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Gold Volcano

  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 94.2%

Gold Volcano is an exciting new "cluster" game from Play n GO, where you have no paylines to deal with. This has obviously captured Norwegian players, as this is already one of the most popular slot machines for Norwegians online. The slot machine was launched in July 2020 and is an exciting new concept where the goal is to blow up the volcano, and the symbols are launched to form clusters.

Also, you have lots of aids along the way on the slot machine to secure you more, and bigger winnings.

Why has Gold Volcano become so popular?

The main reason is probably the large winning potential on slot machines with 10,000 x bet in the pot, plus you can also get endless re-spins if you land a win in the game. The symbol values ​​are also very high when comparing games with similar features.

Gold Volcano Symbols

Besides lots of free spin opportunities, the main game is very lucrative. Here you can get up to 1000 x the bet, without any kind of aids on the slot machine. This means that Gold Volcano actually has one of the most lucrative payout tables on the market at the moment, which of course attracts players. Here are the winning opportunities you can look forward to at Gold Volcano:

  • Yellow gemstone- Gives up to 1000 x bet with 30+ in a bunch
  • Green gemstone- Provides up to 35 x bet with 30+ in a bunch
  • Red gemstone- Gives up to 30 x bet with 30+ in a bunch
  • Purple gemstone- Provides up to 25 x bet with 30+ in a bunch
  • Save- Provides up to 5 x bet with 30+ in a bunch
  • Hearts- Provides up to 4x bet with 30+ in a bunch
  • Clover- Provides up to 3 x bet with 30+ in a bunch
  • Router- Provides up to 2.5 x bet with 30+ in a cluster

Game Setup on Gold Volcano

The game layout of Volcano Gold is probably unknown to most people, with a 2x4x6x8x8x8 layout. Simply shaped after the volcano that you see in the background of the game board. But since this is a cluster game, it does not have much to say about how the game board is built, as the goal is to form as large clusters as possible, and not based on paylines.

Play n GO usually provides slot machines with lots of betting options. Here you have 24 different bets to choose from €0.1 - 100 per spin. Which should make it easy for all players to adjust the slot machine to their budget.

Bonus features on Gold Volcano

  • Re-Spins for every time you land a winning cluster on the slot machine, you get additional respins. Then the symbols in the winning class are removed, and then the game continues to throw in new symbols. This function lasts until the volcano erupts.
  • Volcano eruption When the Volcano explodes after 7 consecutive wins, the symbols will be ejected from the volcano to form completely random clusters outside the game board. This offers great opportunities to land both big and small winnings under this bonus feature. In addition, the game board will change shape to 4x5x6x7x7x4x5. There are also separate lava symbols that can transform into arbitrary symbols and wilds during the volcano's eruption.
  • Scatter During re-spins you also get the opportunity to collect stones of different colors, which will eventually trigger free spins on the slot machine. Here you start with 5 free spins, but the best thing about this feature is that the re-spin feature is still active. This means that you usually get far more free spins than the starting point in this feature.
  • Wild As if not endless free spins were enough, there are actually wild symbols that help you form winning clusters as well. This can be combined with all other main symbols in the game, but not the scatter symbols.

Gold Volcano Win Potential

As mentioned earlier, there are very big gains to be made on Volcano Gold. This slot machine has both good winning opportunities in the main game and bonus features. There is then a total of 10,000x bet you can run away with, which means up to 10 million kroner that you play with the highest bet. This is probably the fewest players can afford, but even with 1 euro in the effort, there is still good money to be made here.

But of course, it takes a bit to get such big wins on this slot machine as multipliers and bonus features need to be triggered. Still, it is a 1000x bet only by hitting a large cluster with the highest paid symbol.

Conclusion of Gold Volcano

The slot machine is both innovative and recognizable at the same time. You get an extra involvement in the game when you see the volcano in the background is ready to spew lava, which means great winning opportunities!

In addition, the slot machine is packed with exciting bonus features, so it's never boring to take a spin on this game. But does it hold the same popularity that it currently has? You would think so. Neither Book of Dead nor other well-known games from Play n 'Go offer the same winning opportunities and entertaining game features as Gold Volcano.

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