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Malta Gaming Authority
Non-Sticky Bonus, 25x Wagering, 5€ MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Malta Gaming Authority
Sticky Bonus, 35x Wagering, 5€ MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Malta Gaming Authority
Sticky Bonus, 45x Wagering, 5€ MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Estland Tax and Toll
Sticky Bonus, 45x Wagering, 5€ MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Malta Gaming Authority
Sticky Bonus, 30x Wagering, £5 MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Malta Gaming Authority
Sticky Bonus, 45x Wagering, €6 MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Malta Gaming Authority
Sticky Bonus, 45x Wagering, 5€ MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Malta Gaming Authority
Sticky Bonus, 45x Wagering, €5 MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Sticky Bonus, 45x Wagering, €5 MAX BET, 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling
Sticky Bonus, 35x Wagering, 5€ MAX BET, CURACAO 18+| Terms & Conditions| Responsible Gambling

The Truth Behind No Deposit Bonuses

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Many casinos offer free bonuses with no wagering requirements at all. But as a rule, they have to put some limit on how much you are allowed to withdraw before you deposit money at the casino.

Let's take an example where you get 10 free spins just by signing up. Then there is usually a limit on winnings of 150€ and up to 200€, perhaps in some cases lower limits as well. But this restriction applies only if you have never made a deposit to this casino before. The minimum deposit at the casino today is around 10€, so wouldn't it be worth making a small deposit in case you land big winnings on the reels?

In some cases, you may also have a cap on how much you can be allowed to withdraw on free spins, even if you make a deposit. So it is wise to look at such terms before you start, but still, you should rather see this as an opportunity to get away with some winnings with no obligation to continue to make a deposit, rather than hunt for the big jackpots with free bonuses.

Wagering requirements

On a no deposit bonus with wagering requirements, conditions can be different. There does not necessarily have to be any profit restriction if you meet all the wagering requirements. How the wagering requirements are calculated depends on whether you have received free money or free spins.

  • Cash Bonuses Here the wagering requirement is set based on the amount you have received. For example, if you receive 10€ in bonus without deposit, and have to turn over the amount 30 times, then you must play for 300€ before bonus money and any winnings can be paid out. The advantage of bonus money is that you can use them on virtually every game in the casino, and have the opportunity to vary the game. This gives you the opportunity to test out the game selection as well as find the perfect games for you.
  • Free Spins Unlike bonus money, you get free spins awarded on one particular slot machine, NOT at the roulette table as many beginners think. The spins are usually at the most popular slot machines at the casino, and are based on what they think you will enjoy playing. The Free Spins wagering requirement is calculated based on how much you win on your free spins. For example, if you win 50€ and the wagering requirement is 10 times the winnings, you have to bet 500€ to cash out. In such cases, you should initially be happy that there is a maximum limit on winnings instead. Imagine hitting a multi-million jackpot and having to play 5 times more than the winnings? Then you probably need to get rid of both work and family life for a few months...


Another thing you need to be aware of is that you are not allowed to take advantage of the bonus forever. Therefore, it is wise to sign up for such bonuses when you actually know you have some time to play, so that any bonuses and winnings are not lost.

How long you get to keep the bonus varies a lot, ranging from 7 days to up to 30 days on free money you can play with. Free spins, on the other hand, can have very short deadlines of up to 24 hours from the time they are active in your account.

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But why do online casinos set such deadlines?

There are probably many who ponder about this, especially those who feel a little cheated on previous offers. 

But the truth is that online casinos have many who sign up every single day. So in order for them to be able to afford such offers, they have to operate with deadlines in order to give everyone the same chance.

Imagine that a popular online casino puts out a free bonus of 10€ upon registration and gets 1,000 new customers in a week. Then it's 10.000€ they have tied up in bonus money only in a very short timeframe. Therefore, they have to set some deadlines so that the casino can keep good liquidity for anyone who wants to try the casino.

Is it best to have bonuses with or without wagering requirements?

Players today receive far more offers on bonuses with no wagering requirements, and many are obviously cheering for this. If you do not know how much time you have to play, or just play occasionally, such bonuses are a gold mine for these types of players.

However, for many punters, it can actually be an advantage with wagering requirements if they know they will meet the requirements by the deadline. Of course, on free spins, there is no advantage to having a wagering requirement, as the requirement is calculated on winnings. But on bonus money, you can take advantage of extra capital and in addition, you can cash out the bonus money as well.

So bonuses with no wagering requirements only give you eventual winnings, not the bonus money. But let's say you got a 10€ free bonus with wagering requirements and in addition win money. Then you can actually get the bonus money and winnings paid out.

Where can I Find Free Bonuses?

Here at you can find several casinos that have a free bonus on registration. This list is updated regularly, so stay tuned as new offers are constantly updated for new players. But keep in mind that if you are already registered with any of these casinos, only newly registered players will receive such bonuses.

It is also important that you do not try to open multiple accounts at a casino to take advantage of the offers. As a rule, this will be dealt with fairly quickly from the casinos, and you risk getting your accounts blocked.

But fear not! New offers are constantly emerging from safe and well-known casinos that we add to our lists. This way you can make sure that you are constantly up to date on the best deals, and at the same time be sure that these are reputable establishments who do not offer scams to lure you in.

But, as I said, you need to be aware of these points above, so you don't think you're being fooled or feel cheated by the casinos. If you have any questions about free bonuses, feel free to contact us, as we will be happy to help you along the way!

Bonuses - how do they work?

There is great competition between online casinos to get you as a new member. This is a great advantage for you, as new players are drowning in great welcome bonuses! But there are some things you need to be aware of before jumping on an offer if you are unfamiliar with the rulebook online casinos play by. Here is a guide on what to expect from bonuses, and also what terms to look for when choosing the perfect bonus offer for you! 

The most common welcome bonus you find online is usually deposit bonuses where you get a certain percentage of your deposit in addition to your initial deposit. This is often up to 100% of the deposit, ie a match bonus. But there can also be bonuses you don't have to do anything to get, except registering a new account. So if you can spell your e-mail address correctly, and remember your mobile number, you can actually get lots of free fun at the casino without risking your own piggy bank! 

But is there really something free in life? Read on in this article and you'll learn a lot about what different bonuses the casino offers to its new players, as well as the usual terms you should be aware of.

Cash bonuses and free spins without deposit

It is becoming increasingly popular at online casinos to give you a little "bait" in the beginning to allow you to try out games for free, and the features of the website without having to risk your own money. But what is the difference between getting a bonus with no deposit and free spins without a deposit? Well, bonus money becomes available in your account and can be used on all games at the casino. So there is no limit on whether you want to spend the money on slots, live casinos, or table games. Free spins, on the other hand, are only reserved for one or more slots a casino chooses for you. But this does not mean that free spins are more boring than bonus money. As a rule, the spins on the most popular slot machines are among players such as Starburst- This classic from NetEnt was created in 2013 and has several exciting bonus features and great payout opportunities. If you keep the bet at a sober level you can endure for many hours at this slot machine and hopefully, leave with a nice amount of winnings. Combined with a recognizable gameplay layout and classic symbols, Starburst makes the slot machine the favorite of thousands of players worldwide.

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  • Book of Dead This game was created by game producer Play n 'Go and is behind numerous popular titles punters online love! This game features an Indiana Jones touch that takes you on an exciting journey in search of the Book of the Dead. The reason why this is so popular is that both gaming features and layouts are very easy to understand, and of course, the multi-million dollar winning opportunities are not to be ignored either! The slot machine has 20 active paylines at all times, and winning combinations are loosely attached to this gem of a slot machine.
  • Bonanza Big Time Gaming is a game producer that has gained many followers currently due to their original feature called Megaways. While most slots may have 20 paylines that can payout on a spin, you can hit over 117,000 paylines on games with Megaways feature on every single spin!

These are three very popular games that you will definitely enjoy online and that you often get free spins offers to try without a deposit. However, if you are new to the online casino world, you may want to test these games yourself on your own before you spin the reels of an unknown game.

How do you do it?

It's very simple. All you have to do is click on the games page above and you can try the slots for free here on Slottomat. Then you get a whole horde of play money you can test out the slot machine with! Slot machines have exactly the same features available in the demo version as if you are playing for real money. But of course, there is, unfortunately, no rewards to cash out. At any rate, this can be a good way to get acquainted with slot machines and how they work in the first place, so you know how to place bets and figure out a good strategy. Then just sign up to cash in on bonus money and free spin offers with us and let the winnings tick in!

Find Bonuses Without Deposits at

To make the job easy for you, we've collected several casinos on the website that offer bonuses without deposits. These can be both free spins and cash bonuses, but such deals do not last forever. Therefore, it is wise to jump on the boat as soon as possible before it sails away. In fact, the casino cannot afford to offer deals forever if they have filled up with enough new members during promotional campaigns. So don't wait too long if both terms and bonuses seem interesting to you.

Check how long you have to make use of the offer

Once you have registered and opened a new account, it is often the case that bonus money or free spins are in the account immediately. Therefore, you should sign up at a time when you know you are available to play. The deadlines for using free spins can be quite short up to 24 hours, and it is a bit tedious to have taken the trouble of registering and not being able to use the bonus before time runs out.

Bonus money, on the other hand, can give you a little longer to take advantage of the offer after you have received bonus money into your account. This is usually 7- 14 days depending on how large the amount is. However, you should not wait too long to use the bonus, as there may be wagering requirements that you must complete before you can withdraw any winnings and bonus money.

Choose Only Safe Casinos

There may be many scammers out there who are only looking to steal your information and lure you into fake casinos that offer bonuses with no deposit. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between which casinos are real and safe for players, above all the criminals out there.

In appearance, the websites may look very professional and fair, but on the inside, it is a completely different story. The first thing you look at is which game providers they use. If you do not recognize any of the games selection then please do not register.

Also, check the websites if they have a license to operate, and which game providers they are allowed to use. This will put you on the right track and not become a victim of online scams. The reason you have to be vigilant about this is that many fake casino games out there are not based on RNG technology. This ensures you random outcomes on every spin and therefore is considered fair.

So if you see bonus offers with no deposit on games you have not heard of before, this should be a warning sign you have to take into consideration. A genuine casino will first and foremost bring in players with games they know are popular, and not any games they find by shady producers. But if you are new to the subject, it is probably not easy to know what is safe online.

Then it's good to know that you can use as a filter to search only professional casinos with a good reputation online. Here we are sure that you will find real offers on reputable games that you can safely enjoy with bonuses and free spins without deposit.

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Deposit bonuses at online casinos

This is probably the most common form of bonus you will encounter at online casinos. This is a bonus you get when you deposit money at the casino, and is often as much as your deposit when you become a new customer. That means you get twice as much to play with, or more, just because you became a new member of the casino! Here are the benefits of using the casino bonus:

You can increase your stake and still stick to your budget Let's say you deposit 100€ and bet 0.5€ per spin on slot machines. With a match bonus that gives you 200€ to play for, you can increase your bet to 1€ and get more bang for your buck!

It sounds fantastic that you get more out of your hard-earned money, and at the same time can be left with winnings even if you don't win on the slots. But keep in mind that there are both restrictions and limitations for such bonuses at online casinos. - Here are some of the most common things you should look for:

  • You can win even if your luck strikes out If you are not lucky in the game, you can still leave with extra cash if you keep the stakes low and manage the wagering requirements to cash out the bonus. Online slots are set to repay approx. 88- 97% of players bets on a slot machine. If you deposit 100€ and have 200€ in total to play for, you can potentially be left with 176€ and up if you play soberly and smart.
  • Minimum and maximum deposits An agreement always has a minimum and maximum deposit limit on bonuses. Often, the minimum amount is around 20€, and the maximum is between 100-500€. If you plan to play for more, you will not receive a bonus on the money that exceeds the maximum bonus amount.
  • Wagering requirements A rule of thumb is that the bigger the casino bonuses, the bigger the wagering requirements are on the bonus as well. After all, a casino bonus is an opportunity to get your hands on free money. That's why online casinos usually don't give away money without working a bit for it. But always check if you can meet these requirements before jumping to an offer. If not you can end up without the bonus money and winnings. If you are lucky, there may actually be no wagering requirements at all!
  • Payment method Today it is often the case that if you use certain payment solutions online, you may not qualify for a bonus. This is frustrating to find out afterward that you don't get the bonus anyway because you used a payment solution the casino does not want you to use on the first deposit. Therefore, check the terms if there are any reservations there, but usually, it's never a problem if you use a Mastercard or Visa for payment.

At, we have at least made sure that you find bonuses with good terms, and have a casino that is well accommodated for UK and European punters. But what is the best bonus offer is entirely up to you based on how much you play and how much you can play for.

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Bonus with wagering requirements at an online casino

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The wagering requirement is the playthrough of either bonus money or free spins you have received from a casino. Here you have to play bonus money, and in some cases the deposit also a certain number of times, before you can withdraw bonus money and any winnings.

Let's say you have received 100€ in bonus and must wager it 35 times before you can withdraw bonus and winnings. This means that you have to bet for 3,500€ before the shiny coins are ready to be paid out. For example, on slot machines, this is certainly possible to complete, but it depends a bit on how much time you have to play.

If you are granted a 30-day time limit to meet the requirement, you usually don't need more than a couple of hours each day to reach the goal. But on the other hand, if the deadline is only 7 days, you must make sure you have cleared your schedule for that week to cope with these requirements at a reasonable amount per spin. So you should always check if the requirements are right for you and the time you want to spend at a casino.

Free spins with wagering requirements

Free spins have slightly different terms at UK casinos online than with bonus money. Since you do not get a set amount to play with, you must wager the winnings you win on the free spins you receive from the casino. For example, if you get 20 free spins on Starburst, then win 50€ and have to wager winnings 10 times, you have to bet for 500€ to get the winnings paid out.

Casino bonuses without wagering requirements

This is probably the most sought after bonuses at online casinos and is becoming more and more common nowadays. Here you do not have to deal with wagering requirements and deadlines, and can cash out winnings you make right away! This can apply to both bonus money and free spins as well.

So what's the catch here?

Well, the only downside to these bonuses is that you can't withdraw the bonus money itself. These disappear when you withdraw from your player account. If you have a 50€ deposit and a 50€ bonus on your account and win 25€, you can cash out a total of 75€.

Unfortunately, when you receive a bonus with no wagering requirements, you can't expect this money to be yours for good. These must go to other players to give them the same opportunities. So a bonus with no wagering requirements is only meant to help you stay longer in the game, and hopefully, be able to make some quick gains right away.

Based on this, it is not accurate to say that bonuses without wagering requirements are always the best option. However, such casino bonuses are definitely awesome to take advantage of if you do not know exactly how much and how often you can play in the future. Taking a few quick bucks with you without a lot of restrictions is a bargain deal anyway!


At many of our casinos, you can play for free as much as you like on slots and video slots before you bet a penny! Just click on one of the casinos and try the game selection right away. You can also find offers for free spins and bonus money also at some of the casinos on the list.

Google will help you out, as will review sites. You’re looking for manufacturers’ sites as a great quality option, but also review sites. And you can sign up at a casino site and set games on demo mode.

You can, but you won’t win that money! Most games are available on demo mode either at casino sites or at review or affiliate sites. You won’t win cash prizes if you don’t stake, so just play for fun and use the opportunity to learn about games.