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Non-Sticky Bonus, 25x Wagering, 5€ MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Estland Tax and Toll
Sticky Bonus, 45x Wagering, 5€ MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Malta Gaming Authority
Sticky Bonus, 45x Wagering, €6 MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Sticky Bonus, 45x Wagering, €5 MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Sticky Bonus, 35x Wagering, 5€ MAX BET, CURACAO 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Malta Gaming Authority
Sticky Bonus, 45x Wagering, €5 MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling

Hi! Nice to see you stopping by our latest addition of casinos ready for conquest online.

Here you will always be updated on our latest and exciting casinos that are popping up. They are tested and verified by us and should be safe to use for anyone and everyone. For it is certainly not the case that all online casinos out there are well suited for players in terms of customer service, the currency on games, and last but not least, if they have good terms for punters online. But even if they do not have all this in place, that does not mean that we completely dismiss the game selection if the terms are good. That is why we select casinos with English sites, and in addition, casinos which are well organized, and offers lots of fun slot entertainment for your money!

Our ranking list is based on many factors that we examine thoroughly in all casinos:

  • How well is it organized for Punter online (payment, translated websites, etc?
  • Who owns the casino and do they have a good reputation?
  • What are the criteria for welcome bonuses and are they competitive?
  • Which slot game manufacturers do they offer and are they safe?
  • Where do they have a license and is it in good standing?

This and many more points are important for selecting online casinos. But to save you time, we've done all the work for you, so all you have to do is choose the casino and welcome offers that are right for you!

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The best slots and more advantages at new casinos

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There may be many who are skeptical about using a newly started casino, mostly because there are not many reviews and it feels a little unsafe. In general, we want to invest safely and are happy to go to big establishments that have been around for a long time. But is it always the case that the biggest and most famous casinos are the best? The truth is that new casinos can give you many benefits, and in some cases, a better experience as well.

  • More customer-friendly A new casino doesn't have as much traffic yet, and does more to keep you as a customer than what a major competitor would do. This may include bonuses on your deposits or free spins on slots you might want to try. If you are a frequent player, you will usually get better treatment from new casinos.
  • Faster help You will usually arrive at customer service faster if problems arise, as there is less queue on the lines of new casinos. In addition, they have usually translated the website well into the countries from which they want customers. England is probably one of the countries that always have well-catered websites with a lot of good information about bonuses and terms. If not, we will at least make sure you get all the important details in our reviews of new casinos that pop up.
  • Larger bonuses The welcome offers are usually very large at new casinos, as they want to compete with the big guys. If you want to get enough customers to the casino, you must have enough bait for customers to register. With the huge competition out there, it is not uncommon to see both no deposit bonuses, free spins on slot games, and deposit bonuses up to 200% on your first deposit. For those who play often, it is important to take all the benefits you can get for staying as long as possible in the game.
  • Better mobile casino The latest online casino platforms are expensive to set up, but the advantage is that they are an excellent fit for any device you want to play on. For casinos who are 10- 15 years old, it will be a very expensive process to change and may offer half-finished apps that do not support all games they have in the directory. When over 60% of online punters primarily use their smartphones to play online slots these days, it is really a bit strange that big players do not take on the cost to upgrade the site. But at new casinos, their websites and games are always easy to use on mobile phones, as everything is organized as soon as you log in with the device you want to use.
  • Casino Rewards Do you like to be appreciated as a loyal customer? Then no one does better than a new casino! Here are many innovative solutions for reward programs. This may be that you earn free spins on your favorite slots as you play, join in prize draws of bonuses or nice winnings, as well as cashback bonuses where you recover some of the lost. Essentially, the new casino is very keen to keep you as a customer and not just one in the crowd.

Disadvantages of playing at a new online casino

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It's not beneficial to use just new casinos either. You have to be a little careful about which casino you choose, as it can quickly be a bit unfavorable terms for some players. So stay tuned for updates on the online casino we recommend here to avoid...

  • Unfavorable wagering requirements With large bonuses, there is sometimes a big and unattainable wagering requirement as well. Some of the worst cases are the 200% bonuses that need 45 times wagering in just 7 days! Most people who understand elementary school math know that this is virtually impossible, even if you play slot games 24 hours straight for a week. But unfortunately, players do not check such conditions before they sign up and end up with a loss of winnings as the deadline is far too short.
  • Lower withdrawal limits Many new casinos start with small budgets and are unable to pay large sums right away. You will of course get the benefits over time, but if you win a large slot jackpot, you can quickly become impatient with such conditions. With a withdrawal limit of 4000€ a month and winning 10 million on a slot, it is a bit boring to wait for over ten years to cash out. Now, of course, few people operate with such low limits, but it is nevertheless important to check out such points of events if you strike it rich at the casino.
  • Thinner Game Selections For those interested in slot machines, it is easy to find the latest games at new casinos. However, if you are more interested in live casino or table games, it can be challenging to find a casino that has a good selection. This is often due to the fact that game licenses cost a great deal, and so they focus on a few games that many people like, rather than variance. A typical example is that games of roulette and blackjack are abundant, while poker and other games are almost completely absent from the game selection.

Try slots for free first at new casinos

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Instead of spending a lot of time registering at casinos you will never use, it’s wise to test them out a little in advance. Most of the casinos we have on the list give you the opportunity to try both table games and slots for free in a demo version. In addition, you can also read reviews we write to become better acquainted with terms, selection of games, and of course customer service. The reason we have several casinos to choose from is that we know that every punters criterias are different. Whether you love slots, bingo, or scratch cards, it doesn't matter. We have something for everyone!


Every casino you find at follows strict rules regarding customer safety, gambling selection, and, not least, fair terms for its members. Although there might be foreign owners in some online casinos, they have licenses with rules and regulations they need to follow to offer online gaming to UK and EU players.

Game developers spend a lot of money to get their slot games approved by commissioners around the world. This is so they can be allowed to offer their slot machines at online casinos. Here, you will only find approved and safe games based on RNG technology.