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Reactoonz 2
  • RTP (Return To Player)
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  • 96.5%
    7 x 7

Finally, the little charming aliens in Reactoonz are finally back in a new slot machine from Play n GO. Reactoonz 2 is probably a long-awaited sequel to Reactoonz which came out 3 years ago. But those who expect a completely new layout and features for the game, they will probably be a little disappointed. But there are definitely some upgrades on this slot machine that will surely arouse interest from some players, including all sorts of wild combinations in the game.

But if you would rather try the original first, you will find the first Reactoonz slot machine here along with a number of other exciting games from Play n GO.

Symbols on Reactoonz 2

One thing fans of Reacoonz will notice is that the payout table looks a little worse at first glance than the original. On the first slot machine, the top prize in the main game was 750x bet with 15+ of a kind of the highest paid symbol. Now it has actually been reduced to 500 x bet, and there are no improved winnings on smaller clusters either as a kind of compensation. So what is it that makes them choose to cut down on payments here? It's a little hard to say, but it looks like they have added more bonus features that will most likely compensate for the reduced payout. In total, the jackpot has been increased by 1000x more than its predecessor, and RTP is as far as the same for its predecessor. So the question is really which bonus features you prefer of the original and Reactoonz 2.

Reactoonz 2 Game Setup

In Reactoonz 2 you will find several bonus features and meters that can help you win. In addition, Gargantoon has seen a friend in the form of a cute little wild alien sitting next to the giant while he sleeps. This can be thrown out during the game to help you land larger clusters.

The goal is to land at least 5 of a kind in a cluster before you get paid a prize, and you can also collect a special type of alien in a new meter above Gargantoon.

All betting options are the same as before from €0.1- 100 per spin. You choose this from the menu under the wheels to adapt the slot machine to your own budget.

Play n GO has not made major changes to Reactoonz 2, and many will probably not see much difference between this and the original. So it's a bit of a shame that they haven't experimented a bit with the layout as well, and maybe changed the characters a bit as well.

Bonus Features on Reactoonz 2

This is exactly where the biggest difference lies in Reactoonz 2. Apparently, Play n GO has taken the criticism if there were too few wild opportunities on the first Reactoonz. Now you will find almost no other aid, so it almost seems as if Reactoonz 2 was made with a bit of irony and pointed to previous critics of the slot machine.

  • Fluctometer This is the new gauge above Gargantoon. If you collect enough of the symbol that is in the middle, you get a lot of help from electrically charged wild symbols that help you land large clusters on the reels. You must collect at least 11 of the same symbol to trigger this feature.
  • Wild Both Gargantoon and Energoon wild replace all other symbols in Reactoonz 2. This is triggered by filling up the meter on the left side of the reels. To recharge the Quantum meter controlled by Gargantoon and his buddy to the right of the reels, you must land several electrically charged wild symbols and collect them fully during a continuous slide.
  • Re-Spins Of course, in Reactoonz 2, the good old re-spin recipe has been taken care of after you win. So here there is no limit to how many re-spins you get as long as each spin lands a win of some kind. For each slide, fill up the meter on the right side to trigger more wild features on the slot machine.

Reactoonz 2 Win Potential

Reactoonz 2 gives you the opportunity to pocket a satisfying jackpot of 5083x bet. This is approx. 500 x more to get than the original. Maybe not the biggest upgrade, but extra wins is never a bad thing. Initially, the jackpot and winning opportunities were good enough on the first slot machine, so this was not where most players wanted an upgrade. So it's a bit of a shame that there is less to pick up on the winning symbols if you land large clusters.

Conclusion of Reactoonz 2

So number 2 will just be a wild version of number 1 ... that's it? This was a bit disappointing considering that they could have done so much more to create an exciting and different sequel. The platform is almost identical to its predecessor and offers less entertaining bonus features in our view. But apparently, they thought that there were plenty of players who could enjoy a new version with only wild symbols as a bonus, so this will probably become a popular slot machine. But if it's going to be as popular as its predecessor? Well, it remains to be seen.

Reactoonz basically appeals to players who want something new and exciting compared to the traditional slot machines with a typical 5 x 3 layout. So to make a blue copy with a few small changes was probably not what the majority of followers expected.

The intention was perhaps to entice players who were otherwise critical of Reactoonz in the past, but the response so far does not indicate this.

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Frequently Asked Questions about slots

Before you get awarded a prize, you must land at least 5 of a kind in a cluster, and you can also gather a special type of alien in a new meter above Gargantoon.

It appears that they have increased the number of bonus features, which will most likely compensate for the lower payout. Other than that, there are no notable new additions to the original. We also wish Play N' Go had explored a little more with the latest version.

Reactoonz 2 offers you the chance to win a generous jackpot of 5083x your bet. It costs almost 500 times as much as the original.

Yes, it didn't change at all. Betting options in Reactoonz 2 are still from €0.1 to €100 per spin!