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Goldaur Guardians
  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96.3%
    5 x 3

Goldaur Guardians is an exciting new slot game launched from Alchemy Gaming. This has received a lot of attention among online gamblers lately, and the main reason is probably the advantageous game layout where you can lock all the reels at any time!

The slot machine was launched in August 2020 and has quickly become a big hit at online casinos, so try it for free here to get acquainted with all the features of the game. Goldaur Guardians are at least one of the few slot machines on the market that you can actually use a little strategy on to win, so read on and you will know all the secrets in this game.

Symbols on Goldaur Guardians

Goldaur Guardians have 10 different payout symbols, and all pay lines pay on a win. This means that you do not just get the winnings from the highest-paid series you land. the most valuable symbols in Goldaur Guardians are Scatter and Wild.

Here are the payouts on the different symbols:

  • Scatter- Provides up to 100x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Wild- Provides up to 50x bet with 5 equals in a payline
  • Oberon- Provides up to 15 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Diana- Provides up to 4 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Purple- Provides up to 2.5 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Alaneo- Provides up to 2 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Yellow fe- Gives up to 1.75 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Red fe- Gives up to 1.5 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Green fe- Gives up to 1.25 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Blue fe- Gives up to 1 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline

Goldaur Guardians Game Setup

The game layout itself looks very recognizable with a 5 x 3 layout like most slot machines on the market. But look for new ones carefully, so you do not have to spin all the wheels at once. This gives you huge opportunities to land more wins if you think a little strategically. Okay, you pay a little extra to spin just one wheel, but if you have, for example, 4 wheels filled with the same symbol and only one wheel is missing, then it is definitely an advantage to try to land all wheels full of the same symbols, or in combination with wild.

There are 10 different bets you can choose from in the game from €0.2- 100 per spin. But here it is recommended to keep the bet low, as you may want to pay a little extra for re-spins on certain reels.

Bonus features on Goldaur Guardians

  • The Wild Wild symbol can be combined with all other symbols in the Goldaur Guardians except the Scatter symbol. The wild symbol also has a high payout alone in a pay line, with over 50x bet back.
  • Scatter The scatter symbol gives you free spins if you land at least 3 of these symbols on the reels. The advantage is that they can not arbitrarily on the reels to be granted free spins. In total, you can get up to 10 free spins with 5 of a kind.
  • Re-spins Even if you have to pay a little extra for it, it sometimes pays to use the re-spins function. then you choose to spin a wheel instead of spinning all the wheels. But use this solution wisely and when you know you are most likely to land a win.

Goldaur Guardians Win Potential

The actual jackpot in this game is not very big. If you receive the maximum payout, there is no more to collect than 1000 x bet. But the chances of winning are still good, in that you can strategically set up the reels as you bet soberly in the beginning to trigger more wins. In addition, the wild symbol is diligent to help you land more winnings.

Conclusion of Goldaur Guardians

This is a very volatile slot machine that can quickly clear an account if you do not bet soberly. But if you have patience, then Goldaur Guardians can be left with for profit on this slot machine. Use the re-spin function carefully when filling up the reels with the same symbols, and you will probably soon find out why this slot machine has become so popular at online casinos. There are not many Norwegian casinos that offer Goldaur Guardians. So therefore we have linked up an offer above to one of our most popular casinos where you will find the slot machine available.

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