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How to know if a Slot Machine is going to Pay Out?

Slot machines can't be predicted to pay out at a specific moment.

Identifying precisely when a slot machine is about to pay would result in casinos losing money, and we all know that it doesn't usually happen. Online gaming establishments make money by providing you with entertainment in return for your money.

Despite these limitations, winning money at slots doesn't always mean it is impossible.

Learn the Odds

You probably already know that the odds included in slot machine games are based on mathematical probability. It is, therefore, possible to use these findings to your advantage and make some profit if you know how the odds work.

We're saying that with a good strategy in place and a basic understanding of how to recognize (or at least assume) when a slot is about to payout, you'll be able to increase your chances of winning.

The following list shows the most effective strategies you can use to overcome the unpredictable nature of slot machines.

 Play Only Slots With the Biggest Payouts

The following advice may seem obvious but bear with us for a moment. Any player who has played in a brick-and-mortar casino or an online casino has heard of the term 'house edge.'

As a mathematical term, 'house edge' refers to the gaming establishment's advantage over the players. Over time, this advantage results in a guaranteed return to the online casino. Thus, players always lose in the long run when the odds are stacked against them.

However, do not give up yet, for all is not lost.


Even with the odds against you, there is still the chance to win. All slot machines have a theoretical return to the player based on statistics known as the RTP (Return to Player).

Slot games, on average, have an RTP of about 90% to 96%. Therefore, every slot game with an RTP over 96% is a good choice.

How do I find a slot game's RTP?

An RTP can be determined relatively quickly for a particular slot machine game. Online casinos are reviewed on many different websites, and their game selections and their payout percentages are mentioned.

Simply put, you are better off playing slots with a higher return to player. This is especially true when you are playing through bonus spins.

What's more important, entertainment or big wins?

When choosing an online slot game, this factor is almost as important as the RTP. Volatility, also known as variance, is the probability that you will win each time you play a slot machine.

Slot machines with higher volatility often feature long dry streaks punctuated by big wins. Due to the higher payouts on high volatility slots, you might sometimes find yourself clicking the Spin button endlessly, only to watch your bankroll dwindle. However, the long dry spell has been worth it if you eventually hit the jackpot.

On the other hand, there are games with low volatility where payouts are more frequent but smaller. This is not to say these games can't produce significant wins at all. They just occur more rarely than with the high volatility games.

The choice comes down to the player's preferences - if you prefer games that reward you with little wins every few spins, choose low volatility games. If you are looking to get bigger wins and are willing to take necessary risks, then we recommend high volatility games.

Although online slots casinos are somewhat reluctant to provide information about a game's volatility, it becomes evident after playing it for a while. A gambler's style and personal preferences determine the level of volatility - there is no 'good' or 'bad' volatility.

Take advantage of the bonuses

A good way to combat the house edge is to take advantage of the bonuses. Most casino sites offer free spins, free money, and bonuses to lure in new players. Bonuses can prove beneficial and help you turn the odds to your advantage.

You shouldn't expect that bonuses will last forever. However, while they last, you can make the most of them and earn some easy money.

Is gambling on a slot machine truly random?

The answer is yes. In all online casinos, slot machines use the Random Number Generator, which is a computer program that generates numbers at random. A reliable random number generator produces numbers that are entirely independent of each other, ensuring fairness and randomness in your games. Regardless of what slot game you play, bonuses are determined by algorithms.

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Do slot machines have streaks?

There is no doubt that slot machines exhibit streaks, and they often become cold or hot. You, however, have no way of predicting whether a slot machine is hot or cold. It looks as if there are streaks of bad or good luck at times, but it isn't based on anything - that's just the nature of random events.

Could there be a strategy I could use to increase my chances of hitting the jackpot?

There is none, unfortunately. Random Number Generator controls all possible outcomes, and there is no particular bet or strategy that makes it more or less likely that you'll hit the jackpot. However, you must remember that you must stake the maximum amount to qualify for the jackpot payouts in most online casinos (and land-based, for that matter).

Is there a good strategy for playing slot machines?

Find out the RTP of the slot machine before you start spinning the reels - don't play anything with a payout percentage lower than 95%. High rollers should opt for high volatile games and chase the significant jackpots. Take advantage of the casino bonuses available to you - they can increase your chances of winning by providing extra spins.

One thing that matters is that a player cannot outsmart a slot machine to change the payout percentage. However, you can try specific strategies that can increase your chances of winning.

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