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  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96%
    6 x 4

The Conan is based on the famous cartoon character the barbarian Conan. Netent launched this game in September 2019 and was early on the top lists of s for many casinos. But over time, the popularity has dropped a lot, and players have lost some interest in this game.

Conan fans out there can at least enjoy many famous characters and nostalgia on the . But for those looking for games with high RTP or big jackpots, this game will probably not pay much attention.

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Of course, Conan has the main role on the with the symbol that pays out the highest payout. Otherwise, you will come across several famous characters from the comics such as Toth-Amon, Valeria, as well as snakes and supplies that belong with the series. Here are the payouts you can expect in the main game:

  • Conan Pays 6 x for 6 in a payline
  • Toth-Amon Payout 5.5x for 6 in a payline
  • Valeria Pays 5 x for 6 in a payline
  • Helmet Pays out 3.5 x for 6 in a payline
  • Sword Pays 3 x for 6 in a payline
  • Grappling hook Payout 2.5 x for 6 in a payline
  • 3 different coins Payout between 1.5-1 x for 5 in a payline

Game Setup

The game layout is 6 x 4 reels with 11 symbols that either pay out winnings or help you form multiple win combinations and free spins. The Conan gives you 24 winning opportunities on each spin, with the symbol row with the highest value paying out the winnings.

You must have at least three identical symbols to be paid out, and the goal is to cover the entire screen with the Conan symbol.

You have many betting options in Conan's, where you can adjust your bet per spin from 0.2 to 200 euros.

Bonus features of the game with flames on the reels
Conan is packed with exciting bonus features

Bonus Features

The 's wheels have 3 different sections with 2 wheels per section. A bonus feature is triggered each time a special symbol lands in the respective section to which it belongs. Here are the three possible features you can trigger:

  • Tower Wilds (Wheels 1 and 2) Triggered when you land a blue tower that is wild on reel 1 or 2. This wild feature can be extended to cover the entire reel.
  • Mystery Symbols (reels 3 and 4) Triggered when you land mystery symbols on reels 3 and 4 on the Conan. These can turn into matching symbols of both high and low value. If they cover a full line, you will trigger the multiplier feature. You will see a 3D animated Conan fighting against a large snake on the reels, and each hit increases the multiplier 1x. You start with a 3x multiplier, but it can increase up to 7x if you are lucky. If you land a mystery symbol with Tower Wild and a Battle Wild, you will activate the Toth Amon feature. This gives you 3 to 6 mystery symbols on reels 2 to 5 and can give some good payouts.
  • Battle Wilds (reels 5 and 6) Triggered when you land a red wild symbol on reel 5 or 6. This wild symbol will then expand horizontally across 3 reels.
  • There is also a random feature on the called Twin Spin on this game, and it can be triggered at any time in the main game. There you will see 2 wheels randomly lit up on the screen, then both wheels will spin together. The twin wheels will then give you identical symbols, which in turn will help you land winning combinations. During the free spins feature, this feature can be connected to all 6 reels simultaneously.
  • Free spins The triggers free spins when you land 3, 4, 5 or 6 scatter on the same spin, and this will give you 10, 15, 25 or 50 free spins respectively. You can choose from three different free spin features:
  • City of Thieves Gives you Tower wilds that can land anywhere, and they will then expand to cover potentially the entire wheel.
  • Temple of the Serpent In this feature, you will benefit from mystery symbols and stacks that can land on all reels. When you land fully stacked reels with mystery symbols, it will trigger a multiplier up to 7x. If you land more than 5 mystery symbols, you will trigger the Thoth Amon feature.

Winning opportunities

The winning possibilities in the Conan are up to 1008 x your stake. This means that if you run a mas bet of 200 euros per spin, there is a potential jackpot of just over 200,000 euros.

This is a small jackpot compared to your bet sizes. But the RTP is high and you can expect small payouts is ticking in during the game if you put a reasonable budget and trigger the bonus features.

Conclusion of Conan

It's probably not the most exciting NetEnt has launched in recent years, except for Conan fans out there. The graphics and design of the game are not particularly impressive compared to what you find today, so it is no wonder that this has been forgotten by players. But on the other hand, it's a good payback percentage that pulls Conan up, so it's not the worst game to spend money on out there.

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