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The Magic Cauldron
  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
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    Max Bet
  • 96%
    7 x 7
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Pragmatic Play's Magic Cauldron Enchanted Brew video slot features seven reels and seven rows. A cluster forms when five or more of the same symbol type appear on adjacent lines. This slot has many recurring features that set it apart from most other games from Pragmatic Play.

This new Pragmatic Play slot features a unique mix of features. It's a slot machine where a player can win as much as 5000X the bet if the right formulas are created.

How to Play The Magic Cauldron Enchanted Brew Slot

In this game, we create a magical brew through clustering to create winning combinations. If five or more of the same symbol type appear in a cluster, you win. It is a perfect choice for those seeking mobile slots, as it can be played on almost any device, including mobile, notepad, and desktop.

Lower paying symbols include gems in the colours turquoise, red, green, and purple. A winning combination of 15 to 49 of these gives 2X to 10X the stake. Symbols that pay higher are potions in the colours green, blue, pink, and yellow. Get 15 to 49 of these, and you'll get 50X to 500X your wager. You'll find two types of Wilds, regular wilds and unicorn wilds. An ordinary wild consists of a book, while a unicorn wild consists of a potion. Moon Seed Marks also appear behind the symbols and are blue squares.

Magic Cauldron Bonus Features

Wild Symbols

This slot has two different Wild Symbols, which substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations. In different winning clusters, both can play an important role. Only one symbol cannot be substituted for by the standard symbol, and vice versa. During the Moon Seed Mark feature and Elixir Wilds feature, the regular wild can land, and the unicorn wild during the Unicorn Dust feature.


After you spin the reels and create a winning cluster, the Tumble feature is triggered. Once all the symbols from the winning combination have disappeared from the reels, new symbols will drop down to cover the empty positions. As long as new winning clusters form, the process continues.

Enchanted Brew

With its enchanted theme, the game creates an enchanted brew and fills the cauldron beside each reel with winning clusters. You will receive one of four different modifiers after you fill the Tumble feature with 25 symbols. A total of 125 symbols can be collected in one spin, thus obtaining five modifiers. Once all the tumbles from the current spin or modifier have been made, you can get the following four modifiers:

  • Befuddlement All higher paying symbols will become lower paying symbols.
  • Invisibrew All symbols below the top paying ones disappear from the reels. New symbols drop to fill in the empty spaces.
  • Enlarging Ale You will land a symbol block of 3X3 or 4X4 in a random position.
  • Balm of Transfiguration Upon activation, all lower paying symbols on the reels will be replaced by higher paying symbols.

If you land enough symbols to get the 5th modifier, you'll be randomly assigned either Potion of Darkness or Unicorn Dust.

Potion of Darkness

This would be your 5th modifier, and all the lower-paying symbols would disappear from the reels and be replaced by new symbols.

Unicorn Dust

If you received this as a 5th modifier, a random number of Unicorn Wilds would appear on the reels. Essentially, these wilds have either a 1X or 2X multiplier on them, and each time they form part of a winning cluster, the multiplier increases by 1. Wild symbols stay on the reels as long as they are part of a winning cluster and then jump to the next adjacent position, giving them huge multipliers. If you land a combination of Wild Unicorn symbols that creates a win, these will be summed together for a 20X multiplier.

With both Unicorn Dust and Potion of Darkness, you are guaranteed at least one win. If you do not get a winning cluster right away, new symbols will fall until you do.

Elixir Wilds

When you spin the reels without winning, you can be randomly assigned 4 to 8 wild symbols. They are randomly positioned on the reels and can hopefully help generate winning clusters.

Moon Seed Mark

This is a mark you can get randomly, and when it appears, everyone with the lowest paying symbol type gets a moon seed mark behind them. If you get five or more of these selected symbols in a winning cluster, subsequent Tumbles will also mark all of these future tumbles. As a result, there will be a random placement of two Wild Symbols across the reels.

The Verdict

This slot quickly became a big hit and has since delivered many big wins. The most exciting thing about this slot is that it only takes 25 symbols to activate one modifier. If you manage to collect 125 symbols during a spin, you will have access to 4 exciting modifiers, topped off by either the Potion of Darkness or the Unicorn Dust. The bonus buy option has been removed from this slot for the sake of players from the UK who are not allowed to play Bonus Buy Slots. However, with the right combination of modifiers, you can create all kinds of winning clusters.

With its magical stew of features and multipliers, Magic Cauldron Enchanted Brew is a slot machine that can offer a maximum win of 5000X the bet.

Pragmatic Games Online Slot

Some of the features are wild symbols, tumbles, progressives, potions of darkness, unicorn dust, elixir wilds, and moonseed wilds.

The slot can be played at any online casinos that offer Pragmatic Play as one of their Gaming providers.