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Fantastic crime setting in Cash Noir

NetEnt has finally moved away from heavy rock and Inca Indians on its latest venture Cash Noir. This online slot has a setting in a dark detective office where unsolved murder mysteries hang on the wall. Here it is up to you to help the detective get on the right track, and at the same time get great rewards for the help.

In the detective's office, there's also a femme fatale on the right, which helps you through the game to land bigger wins.

Easy setup on Cash Noir

NetEnt has managed to create a game that is both innovative and contains the simple layout with wheels and rows we are all familiar with. The game takes place on a 5 x 4 grid where the goal is to both land winnings, and to collect clues to the murder mystery along the way. On the wheels, you have a red field that covers 3 boxes at a time. If you manage to land a win, and one of the symbols in the pay line in the red field, then you get a new clue in the murder mystery.

Another novelty in this game is that it combines traditional wheels with the avalanche feature. When you spin without winning, the reels will behave as normal, you manage to land a win on the reels, then you trigger the avalanche function, and you can get several avalanches in a row if you get new winnings.

The avalanche feature is a free spins opportunity in itself, but you can also do even more free spins rounds in this game where the avalanche feature is also included. This means that if you land 10 free spins, then you can trigger mass landslides on these spins as well. So here are the possibilities for endless free spins!

Is there any money to be made on Cash Noir?

At first glance, the main game looks pretty boring to most people. the highest paid symbol you will find here is on 4x bet. This will probably deter some players out there, but then they have not thought about all the other benefits that help tick in winnings on this slot machine.

it probably takes some time to get some special money out of this game, but the rounds are definitely not boring!

With 5 reels with 4 rows and 1024 active pay lines all the way, it often happens that small wins tick in on the reels on Chat Noir. So for those who play with a reasonable budget and endure the length, there is a lot of money to be made here. In total, there are probably up to 5000 x bets you can win on one and the same spin. But then, of course, there are a number of different criteria that must be in place.

So therefore this is probably a game for the patient, and who is content to pull in small winnings on the avalanche feature and free spins opportunities this game offers.

Exciting bonus features

It's always fun with aids that pop up randomly and help you in the game. At Cash Noir, this feature is called the Mystery Box. this can be triggered by a spin or an avalanche on the reels without winning. and can appear at any time.

You can get several mystery boxes on the reels at the same time, and the advantage is that it turns into a random symbol on the reels that can help you trigger a win.

But the most advantageous bonus feature is as mentioned earlier are the free spins opportunities. On the left side of the reels, you see a free spins target. Where every time you collect 13 clues in the murder mystery, you receive 6 free spins. In addition, the chances of winning also increase when you trigger multiple killer clues, as the red field called "Crime Zone" expands.

This area can cover up to 5 squares on the reels at once, giving you far more opportunities for winning combinations. And best of all, it stays at this number and does not go back to 3 eventually!

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Design and music by genre

NetEnt has done a very good job of recreating the feeling you get from watching old French Noir movies. Gorgeous ladies, a handsome detective, and lots of exciting murder mysteries to solve as the game goes on. It is very clear that NetEnt is betting on games with a high entertainment factor at the moment, and not just fruit symbols and bells on the reels.

Here you can expect state-of-the-art graphics, a great sound image, and not least lots of bonus features that keep you going in the game.

The game is very high on the top list in the UK at the moment, so it will be exciting to see if this game will keep its popularity, or just become another game for the forgotten book. But based on the winning opportunities that lie in the game, Cash Noir will probably have to live a little longer on top lists around the world.

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