edge – that a game is expected to make. That translates as the amount that is expected to return to players over the games lifetime. While this number is arrived at by running millions of simulations it should not be treated as an exact prediction of your experience. But it does give you some idea of which games are going to be more “generous” than others.

The truth is that slots all make a profit because they are designed to. That means that they take in in bets more than they pay out. So players, particularly those who play regularly for a long period of time should expect to lose money over time – though hopefully, relatively small amounts of money.

The other way you can judge a game’s performance is via its volatility. This – also called variance – judges how often games pay out and the size of the prizes. So a high volatility game will pay out prizes less often, but the prizes will be larger. These are average measures, and also do not predict too much for players. However, they give you a very vague idea of what you can expect.

Frequently Asked Questions about CT Gaming

No, this is a legitimate company and you can play their games with confidence that they meet the minimum standard for UK players.

You can if you choose safe sites, keep your device safe, and remember a few – very important – rules about how to keep yourself safe while gambling. The first and biggest suggestion in this regard is probably to remember that this is entertainment that you will probably have to pay for. Please look into site safety whenever you join a new site – check that it is licensed – and learn how to monitor your own behaviours as you play slots online.

You can at licensed, safe sites. If you want to play these games for free you will need to find review sites that host demo versions or get a casino account and play for free by selecting demo mode. Playing for real money comes with risks and you should make sure that you understand those risks before you start.