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  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96.5%
    7 x 7

Slot Reactoonz demo is an epic space adventure that has become very popular with players and a huge success for Play N 'Go. Here, you join an intergalactic war with wonderful characters on the reels and many exciting gameplay features.

Above, you can test Reactoonz demo play for free as much as you want, and you'll see if you think this gem is worth spending money on. In addition, you can get a hefty bonus if you play at one of our most popular Play n 'Go casinos on the link above the slot machine. The Reactoonz demo was produced in 2017 and is usually available at most casinos that offer Play'n Go slots.

What is more interesting about Reactoonz demo play is that it is more reminiscent of an ordinary mobile game like "bubble shooter" than a slot machine, with a completely different layout than most players are used to. But that certainly does not mean that the slot machine is more difficult to win money than other slot machines you find at the online casino. With a usable RTP of 96.51% and a top gain of 457,030 coins, Reactoonz Free Play is a slot machine worth trying.

Play Reactoonz Free Symbols

Reactoonz demo offers fun aliens in many different colours and shapes. Some can cover multiple rows at the same time to provide multiple classes. Because at this slot machine, there are no pay lines, there are large clusters of the same symbols you have to try to land to get a win. Here are the symbol values:

  • Large Purple Provides up to 750 x bet with 15+ equally in a cluster
  • Large Green Provides up to 300 x bets with 15+ equals in a cluster
  • Large Orange Provides up to 150 x bet with 15+ equal in a cluster
  • Big Blue Provides up to 75 x bets with 15+ equals in a cluster
  • Little Purple Provides up to 10 x bets with 15+ equals in a cluster
  • Small Red Provides up to 10 x bets with 15+ equals in a cluster
  • Small Green Provides up to 3 x bets with 15+ equals in a cluster
  • Small Yellow Provides up to 3 x bets with 15+ equal in a cluster

The simplest way to distinguish between aliens in Reactoonz free play is probably that small aliens have only one eye. There are often winnings that tick in on the main game, but it does not always amount to cheering about. So in this slot machine, it is important to trigger bonus features as often as possible to make juicy winnings.

Game Setup to play Reactoonz free

At the Reactoonz demo online slot, there are no wheels. The layout is 7 horizontal and vertical rows, and the goal is to land as large clusters as possible with the same alien. You must have at least 5 of a kind to receive a payout, or you will receive an enlarged symbol that can count 2 to 4 aliens in a cluster.

The slot machine has an "avalanche" feature where new symbols fall on the board. So, there are no set pay lines in Reactoonz free play, and in addition, you can get almost endless spins as long as new classes appear each time you enter new symbols into the ranks.

Use the menu under the game board to select bets based on 15 possible bets up to 200 euros per spin. This is a slot machine with high volatility, so don't bet too much per spin to endure as long as possible.

Play Reactoonz Free with Bonus Features

You can be rewarded with wild symbols at random to replace all other symbols on this slot machine. All symbols can be wild and are picked out randomly within 4-8 spins if you have not landed any winnings in these spins. You recognise the wild symbol as it begins to glitter on the board.

  • Multiplier If you can form a cluster larger than 2x2 on the board, you will be rewarded with a multiplier that doubles your winnings on the class if you get such a symbol to form a cluster of 5 aliens.
  • Quantum Leap This feature rewards you with various game advantages if you form five groups of clusters in a row. These are called
  • Implosion: Changes 3 to 6 symbols on the board to wild symbols. All adjacent symbols are removed from the board.
  • Alternation: Symbols of one-eyed aliens are changed on the board and transformed into a more valuable symbol.
  • Demolition: This feature removes all aliens with the lowest value on the board
  • Incision: Here, a wild symbol is selected in the middle of the board and creates a cross across all lines to help you form clusters.

The Quantum Leap machine is controlled by the large aliens to the right of the game, called Gargantoon. The bonus features are at least entertaining in-game demo play Reactoonz, which keeps the interest in playing up for a long time. In addition, the quantum leap features can be very lucrative.

Win Potential on Play Reactoonz

Reactoonz free gameplay offers big winnings of well over 4,500 x bet, and you notice that the slot machine is very volatile, with small winnings ticking in all the time. With a large arsenal of bonus features and wild features, it offers great profit opportunities. Stay in the game for a long time to distribute your balance of at least 500 spins on this slot machine, so endure the small winnings that tick in along the way to hunt for the top prize

Conclusion of Reactoonz Demo Play

This online slot is a very fun pastime that will keep you entertained for a long time. The small, charming aliens in Reactoonz fall on the game board like little jelly balls stuffed with small rewards. But Reactoonz demo play can get a little tedious if you don't trigger bonus features and take advantage of the various Quantum Leap benefits. But the main advantage of the slot machine is that you get lots of free spins in Reactoonz after every single win you land. So here you get great value for money.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Slots

Reactoonz is highly volatile, with little wins popping up all the time. It indeed offers huge earning chances, with a large arsenal of bonuses and wild features.

For every single victory, Reactoonz Play rewards you with plenty of free spins, so you can get a lot of bang for your buck here. But don’t forget to trigger bonus features and make use of the Quantum Leap perks.

No, you don’t have to spend a single penny. Feel free to play as much as you wish and find out if you think this game is worth investing your time in.

Reactoonz free play is an exciting intergalactic adventure that has gained a lot of attraction among players. You'll be a part of an interstellar battle with fantastic characters on the reels and a tonne of fun gaming features. It also has an RTP of 96.51% and a top win of 457,030 coins. Not bad for a chance to win!