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Phantasmic Fortunes
  • RTP (Return To Player)
    Max win
    Min stake
    Max Bet
  • 96%
    5 x 3- 5 x 6
    243- 7776

An exciting new online slot from iSoftbet that has both an advantageous and innovative game layout that increases the chances of winning. In Phantasmic Fortunes, you will experience both an increasing number of rows on the reels and paylines along the way with winnings of over 13,000x bet! IsoftBet launched Phantasmic Fortunes in October 2020, which fits nicely into a mysterious Halloween mood at home in the living room.

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Phantasmic Fortunes Symbols

Black magic is the theme of Phantasmic Fortunes with a scary wizard next to the reels who has many surprises lurking while you play. In the main game, there are 9 different symbols that represent the winnings with a magician's hat representing the largest payout. Here are the benefits you can expect from the various symbols in Phantasmic Fortunes:

  • Magician's Hat- Provides up to 5x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Card deck- Provides up to 2.5x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Elixir- Provides up to 2x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Pocket Watch- Provides up to 1.5x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Ravn- Provides up to 1x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Hearts- Provides up to 0.6x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Save- Provides up to 0.6x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Squares- Provides up to 0.5x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline
  • Clover- Provides up to 0.5x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline

Winnings are based on the bet per spin and not coin value. The table may look a bit staggering, but just wait until the reels expand and give as far as possible more winning opportunities!

Game Setup on Phantasmic Fortunes

The Phantasmic Fortunes online slot starts with a 5 x 3 layout that may look a little small and strange in relation to the background. But the reason for this is that the wheels can expand to have up to 6 rows down. In the beginning, you have 243 paylines, but as the reels expand, you get an insane 7776 paylines in play!

Winnings are calculated based on how much you want to bet per spin. You can choose between 15 different bets between €0.2- 15. This may sound modest compared to many other online slots out there, but remember that the jackpot is huge on this game even with small bets.

Phantasmic Fortunes Bonus Features

The advantage of wild symbols is that they can be combined with any payout symbol.

  • Wild Phantasmic Fortunes has a number of different wild features that you can look forward to:
    • Phantasmic Wild- This feature places 2, 3, or 4 stacked wild symbols on the reels
    • Magic Wild- This wild symbol is placed randomly on the reels with 2, 3, or up to 6 wild symbols simultaneously on the reels.
  • Orbs These stones are the main symbols of the online slot that increase the length of the reels from 3 up to 6 rows. Here you get both several paylines and also a bonus function if you manage to maximize one of the reels based on winnings you find above the reels. This can be:
  • Multiplier if you manage to hit one of the multipliers over the reels, it can be from a 5-200x win in the main game, and an insane 1000x win on the spin during free spins!
  • Free Spins To get free spins on Phantasmic Fortunes you must land at least 3 bonus symbols randomly placed on the reels. this does not happen often but is much more likely once you have had some of the wheels widened.

Win Potential on Phantasmic Fortunes

There is a very good winning potential in this game if you start from the many exciting bonus features in the game. During free spins, you get the most for your money, with up to 1000 x the winnings you land during free spins. This can total a total of 13867x effort! With a bet of €15 per spin, this means a potential win of over €200,000.

Conclusion of Phantasmic Fortunes

In order to compete in the online slot market online, it is clear that all major players must have their own innovative solutions to maximize both reels and winning opportunities. iSoftbet has done a very good job with its Xpanding Ways feature which really boosts winning opportunities while you play, and not least the excitement. A great combination of bonus features and paylines gives this online slot an RTP of around 96.

Frequently Asked Questions about slots

There are nine various symbols in Phantasmic Fortunes, and the biggest it can provide is up to 5x bet with 5 of a kind in a payline.

To receive free spins on Phantasmic Fortunes, you must land at least three bonus symbols on the reels at random, though it does not happen very often. It is considerably more likely if some of the wheels have been expanded.

There is no doubt that the winning potential is high in Phantasmic Fortune if you start with many intriguing bonus elements. This online slot has an RTP of around 96, thanks to a beautiful combination of bonus features and paylines.

During free spins, you receive the most bang for your buck, with winnings multiplied by up to 1000 times. This might result in a total effort of 13867x, and equates to a possible win of nearly €200,000 at a bet of €15 per spin.