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Power of Thor Megaways
  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 97%
    117 649

Although Pragmatic Play is not the creator behind the Megaways feature, they are definitely one of the companies that have developed the idea further in recent years. Every game launched with Megaway's feature comes with something new and exciting, and Power of Thor Megaways is no exception here.

You can find the familiar Megaways layout with an exciting new twist of opportunities to for example gamble free spins. In addition, the slot machine has razor-sharp graphics and well-made elements that make it a joy to play.

Thor has a slightly more humorous look in this game, so there is no copy of Chris Hemsworth on the reels, but rather a well fed and witty character who helps you in the game. Pragmatic Play is good at making a story around the slots that they launch and feels it's more like a computer game than a slot machine at times.

But as all slot machine lovers out there know, the win potential is more important than fantastic graphics or fancy bonus features.

So what are the possibilities on Power and Thor?

It's probably not the biggest jackpot you can find on a Megaways slot machine, but it's a solid 5000x bet you can get away with on Power of Thor.

RTP is almost 97%, which is a little above average on Megaway's slot machines, but of course, this is only a stipulation and not given that you are left with so much after each round you play on Power of Thor. It can however tell us a bit about what we can expect of volatility in the game, and it quite often hits a win. So the reels often produce something to keep you interested in the game.

How to Play Power of Thor Megaways

In games with very high volatility like this, it is important to bet soberly, but still, maybe increase the stake a little extra compared to games with low volatility. It often ticks in small gains, but these do not always make up for what you have lost on previous spins.

Thanks to the gamble feature and multipliers, there are still good opportunities to be left with a nice win, but try to persevere as long as possible.

In Megaways games there are also fun built-in features that give you extra spins.

  • You can get re-spins several times in a row if you can get several subsequent wins on the reels.
  • So free spins bonus rounds are almost redundant on games like this, but in fact, you have the opportunity to win long rounds of free spins too!
  • The slot machine has many choices for bets from 2 to 1000 kroner per spin. Although most casinos do not allow such high limits, there is at least a lot of room to increase the stakes as the winnings (hopefully) tick in.

Otherwise in the main game, the winning potential varies greatly between symbols, not unlike other Megaways games. Tor is of course the highest paid symbol that can give it up to 20x bet if you get 5 in a pay line, and Zeus is the next in line who gives no more than 5x bet with 5 of a kind.

Otherwise, the win potential just goes down the drain on the other symbols, so there is not much to get from the other symbols unless you trigger some juicy multipliers from time to time.

Bonus features on Power of Thor

To get started with bonus rounds on Power of Thor, you must first land 4 scatter symbols, or bonus symboles as they are called in this game, and must spell out the name of the main character T-H-O-R.

Once you get this in place, the game will select how many free spins you get. But here comes the gamble function - you can gamble the spins you won for a chance to get even more spins.

But if you lose in this gamble feature, you go straight back to the main game. So our recommendation is to use this feature soberly and rather take the spins you get. Remember that the re-spin function is still active during free spins, so you usually get double the spins anyway.

Another great advantage is an infinitely large multiplier you get on free spins. This increases 1x for every spin you land a win. So in addition to extra re-spins, you can get a hefty multiplier on top of all the cash you get from free spins. The best part about these multipliers is that they don't reset every time you hit a losing spin.

  • Power of Thor also offers epic battles between gods like Zeus vs Thor. In this bonus game, you get 2044 fixed pay lines and you have to choose one of the gods to win in this game. If you land a winning combo on the god you chose before the game starts, you get double the amount in relation to what the symbol would pay in the main game.
  • Thor's hammer also has a role in this game, where you can get an extra bonus game called Thor's Hammer. This game has only 40 active pay lines, but the advantage is that you get heaps of stacked wilds and multipliers on wins if something ticks in here!

Power of Thor- Conclusion

This is a well-executed slot machine from Pragmatic Play that offers lots of action and excitement all the way. That's probably the advantage of Megaway's games, it's never a dull moment. But the jackpot is a bit disappointing and could have been double. It's not uncommon to see Megaway's slot machines today with over 10,000x in the jackpot, so 5,000x is a bit stingy.

In return, it offers lots of great bonus games that can help you land more wins, and jackpots are usually not so relevant on Megaway's games either, as it takes an enormous amount of effort to get this money. So bet on hitting free spins rounds often, or enjoy the fun bonus games that offer significant payouts with multipliers and extra wild features.

So what will be your assessment?

Feel free to try it yourself here for free, and you will soon see that the power of Thor is for you!

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