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Fire Joker Freeze

  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96%
    3 x 3

For those who are interested in online slot machines, Fire Joker needs no introduction. This has been one of online gamblers favourites for over 5 years, and is still as popular today as when it was launched.

So why did Play'n Go make a sequel with Fire Joker Freeze, and what are the benefits over the original?

We will go through all the essential points on the new version which offers both a bigger jackpot and more fun bonus features than its predecessor. But still, it has not become more popular than the original, which indicates that most people are not so concerned about the new improved changes- But why?

Well, first of all, we need to look at the symbol payouts on the different versions. True, there is a bigger prize to get in the jackpot on the new version, but the symbol values in the main game are reduced. On Fire Joker you can grab up to 16x bet with 3 Fire Joker in one of the paylines, but on Fire Joker Freeze, you get no more than 10x bet ...

Overall, this means that you are left with less on the main game than you would otherwise have done on Fire Joker.

RTP is also the same as on the original Fire Joker, so there is also no greater potential for a winning combo to strike on the reels on Fire Joker Freeze. Play'n Go's floating RTP is not always as easy to understand and does not have much significance for the game either. The most important thing is that you have fun and feel that the slot machine gives you something in return.

But do bonus features and bigger jackpots outweigh the potential return in the main game? Read on to find out all about the Freeze version here!

How to Play Fire Joker Freeze

This is a classic slot machine with 3 reels and 3 lines and only 5 paylines. The goal is to hit 3 of the different symbols in one of the paylines. To get started, simply select a stake under the reels from €0.05-100 per spin. So the game fits all budgets, and you can easily adjust the stake up or down during gameplay.


  • As you can see, Fire Joker Freeze is very easy to understand and is perfect for beginners who want to get started with online slots.
  • The biggest advantage of Fire Joker Freeze is that you have 2 wild symbols, both a Freeze and Fire Joker that help you land more winnings. In addition to being wild, these two symbols pay out up to 10x the bet if you land 3 of a kind in a win on the reels./li>
  • Otherwise, there are 7 other symbols that give you winnings from 0.4-4x stake. These are the classic symbols 7, Star, BAR; and various fruit symbols that you are familiar with from online slots.

Bonus features on Fire Joker Freeze

  • respin An exciting upgrade from the original is the respin feature that hits occasionally. This always strikes if you have at least one reel filled with the same symbol, and the remaining reels will spin again to help you win. If you do not win, the respin function will end. But this feature hits surprisingly often and is a huge advantage if, for example, you have 2 reels filled with identical symbols.
  • The Ice Joker can also trigger a respin on the Fire Joker Freeze, but these are usually not as lucrative. All you have to do is land at least one Ice Joker on the reels without winning, and you will be awarded a respin. Then the wheel is covered with an ice joker, so all you have to do is fill in a payline on the other two wheels.
  • Wheel of Fire and Ice is a main bonus features of this slot machine. To trigger this feature, you must fill all three reels with the same symbol (it does not matter which symbol). When the wheel starts, it is filled with different multipliers.

These multipliers are added to the winnings you received to fill up the reels with the same symbol. In addition to this, you can land on a snowflake. If you do, you can raise the multiplier up to 100 x the win, which means you can get up to 1000 x bet if you land the reels full of jokers!

Four Joker Freeze- Conclusion

We think that the slot machine is definitely worth a try, but if it is better than the original, we will leave it up to you. When it comes to entertainment value and bonus features, Fire Joker Freeze is a little more interesting than its predecessor, and the bonus wheel with the multipliers makes it very exciting if you manage to increase the multipliers.

But if you are more interested in a quick profit while playing, then the original Fire Joker is the one you should bet on as the symbols pay out more - and it is probably more likely that you are left with a better win here rather than betting on that the wheel of fortune strikes.

On the other hand, it is easier to get small winnings on the reels in Fire Joker Freeze, as you have 2 wild symbols at play that can help you land winning combos. Overall, Fire Joker Freeze is a good game, and a good option if your casino does not have both versions available. But it will probably never be as popular as the original.

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Frequently Asked Questions about slots

Fire Joker Freeze is a traditional slot machine with three reels, three lines, and only five paylines. The aim is to land three of the various symbols on one of the paylines.

The original Fire Joker symbols pay out more compared to Fire Joker Freeze. But, there are two wild symbols at play in this new version, making it easier to land winning combos on the reels.

Fire Joker Freeze is a little more intriguing than its predecessor in entertainment value and bonus features. The main attraction is still the multiplier boost you receive when you land a full screen of matching symbols, but the bonus wheel has four levels.

The major highlight in Fire Joker Freeze is that it has two wild symbols that can help you win more extra money!