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Gemix 2

  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96%
    7 x 7

It has taken Play'n GO seven years to revisit one of their earlier grid slot hits, Gemix. Play'n GO has replicated the winning formula of Gemix quite well, of which the soundtrack plays a large part while also adding a new character and altering the location of the game.

It's hard to pick a clear winner between the two games visually since neither one stands out over the other. As far as the background goes, Gemix 2 does have a more fantastical feel. The player moves through worlds which change with the location. While you read this, you may hear the music in your head if you are familiar with the original. It is undoubtedly one of the most iconic melodies in iGaming to describe the Camelot/house soundtrack.

How to Play

Play'n GO's Gemix 2 online slot game lets players place bets ranging from 10p/c to £/€100 per spin, the usual Play'n GO range. The studio's RTP is also similar to their first part, with 96.2%, and its volatility is medium - around the same value. It should come as no surprise that potential is more significant than before at 7,500x, but not by much since Play'n GO claims the original can deliver wins of nearly 4,500x (which we still have not experienced).

Symbols are part of the reductions. The same pay symbols appear in Gemix 2 - eight stones or candies of various shapes and colours. It's the values that have decreased. Clusters of 15+ symbols are now worth 4 to 200 times the stake, compared to previously 7.5-1000 times. A winning cluster occurs when five or more matching symbols connect vertically or horizontally. In their place, new symbols are dropped in from above to replace the removed clusters. Repeat wins are not only possible but crucial for triggering features.

Bonus Features

Charge meters are common elements of Play'n GO grid slots, this one leading to 4 modifiers. However, it does not stop there, as players can benefit from a Super Charge, World Patterns, Pick A Pocket, and World Wilds.

The Crystal Charge meter fills when 25 or more winning symbols are collected in one spin. As a result, one of the following Crystal Charge modifiers is applied to the grid:

  • Nova Blast a symbol explodes, destroying and transforming adjacent symbols.
  • Crystal Warp a symbol type is randomly selected and warped to another symbol type.
  • Light Beam a symbol shoots beams of light that transform any symbols it hits.
  • Bolt of Lightning a bolt of lightning connects two corner symbols. All hit symbols transform into a corner symbol.
  • Super Charge a Super Charge triggers upon collecting 50 or more symbols, releasing all four effects plus a multiplier of x2. With every additional batch of 50 symbols collected, the Super Charge is reactivated, and the multiplier is increased by two up to x20.

The World Pattern returns as before. Under the pay symbols on the grid, there is a set of blue tiles. The tiles turn yellow when wins are accumulated on top of them. Turning the whole pattern yellow will clear it, while all wins will increase a prize pool known as the World Bonus. By completing World Patterns, G-Nome appears onscreen with two pockets on his coat. Click on the right one to win the World Bonus.

In addition, during play, four guardians appear randomly and award a unique wild symbol. The dashing hero adds up to 2 Mega wilds with multipliers attached, whereas the miner adds up to 10 wilds at a time. Wilds can spread from edge to edge during the princess' contribution, while the wizard contributes up to five sticky wilds.

The Verdict

Gemix 2 is a fun grid slot, cuter than it is volatile. The game is full of charm, quirky characters, revolving locations, and lots of features. It has been tweaked to make it a unique game in its own right, although not enough to be considered better or very different from its predecessor. Gemix 2 has lessened symbol values, making it harder to start, but when things start going well, it can outperform its sibling.

A great deal of fun can be had with Gemix 2. This game not only has the Candy Crush look and feel, but it also has that 'just one more' spin factor that keeps you playing. Strangely enough, the World Pattern feature is one of the primary motivators. Yes, there is a monetary incentive for switching those blocks from blue to yellow, but there is something deeper at play. It's the same impulse that arises when fitting blocks, just as when playing games like Tetris or when making satisfyingly straight lines when mowing the lawn. Perhaps we're compelled to bring order and symmetry to a chaotic, random world. Then again, it could just be the money.

In terms of cash, the potential has been increased for Gemix 2 as it often is, though the change is not massive. What would be crazy is the result of the spin that blew up into a 7,500x payout. We're talking about Gemix 2 throwing everything into the mix except the kitchen sink. You are hampered a great deal of the time by symbols with significantly reduced values. As compensation, the x20 multiplier in part two explains why it changes the game so dramatically.

The original Gemix was exceptionally well made, and you realize what an impressive game it was once you play the sequel. In Gemix 2, retrigger Super Charge by landing as many consecutive wins as possible. In theory, it's simple; in practice, it's more complex than ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gemix 2

On this slot the maximum win is 7500x your stake. It offers a very huge jackpot!

In this slot, you need to collect at least 25 winning symbols on a single Avalanche sequence to fill the Crystal Charge Meter.

On this online slot, there are 4 guardian characters namely, knight’s world, miner’s world, princess’ world and wizard’s world. And that gives you different wild features!

On this Online slot the minimum bet is 0.2 €. Very low so anyone can start betting and win big!

The Gemix 2 slots game is packed with exciting bonus features. These include symbol cascades, sticky wilds, multipliers, giant wild symbols, and much more. Play it online to experience them all.

Yes, You sure can. Most online casinos that offer the Gemix 2 Slot also allow you to play in Free demo mode first before depositing real money

You can play Gemix 2 Slot at all online casinos that offer Play n Go Slot games.