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The Green Knight
  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96.2%
    5 x 3

Since March 2021, a Green Knight has appeared on the top 10 list of slots in many countries. Just when you thought Play'n Go couldn't possibly dominate the market, even more, they completely stomp on their competitors again. So what makes these slots so popular- Is it mainly because Play'n Go has a huge outreach to casinos from Malta and Curacao, or

are they really that good at making slot games compared to all other developers out there?

When it comes to the Green Knight, it has so many recognizable elements from Play'n Go, and hard to see what sets this one apart from the rest. or maybe that's the clue, a familiarity that all players around the world love, packaged neatly on a new frame. No matter what it is, The Green Knight is certainly a welcomed new slot in the online casino world. An enticing jackpot, fun bonus features, and overall ease of play are certainly important factors for its popularity.

Play'n Go uses a floating RTP, so it's very hard to determine these days what the average RTP is. But the games they produce have an RTP of around 95.5% to 96%, which is quite common these days. The Green Knight doesenæt deviate from this and can be a fantastic slot to play for many rounds, and then suddenly dies of like the rest. But when you first get the ball rolling, nothing beats a good classic Play'n Go slots like The Green Knight!

How to Play The Green Knight

The setting of the slot is a fairytale-like atmosphere with many mysterious symbols on the reels. With a simple 5 x 3 grid and 20 pay lines, the slot doesn't give much of an impression at first glance. But if you look closely above the reels, it has a collection of insane multipliers in play at any given spin!

A simple win with 3 identical symbols in a pay line can suddenly become quite lucrative when you add a 100x multiplier on the prize. this doesn't happen on every win of course, but it's definitely a function that entices players.

But to get started,

  • Make sure to set a sober stake, as you have many options to choose from.
  • Under the reels, you will find the standard meter setup for stakes, and you can choose between 20 different stakes from €0.1 to €100.
  • This is a low amount of options compared to what competitors offer, like NetEnt who has around 40 different stakes with the same love and high amounts.
  • So it gives a bit fewer options for a progressive increase in your stake while playing.

Other functions are of course the spin button (the big green one) and an auto-spin function. Play'n Go also offers intuitive gameplay on their games, so if you hit the spin button fast, the game will offer faster spins if you wish. But in our option, it's just as easy hitting the auto spin button.

The main game in the Green Knight offers quite a bit of win potential.

  • You can actually win up to 100x your stake on the Wild symbol.
  • This beautiful field symbol appears quite often in the game and also helps you land more winnings with other symbols.
  • And the best part is, you can add up to 100x with the multiplier! That means that you really just need one good spin to hit the jackpot in this game, which is a total of 10,000x your stake!

Now, do you understand why The Green Knight is so popular? It seems like quite an easy feat to hit the main prize, but of course, the infamous wild symbol isn't that easy to hit...especially not 5 of a kind... Compared to a lot of other slots though, the jackpot seems a lot more tangible.

Bonus features on the Green Knight

Apart from the fantastic wild symbol this game has,

If you land at least 3 Green Knight on the reels, you will be awarded free spins. This symbol can appear anywhere on the reels to trigger free spins, and in addition, up to 100x your stake if you land 5 Green Knights in a payline.

But that's not all...during free spins,

  • The Green Knight is the scatter symbol that can payout great prizes and also give you free spins.
  • The progressive multiplier on top of the reels increases for every spin you get. You get a total of 5 spins, and if you win on any of the spins, you get automatically a multiplier boost of up to 100x your win during the free spins round!

It's a shame that this feature is almost impossible to hit, so be sure to keep a good bankroll and keep the wheels going for a long period of time. If you manage to land free spins, it's definitely worth the wait on The Green Knight.

The Green Knight Verdict

If you read this from beginning to end, you probably understand now why The Green Knight has become so popular. The win potential on this slot is absolutely fantastic, and stomps most competition to the ground!

Just in the main game, you have so many well-paid symbols, and even though it takes some time to trigger a winning combination, it really pays off when you first land a prize. The multiplier on top of the reels is a godsend that just makes it so much more fun to hit a winning combo on this game. And it usually does trigger quite often if you can land 3 or more in a pay line.

So overall, the game layout is typical and doesn't really show what lurks underneath this fantastic slot. So give it a try for free here, and we're sure this will probably be one of your favourites for many months to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions about slots

No doubt that The Green Knight online slot is one of the players' favorite. The win potential on this slot is really incredible, and it crushes the competition! You have many high-paying symbols, and while it takes a while to get a winning combination, it definitely pays off when you get a jackpot.

Well, nothing is ever easy! It may appear that hitting the jackpot is a simple task, but hitting the infamous wild symbol isn't so simple, especially not five of a kind! The jackpot appears to be far more achievable compared to other online slots.

You will be granted free spins if you land at least three Green Knight symbols on the reels. This symbol can occur anywhere on the reels to trigger free spins!

You have a choice of 20 different stakes ranging from €0.1 to €100. It may be a bit low amount of options when compared to other competitors. As a result, there are fewer choices for increasing your stake gradually while playing.