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Kluster Krystals Megaclusters

  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96.4%
    5 x 5

Relax you’re in good hands with Relax Gaming. The company has been around for well over a decade and has three licenses, including in the UK Gambling Commission register. They also have a good rep, with some very decent titles under their belt, including Temple Tumble Megaways, Money Train 2, Wild Chapo, and iron Bank. They also make well-regarded table games.

The company’s games usually look the absolute business, and while they’re not one of the giants of the industry they can certainly be relied on to deliver a safe, good-fun, and enjoyable gaming experience.

This brings us to this title, released in January 2021 and featuring a load of really innovative and visually interesting gameplay features.

A dark sky sits in the background as future-past pillars frame the playing area, a square of five by five in which our symbols sit. The clusters needed to win are shown to the left of the screen, and players hope to build up segments of symbols that appear in between the pillars.

Kluster Krystals look lovely then, and it has very nice-looking figures behind the scenes too. The theoretical return to the player is 96.49%. This figure is an estimate of how much of the money wagered on a game over its entire lifespan will be returned to players. It’s not a precise estimate, but it’s the only figure we have for most games and this figure is slightly above the current norm.

The volatility is high. This means that this game is likely to play out slightly bigger prizes, but that the prizes are likely to arrive less often than average. This should suit patient players, though the way these figures interact does not trump the RTP. The hit frequency tells us to expect a win about every 22 spins.

A top prize of 9,921-times stake is good. The average is about 5,000-times stake. You can start your betting at just 0.1 coins (usually 10p in UK sites) and stake up to 100 coins (usually £100). Check the finances on the site you’re using and always play safely.

While the gameplay is novel, there is also a different sort of novelty: a really large set of different bonus features, including cascades on wins and a classic free spins round.

You can play this game on any device that supports JavaScript and HTML5.

But should you step out under the moon and take on the Kluster Krystals?

Let’s have a look!

How to Play Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot

Don’t get too carried away with the idea of novel gameplay. If you’ve played any sort of slot you’ll soon understand Kluster Krystals.

At the left of a black and orange control panel is the menu toggle, next to that is the sound control, then the betting window. In the centre of the screen is a spin control, with a turbo and auto-spin on either side of it. (Auto spin and some turbo spins are going to become illegal in the UK shortly so expect these to be phased out.) At the right of the screen is the win window and the player balance.

Check the game frame for further controls.

The paytable features gem segments that are put together to make full symbols. Clusters are made up of groups of at least eight of these segments, and the largest clusters are 20 segments and more in size.

The lowest value crystals (crystals, sorry) are green and blue, followed by purple, pink, and orange. Symbols land as either singles, doubles, triples, or quads (a full single symbol) and are upgraded to a higher level when they neighbour a winning cluster.

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot Bonus Features

There aren’t that many bonus features in this game.

  • First of all, there is a multiplier feature in the base game. Multipliers land at random and can start their journey as either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10-times multipliers. Once they appear they can upgrade three times, which happens when they neighbour a winning cluster. They can upgrade by doubling, then adding the original multiplier number.
  • There are also mini-features.
  • Kluster Krystal mini-features are triggered after six avalanches, the name for a respin in this cluster mechanic.
  • The Krystal Vanish takes one colour symbol completely from the playing area.
  • The Krystal boost increases the value of every symbol to the next most valuable symbol.
  • The Krystal Kut takes away all the single symbols on the playing area.
  • The free spins round is triggered when the bonus symbol is completed. Bonus symbols are upgraded each time they are sited next to a winning cluster
  • Bonus spins come in sets of sevens. You can win a further set of four free spins by repeating the bonus symbol upgrade in the free spins round.

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot - The Verdict

We loved this game as soon as it loaded up. If that sounds silly we’re sorry, but we enjoy cluster games and avalanche mechanics more than any other style of slot.

The fact that this game is done with such style and panache only add to its charms.

The base game is great. It’s a novel system with an interesting way of delivering prizes and a lot of different extra features to keep the interest going.

And the bonus features themselves are also really interesting. The only thing you might complain about is the relatively small set of free spins that one can win.

But beyond that, we had a lovely time checking out this game and recommend you to do the same.

There are a load of other games that use this sort of mechanic and if you like this one you could have a look at titles like Aztec Blox or Gems Bonanza, and Gonzo’s Quest is one of the oldest of the avalanche games.

Few of them are as good as this though, a pleasure to look at and listen to from the off, the Kluster Krystals Megaclusters slot is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions about slots

Bonus spins are grouped into sevens. If you repeat the bonus symbol upgrade in the free spins round, you can win another set of four free spins.

The level of volatility is high, and you can expect a win every 22 spins based on the hit frequency. This should appeal to patient gamers!

Sadly, Kluster Krystals Megaways online slot doesn’t have many bonus features, but a few mini-features can be triggered after six respin.

The three mini-features in this online slot remove one color sign from the playing area entirely, increase each symbol's value to the next most valued symbol, and remove all single symbols from the playing area.