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7 Things you didn't know about Slot Machines

Some people win at slots all the time. They've had big wins and small wins, but they can't win over the long run.

In the long run, slots aren't profitable

Some people win at slots all the time. They've had big wins and small wins, but they can't win over the long run. Slot machines are designed and programmed only to pay back a certain percentage of the money played on them. There is usually a 70-90% success rate, but it can be worse or better depending on where you play. The machines also allow you to win from time to time because no one would ever play if they never won. The payout rate may not be disclosed in some casinos, or it may not even be required in some states. Fortunately, some states provide this information to players, so I would highly recommend that you take advantage of it. Despite it being pretty common knowledge these days, many players still don’t realize that it's unlikely that you will win in the long run, and casinos love the ones that don't know.

Classic slots pay out more than video slots

The big fancy video slots are almost always less profitable than classic reel slots. As a result, they're more entertaining, draw more players and action, and cost a lot more to run and maintain. Casinos tend to spend more money maintaining these machines because they require more space and take up twice as much space as classic slots. These machines will then be dialled down in payout rates to maximize profits, so the casinos still make enough money on them. Casinos make a lot of money off immersive video slots, so don't believe you can win as much on these as on older, traditional slots. Stick to classic slots if you want to have a better chance of winning.

You can't predict the outcome of the slot machines

Slot machines are entirely random, and casinos do not want you to know this. Slot results will still be random, even if they are weighted at a specific rate. There is no relation between each spin and the previous spin. For instance, if you win the jackpot on one spin, your chances of winning the jackpot on the next spin are the same. There is no relation to previous events on future events.

Casinos don't want you to know this because they want you to think that slots are "hot" or "cold", which will affect how much you play and gamble. In the long run, this benefits them, so they are happy to see these myths grow and spread.

The games are designed to be played as quickly as possible

Previously, we told you that casinos want you to play the game you're on as fast as possible. They want you to play as fast as possible even though playing time is one of the most important measurements on a slot. As a result, the casino makes more money on the machine. Think about it: if you have a bank of widely popular slots that take 20 seconds to play each one, that's a lot of time. When a spin takes five seconds, you get four times as much play on that machine, which means more money passes through. As a result, casinos are always trying to increase the speed at which games are played. Make sure you take your time at a slot next time, as they don't want you playing slowly.

A win isn't always a win

The latest slot trend has been to play a jingle and show an animation when a player wins. This used to be a good sign that you were making a profit, but now it doesn't mean as much. Slot machines now play the jingle to imply a win even if you won less than what you wagered during those spins, much to the chagrin of legislators and regulators. It is essentially a loss that is intended to trick the player into thinking that they have won. Efforts are being made to outlaw this, but it will take time. Next time you play, don't be fooled by the animations and sounds or the on-screen advice that says you've won. Before you celebrate, make sure you know how much you won compared to the amount you bet.

Progressive jackpots are played across multiple venues

Have you ever walked past a casino slot machine with a significant progressive jackpot and been awestruck by the amount of money you could win? In that case, you may not realize that these slots are linked nationally, and the jackpot is spread over thousands of machines, and the casinos have no part in it. The casinos don't want you to be aware of this, of course.

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They want you to believe it's just a machine so that you sit down and play and spin away, thinking you're the only person who could win that prize at that time. A small portion of your bets is diverted to the major progressive jackpot on these machines.

Your entire play history is tracked

Every move you make at a slot machine is tracked by the casino as soon as you put cash into the slot machine. Nowadays, slot machines are networked and have sophisticated hardware and software to keep track of everything you do. The information is collected, analyzed, and insight reports are created and delivered to the casino marketing department so they can figure out how to best market their casino and slots to you to keep you coming back. Playing without a player's card will prevent your play from being tracked, but you won't be able to get any casino comps. Shortly, if it isn't already in place, casino marketing departments will start monitoring and tracking your play no matter whether you use your credit or debit card. These programs will detect you, identify you with a player's card, and create a new account for you that tracks everything you do. Casinos seem to go to great lengths to attract customers. Online casinos can easily monitor what you do if you play online since everything is tracked under your player account.

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