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Troll Hunters 2
  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96.5%
    5 x 5

Troll Hunters was a huge success among players worldwide when it was launched in 2013. Therefore, Play n GO also launched a sequel in September 2019, but several exciting new features. It quickly took over for the old version, and is found in almost every casino that offers Play n GO slot machines.

So what is it that makes Troll Hunters 2 so popular?

Compared to the first Troll Hunter slot machine, the jackpot is actually halved from 10000x to 5000x. But in return, the RTP is far higher on Troll Hunters 2 from 94.7-96.5%. This actually makes up a lot in the main game where you feel it ticks in winnings and triggers the bonus features more often. In fact, several new benefits make the slot machine far more entertaining to sit with than the first version.

Troll Hunters Symbols

The symbols in the main game have a steady payout of winnings unlike many other slot machines where you have only one valuable symbol. Here is the payout table for the different symbols:

  • Troll Hunters symbol- Provides up to 50x bet with 5 in a cluster
  • Viking with winged helmet- Gives up to 10 x bet with 5 equals in a cluster
  • Viking with horns- Gives up to 10 x bet with 5 kind in a cluster
  • Viking with light hair- Gives up to 10 x bet with 5 in a cluster
  • Random Viking- Provides up to 5 x bet with 5 in a cluster
  • Green ax- Provides up to 4 x bet with 5 in a cluster
  • Red ax- Gives up to 3 x bet with 5 in a cluster
  • Blue ax- Gives up to 3 x bet with 5 in a cluster
  • Yellow helmet- Provides up to 2 x bet with 5 in a cluster
  • Purple horn- Provides up to 2 x bet with 5 in a cluster

Game Setup on Troll Hunters

The game board itself has a 5x5 layout where there are no paylines to deal with. This means that this is an avalanche slot machine where the goal is to collect large clusters of the same symbol. You must have at least 3 equals in a cluster to be paid out.

These are actually low requirements compared to what is usually expected on an avalanche slot machine.

Play n GO has put in a total of 13 different bets you can choose from €0.2- 100 per spin. Of course, few casinos allow such high stakes, but the opportunity is there anyway.

Both music and graphics have undergone a major refurbishment since the first game, so here you can look forward to a far better gaming experience. The function in the game also goes much faster than the previous game, where the spin went very slowly.

Bonus features on Troll Hunters 2

  • Avalanche meter as many probably recognize from the first slot machine, you have a target on the left side of the game board and collect all consecutive landslides. For every single slide you get in a row, a multiplier is assigned to the win. This is increased 1x for each landslide and continues until you land on a landslide without gain.
  • Wild meter under the slide meter there is a new feature that gives you extra wild symbols in the game. When this meter fills up you can choose between 3 different wild features:
  • wild 1- No multiplier with covers 3 different places on the board
  • wild 2- Gives you a 2x multiplier and covers 2x2 grids in one place
  • wild 3- You get a 3x multiplier but only a box is filled
  • Free spins behind the game board you see that it says in big letters "BONUS". When you manage to land a clase exactly above these letters, you will be awarded free spins. Here you can also choose 1 of 3 different bonus games:
  • 5 spins with a 3 x multiplier wild covering 2x2
  • 7 spins with 2x multiplier wild covering 2x2
  • 9 spins with a regular wild symbol covering 2x2

If you manage to clear the entire board free of symbols during free spins, you will automatically win 500x your bet! The bet is determined based on the selected bet before the free spins start.

Troll Hunters Win Potential

Troll Hunter 2 offers winnings up to 5000 x the bet, which means a jackpot of 500,000€ if you play with the highest bet on the slot machine. But it is probably more likely to land 500x during free spins, so try to trigger this feature as often as possible. Remember that no matter which free spins bonus you choose, there is a 500x win to be won here.

Conclusion of Troll Hunters 2

Troll Hunters 2 is a very entertaining game. Also, Play n GO has made a wise choice to add more winning opportunities to this game versus the original. The features are also far more intuitive, and you get a great experience of both music and sound on this slot machine. This is a game you can sit for hours with without getting bored, so bet soberly and try to trigger free spins as often as possible.

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