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Cheating Devices used to manipulate Slot Machines

Our website and this article do not condone or encourage cheating. It is an entertaining article that discusses methods and tools used to hack and manipulate slot machines over the years. You must never cheat. Period. Understanding the parts of a slot machine that cheaters' tools target is essential before considering cheaters' devices. Historically, slot machines used mechanical reels to generate their results. Classic methods of cheating involve controlling the reels, so the winning combination stops on the pay line. It is also possible to hack vintage or modern slot machines by taking money or coins from them. Cheaters find ways to trigger the coin slot mechanism for older machines without paying anything to get free spins. Criminals find new ways to exploit these machines as new machines only accept bills and older machines accept coins. A cheater can stick a sticker on a bill to get many spins for very little money. In modern slot machines, cheaters managed to alter the source code to control the reels. It is possible to access the inner workings, allowing for combinations that yield high payouts. A second method is to determine how the random number generators work. The cheater can figure out the algorithm to spin the reels when there is a high chance of winning large amounts of money. The purpose of cheat codes is to force a slot game to payout.

Slot Cheating Devices

Light Wand

Developed by Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who was a well-known hacker who has been rigging slot machines for 40 years using the light wand. This is a device that targets the coin payout mechanism of a slot machine. Using its shape and bulb, Carmichael uses the wand to cover the optical sensor within the coin slot.

A small win is all that Carmichael needs to cause the machine to release its coin using this cheating method. Sensors are usually installed on slot machines to detect how much money should be dispensed to prevent fraud. Carmichael can use the light wand to prevent the machine from knowing how much it has disbursed. A small win with this method allows Tommy to empty a machine.

Piano Wire

Scammers operate this scam by opening a mechanical slot and attaching an extended piano wire to the reel mechanism. Previously rigged slots will be played by the accomplice when placed onto the gambling floor.

The accomplice can stop the reels in a position where they can potentially win large payouts by pulling the piano wire. This method was easy to achieve if a cheater had the proper connection, but the player could be detected since the cheater dragged the wire.

Computer Chip

To understand this device, we need to talk about Dennis Nikrasch. As a famous hacker, he found the opportunity to crack an old slot's source code by buying a used one. Dennis disassembled the machine completely and found the chip that generates the game's results. To rig slots in a casino, Dennis created a modified chip. Dennis managed to steal 3.7 million dollars within one evening with the help of his friends and a modified chip. The team could have escaped with no problems if there hadn't been an argument among the members. A member of Dennis' team implicated Dennis for this scam following this argument.


The use of a magnet is another low-tech method of manipulating a slot. The cheater will hover a magnet over the mechanical reels and make them stop when high-value symbols land on the pay line. Criminals have the option of using any strong magnet they can find to commit this crime without having to crack the slot machine. Cheating devices like this are unpopular because of the magnetic effect they produce, which could capture the attention of security guards.

Counterfeit Coins

When using counterfeit coins to launder money, criminals play slot machines and have the winnings converted into money. This device has been used by many infamous criminals to take money from casinos. Colavecchio is one of those criminals.

His counterfeit coins and tokens were characterized by their impeccable design, which made Colavecchio famous. Even senior staff and experts will find it challenging to distinguish Colavecchio's coin from the real one when put side by side. Even the tiniest defect requires a microscope to be found by experts.

Bill Validator sticker

Cheaters did not need to counterfeit bills to hack a slot machine, as is the case with a bill validator sticker. The tool is applied to a small paper bill, such as a $1 bill. Cheaters insert a $100 note into a slot machine with a sticker on it.

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The validator misidentifies it as a smaller $100 bill. In this way, criminals can trick a slot machine into giving them many credits without raising suspicion.

Can Cheating devices still work nowadays?

The devices or tools used to manipulate mechanical reels no longer work with slot machines in major casinos since every game is digitalized. A cheater can't get free spins or control the results of modern slot machines through physical points. Since the 1990s, slot machines have been converted to accept bills instead of coins. In addition, these machines began printing out their winnings on paper tickets rather than paying their patrons with coins. Cheaters such as counterfeit coins and light wands become obsolete as a result of this conversion. One of the biggest changes was the advanced security and surveillance measures installed in casinos to prevent fraud. The staff are alerted to patrons' suspicious behaviour, including unfamiliar handling of the slot machines. An AI program monitors all casino activities as part of its surveillance network to prevent criminal activity. Software providers are also required to adhere to more rigorous security requirements by the regulation boards. An SHA-3 hash algorithm does this by preventing any party from tampering with the ability of the slot to produce results. Each staff member of a regulation office must also be screened before being hired, and their work must review their work. Keeping the staff restricted will prevent an employee like Ronald D. Harris from abusing their position for personal gain.

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