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Dark King: Forbidden Riches
  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96%
    5 x 3

NetEnt is not particularly known for creating dark and gloomy gothic themes. So this slot machine is very unique in the NetEnt context. Since its launch in September 2020, it has been very popular, which is quite common when NetEnt launches new slot machines.

But will it remain popular in the future?

Most likely.

In addition, there are many other titles NetEnt has launched this year - here you get a great overview of NetEnt games we can offer for free on the website.

Dark King: Forbidden Riches Symbols

If there's one thing that impresses with the Dark King slot machine, it is the winning opportunities in the main game. You can walk away with up to 25x winnings with the highest-paid symbols (actually 2 pieces with the same value). The smallest payout you can get is 0.25 x bet with 3 equal to the lowest-paid symbol. Here are the winning opportunities you can look forward to in the main game:

  • Crystal Ball- Provides up to 25 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Dark King- Provides up to 25x bet with 5 equals in a payline
  • Red Knight- Gives up to 20x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Yellow Knight- Provides up to 17.5 x bet with 5 equals in a payline
  • Green Knight- Gives up to 15 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Blue Knight- Provides up to 12.5 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • A- Provides up to 5 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • K- Provides up to 4 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Q- Provides up to 3.5 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • J- Provides up to 3 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • 10- Provides up to 2.5 x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline

The payouts are based on the bet per spin and not the bet per spin on this slot machine. Dark King is more like Red Tiger games when it comes to payouts than previous NetEnt games. So expect a small jackpot, but well-paid symbols without a lot of bonus features to get current winnings.

Game Setup on Dark King: Forbidden Riches

The wheels are placed in a dark cave with an altar and the king on each side adorned with skulls. Real party atmosphere ... There are probably many who like a scary gothic theme on their slot machines, but when you sit with this slot machine for a long time, the music and graphic elements become quite monotonous.

The reels have a classic 5x 3 layout with a total of 20 paylines that pay very well. So this is probably what keeps the excitement going while you sit with Dark King.

In total, you have 39 different bets to choose from, which means that you have plenty of opportunities to vary your bet as the account balance increases.

Dark King: Forbidden Riches Bonus Features

  • Wild This is the symbol that can really speed up your account on this slot machine. This can be combined with all other symbols in the paytable, as well as paying big wins on its own
  • Multiplier Where each wild symbol ends up in a payline, you get a multiplier corresponding to the number of wild symbols on the wheel. For example, if you land 3 wild symbols (not everyone needs to be in the payline), you get 3x the payout.
  • Free Spins There are scatter symbols that start free spins by landing at least 3 of this symbol randomly placed on the reels. In total, you can get up to 15 free spins with 5 scatter, but there are lots of bonus features you get in addition to these spins.

When free spins start, you automatically get 5 sticky wild rows on the reels. Every wild symbol that lands on one of these 5 points are locked during the remaining free spins.

Win Potential on Dark King: Forbidden Riches

As we mentioned earlier, there is no giant jackpot on this slot machine. You can compare it to classic 3 x 3 fruit machines with 2000x bet in the top payout. So it is clear that NetEnt has been a bit affected after the acquisition of Red Tiger which also focuses more on well-paid symbols in the main game rather than large jackpots that are completely impossible to get hold of. This is probably one of the reasons why these two players are so popular too.

Conclusion of Dark King: Forbidden Riches

So thematic and appearance-wise, this slot machine can probably be a bit boring to sit with. Then it's about putting on some other music in the background and running autospin - because the winning opportunities in the main game are definitely worth pursuing.

Feel free to try it for free here with us, and you will quickly find out if this slot machine is worth spending some money on.

Frequently Asked Questions about slots

You can find several casinos on our webpage that has the online slot available. Simply click on one of the casinos below the game and open an account at the casino of your choice.

You have a total of 39 different bets to select from, which means you'll have lots of opportunities to encrease your wager as your account balance grows.

This slot machine does not have a big jackpot. It's comparable to classic 3 x 3 fruit machines with a top payout of 2000x your stake. Dark King: Forbidden Riches online slot concentrates on well-paying symbols rather than enormous jackpots that are nearly impossible to obtain.

The reels are set up in a standard 5x3 format, with a total of 20 paylines that pay out generously. So yes, the winning opportunities in this online slot are well worth chasing.