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  • RTP (Return To Player)
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    Max Bet
  • 96%
    5 x 5

If there is one game manufacturer that focuses on innovation in slot machines, it is definitely ELK Studios. At Dreamzone, there is nothing reminiscent of a good old-fashioned slot machine. Here, there are neither pay lines nor reels you have to deal with. But does this mean that there are no gains to be made? Absolutely not! In addition, there are lots of innovative and exciting bonus features that can help you collect the big wins in the game.

Why is Dreamzone so exciting?

Dreamzone is a cluster slot machine, which means you get endless re. Spin opportunities when you hit a win. Also, it has an exciting sci-fi design that many players out there will surely appreciate. In addition, the symbols in the main game are relatively well paid compared to many other slot machines on the market at the moment, even with equally good RTP and winning opportunities.

Dreamzone Symbols

On the Dreamzone slot machine, you can expect very well-paid symbols in the main game. Here you actually have up to 48x bet in potential winnings on the symbol with the lowest value! The big red stone is the symbol with the highest value and can give you up to 1000x bet if you get a large cluster with these symbols. Here is the complete payout table on Dreamzone:

  • Red stone- Provides up to 1000x bet with 11+ in a cluster
  • Yellow stone- Provides up to 400x bet with 11+ in a cluster
  • Green stone- Provides up to 400x bet with 11+ in a cluster
  • Blue stone- - Provides up to 200x bet with 11+ in a cluster
  • Purple stone- Provides up to 200x bet with 11+ in a cluster
  • Red Heart- Provides up to 60x bet with 11+ in a cluster
  • Yellow Star- Provides up to 50x bet with 11+ in a cluster
  • Green Cross- Provides up to 50x bet with 11+ in a cluster
  • Blue Triangle- Provides up to 48x bet with 11+ in a cluster
  • Purple Drop- Provides up to 48x bet with 11+ in a cluster

It may sound like a lot to get 11+ of the same kind in a cluster, but here you have to keep in mind that the game board is also very expanded compared to traditional slot machines.

Game Setup on Dreamzone

The actual game layout varies depending on which symbols you land on the spin. Therefore, you can experience both 5x5- 5x6- 6x6 layouts on the game. The symbols disappear and fall into place on every single spin, so here there are no reels to deal with. The goal is to form clusters of at least 3 of a kind to get a payout on Dreamzone.

To start the game, you must choose a bet from €0.2- 100 per spin. In addition, you can add your own betting strategies to the slot machine, which ELK has programmed for you.

Bonus features on Dreamzone

  • Avalanche Each time you form a winning cluster, all symbols in that cluster are removed and replaced with new symbols. This gives you endless free spins opportunities on the slot machine.
  • Dream Feature With this feature you can collect benefits, so that the next time you get a winning cluster, you can keep the re-spin feature x number of times even if you do not land winnings.
  • Free Spins If you manage to remove all symbols on the game board on one and the same spin, you will be awarded free spins. Here you only get 3, but the avalanche function is still valid.
  • Multiplierduring free spins you also get a rising multiplier for each slide on the screen. This one starts at 2x and can be increased to an insane 512 times the winnings you land!
  • Dreamzone also offers 4 different bonus features that occur completely randomly while you spin. These are usually triggered when you have had several spins in a row without winning.
  • Wild This Slot Machine feature puts up to 5 wild symbols on the same spin to help you land multiple winnings.
  • Symbol Explode Removes 4 random symbols and replaces them with new ones to give you an extra chance.
  • Symbol Upgrade This upgrades low-value symbols to a better-paid symbol of the same color.
  • Symbol Scatter The scatter has a slightly different function in this game than you are used to. This helps you to form a "link" with other similar symbols on the game board so that it binds them together into a cluster.

Dreamzone Win Potential

There are lots of tools on Dreamzone to help you land winnings in this game. But to grab the jackpot, you must land the highest multiplier on free spins, and the highest paid symbol in the game. Then a juicy payout of 2500x your bet awaits. In total, this amounts to €250,000 to collect on this slot machine.

Conclusion of Dreamzone

There are lots of exciting and innovative solutions for Dreamzone, but maybe it got a little boring in the long run? The spin takes a little longer, as the symbols will nicely evaporate and reappear on the screen. A nice effect, but it gets a little impatient with this feature in the long run. Therefore, they could have had a turbo function to get a little more speed on things. Otherwise, there are plenty of other features that keep the interest up while you play, especially those that are triggered arbitrarily.

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