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Viking Runecraft

  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96.7%
    7 x 7

Viking Runecraft is an online slot from Play n GO that is based on Norse mythology. In addition to a large game board with many possible winning combinations, you get several famous gods by your side who help you land winnings. The slot machine was launched in April 2017 which has gained a slight boost in popularity in 2020.

Viking Runecraft Symbols

The most common symbols you encounter are runestones in Viking Runecraft. The slot machine also has many famous relics such as Thor's hammer, Odin's help, and Freya's necklace. Here are the winning opportunities you can look forward to at Viking Runecraft:

  • Tors Hammer- Gives 1000 x bet with over 15 equal in a cluster
  • Odin's Helmet- Provides 1000 x bet with over 15 equal in a cluster
  • Heimdal's Ax- Gives 1000 x bet with over 15 equal in a cluster
  • Freya's Necklace- Provides 1000 x stakes with over 15 equal in a cluster

Runestones come in many different shapes that pay out winnings from 10-15 x bet with 15+ in a cluster.

Game Setup on Viking Runecraft

On this slot machine, there are no reels, where the symbols crash into a 7 x 7 grid. There are also no set paylines, where the goal is to land as many identical symbols as possible in a cluster on the game board. The goal is to get from 5 to 15 identical symbols in a cluster.

The stakes in the game are from €0,1- 100 per spin, so it is well adapted for all players with both small and large budgets to play for.

Viking Runecraft Bonus Features

  • Avalanche Every time you land a winning cluster on the game board, these new symbols enter. With the new symbols, you can win additional winnings without paying for the spin. There is no limit to how many re-spins you get after a landslide as long as you land winnings.
  • Bonus Meter for each avalanche, the bonus meter is filled to the left of the slot machine. If you get enough landslides to fill up this meter, you get one of the following bonus features:
  • Fury of Fenrir- This bonus feature of the slot machine removes 2 vertical lines filled with identical symbols
  • The judgment of Jørmungand If several identical symbols form a chain formation, nearby symbols are removed to help you form a cluster.
  • Scorching of Surtr Here 3 symbols are set on fire and some symbols burn off the board to land identical symbols.
  • The lure of Loki Loki transforms any symbol into a higher paid symbol, while all other symbols are transformed into new ones and hopefully help you form a cluster.
  • The Gods There are always 1 of 4 gods standing on the right side of the game board. The God who stands by your side is changed every time they trigger their gifts of grace on the wheels:
  • Thor Transforms 5- 9 symbols on the slot machine into wild symbols
  • Odin Throws on two pairs of wild symbols randomly placed on the reels
  • Freya 4 different clusters of wild symbols are placed on the game board in a 5 x 5 grid
  • Heimdal Gives you 1 wild symbol placed on all 7 rows.

Win Potential on Viking Runecraft

The Viking Runecraft slot machine offers a top prize of 5000 x bet. this is equivalent to 500,000€ if you play with the highest bet in the game of 100€ per spin. But for those with lower budgets, there are still good opportunities to bring good winnings, as the RTP and volatility of the game are very high, while you have many opportunities for betting on the slot machine.

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