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Cash Noire

  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96%
    5 x 4

Cash Noire was launched by NetEnt in June 2020 and is an exciting crime adventure where you have to solve both murder mysteries and find the big wins. Here you get help with both clues and bonus features that get you on your way to the top in this game. In Cash Noir, NetEnt focuses precisely on those who want to entertain themselves for a longer period with slot machines and has added lots of history and exciting features that keep the game interesting for hours.

Here on the website, you can try the online slot for free, You can also find a good bonus offer at one of our best casinos above if you want to play with real money eventually.

Cash Noire Symbols

The payouts in the main game are not impressively high, with a maximum payout of 4x the bet if you land the main symbol. But despite the low payouts, there are plenty of helpful features like a multiplier, bonus symbols, and avalanche feature that help you land bigger wins. Here are the symbol values ​​in the game

  • Woman with cig- Gives up to 4 x bet back with 5 equal in a payline
  • The villain- Returns up to 3 x bet with 5 equals in a payline
  • The Detective- Returns up to 1.5 x bet with 5 equals in a payline
  • Woman with gloves- Gives up to 1 x bet back with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Pistol- Returns up to 0.3 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Knife- Returns up to 0.3 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Whiskey glass- Returns up to 0.25 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Ace- Returns up to 0.25 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Matches- Returns up to 0.2 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Eyeglass- Returns up to 0.2 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline

Winnings are calculated on your total bet per spin, not bet per line.

Game Setup on Cash Noire

Cash Noir has a simple game layout on the slot machine with 5 reels and 4 rows. The biggest advantage of the game is that you have 1025 active paylines in play at any one time. This is probably why the payouts are so small on the slot machine, in that it is far easier to hit winning combinations on this one than, for example, Starburst. RTP is also good at over 96%.

To start the slot machine, you must first select the bet you want per spin. Here you can choose between 26 different bet levels between €2- 200 per spin. So this online slot offers lots of opportunities to adjust bets gradually as the account increases.

Cash Noir is well suited for both large players and those with small budgets.

Cash Noire Bonus Features

  • Mystery Symbol In Cash Noir, the wild symbol is replaced with something called a mystery symbol. This symbol cannot be combined with other symbols, but it can change the shape of any symbol to help you trigger winnings. this symbol appears randomly after you have had a few rounds of losses.
  • Avalanche This slot machine combines both wheel and avalanche function. Each time you land a win, symbols in the payline will be removed from the reels. Then new symbols will fall into place and help you land further winnings. The function continues until you get a landslide without gain.
  • Crime Zone This is a zone that first starts with 3 rows in the game, and changes shape for each spin. If you manage to trigger a win, and at least one of the symbols lands in the Crime Zone, you will get a clue in the murder mystery you have to solve.
  • Free Spins After you have collected at least 13 clues in the murder mystery, you will be awarded 6 free spins. During free spins, the avalanche function is also active, so here you can get almost endless free spins!
  • Multiplier Free Spins also give you another advantage with a large multiplier ladder. This starts at 1x and can increase up to 10x + 3.

Win Potential on Cash Noire

There are certainly good opportunities for winning at Cash Noir, but it will probably take something more to get away with the whole shebang here. The top win is 5000 x bet, so there are 10 million kroner to collect if you play with the highest bet on this slot machine. Definitely not bad for a game with very low volatility like Cash Noir.

But here it takes both free spins, multipliers, and all the luck in the world to make this happen, so it should not be easy. But still, there are often small wins that tick in, so this is a game you have to bet soberly and try to persevere as long as possible.

Conclusion of Cash Noir

A very entertaining game with a very different theme than what we are used to from NetEnt. The sound and graphics are very well done, with lots of surprises along the way. Just the way a murder mystery should be!

Cash Noir offers varied games, and bonus features most people understand. Therefore, it is easy for a beginner to indulge in Cash Noir. Feel free to try it for free here, and you will quickly see if this slot machine is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about slots

Cash Noire is an exciting and thrilling game that will keep the players entertained for hours. It is also suited for prominent players and those with small budgets.

The payout in Cash Noire isn't particularly outstanding because it is significantly easier to hit winning combos on this than Starburst. Despite the low payout, there are multiple features you can use to help you win more money.

You can choose from 26 different bet levels ranging from €2-200 for every spin. Cash Noire gives you several options for progressively increasing your bets as the account increases.

Definitely! It is not easy, but not impossible. You can have good winning chances in Cash Noire if you consistently persevere.