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El Paso Gunfight
  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 95%
    44 440

NoLimit has really made its entrance into the online slot market lately. First with San Quentin, and now with El Paso Gunfight which is also two of the most lucrative slot machines that have been launched recently.

NoLimit likes to make games where you get the opportunity to buy bonuses, and El Paso Gunfight is no exception. Here you can buy free spins and extra features for the opportunity to land bigger winnings as soon as you start the game!

In addition, they make online slots that have a different look than most others on the market. Instead of using existing systems such as megaways or clusters, they are good at developing their own game layouts that are both imaginative and exciting to play.

El Paso Gunfight may not have the highest RTP or symbol values, but it is packed with fun bonus features and expanding paylines that keep the reels going for a long time in this game. Do not get too eager to buy bonuses, here there is more than enough to pick up in the main game as well!

How to Play El Paso Gunfight

When you start the game you see a slightly strange layout on the reels. Basically, there are 5 wheels where the outer reels have 4 rows, and the three middle ones have 3 rows. But in the beginning, four of the rows are hidden, so you have to land some winning combinations to use all the rows.

In total,

  • There are up to 43,334 paylines on this slot machine, but you start with 216.So in El Paso Gunfight you can expand both paylines and the symbols come in different sizes covering either 1 or 3 rows on the reels.

This way, no spin is the same on this slot machine, and you feel like you are experiencing something new every time you press the spin button.

In the main game,

  • There may not be much to pick up on the paylines.
  • The most valuable symbols are 5 different characters that pay out from 2 to 6 bets with 5 equal on the reels.
  • These symbols cover 3 rows, so you will need to land 5 of these in the middle of the reels to get paid the staggering winnings.

You will also find 5 card symbols from 10 to Ace which also give insignificant sums from 0.8 to 1 x bet with 5 of a kind. If there is to be any gain on the El Paso gunfight, you will probably need some hefty multipliers and wild symbols to fill up your player account. In fact, there are opportunities to win up to 44,440x bets on this slot machine with a little extra luck!

Bonus features on El Paso Gunfight

If you want to win some big sums on this slot machine, then you have to trigger free spins either with scatter symbols or buy bonus features. At El Paso Gunfight you have several different bonuses you can buy, and the prices vary from 80 to 800 x bet. So this is very expensive, one you usually have far more paylines and wild features the more you pay for free spins.

For example, if you buy the most expensive package, you get up to 5 moving wild symbols that move on each spin you get. In addition, several rows are opened up which gives it x number of paylines. But this comes completely randomly before the spins, so there is not a fixed number you can relate to here.

When the price is so high, one may wonder if it is actually worth buying at all?

It is probably wise to limit bonus purchases, as there is never any guarantee that you will be left with more than what you staked to buy the bonuses. It might be a good idea to try to win as much as possible in the main game and maybe gamble winnings you can potentially get.

But one thing is for sure - the bonus features on this online slot keep you entertained. There are very few slot machines out there where you can land over 40,000x bets on a single spin, so it's definitely worth trying out El Paso Ginfight for what it's worth.

El Paso Gunfight- Conclusion

An exciting layout and design as well as great winning potential has attracted attention among players online,

but is it any better than everything else out there?

Bonus purchases are very expensive on NoLimit's slot machines compared to, for example, Blueprint's Megaways games, where you get far more opportunities to win on free spins. But overall, there is more to be gained in the main game than in many Megaways games, and the setup with increasing paylines keeps the excitement up for hours.

So there are good opportunities to keep the reels going even if you do not buy bonuses and rather bet that you can trigger the exciting free spins features on the slot machine eventually.

All in all, El Paso Gunfight is a fun and entertaining game with great winning opportunities. So try it for free here to see if it fits your playing style!

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