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Can Online Casinos Rig the Slot Machines?

It is safe to say that if you walk through any Vegas casino, or any casino in the world for that matter, and ask every slots player if they won, the vast majority will say no.

Unless the slot machines are rigged, it isn't easy to understand how this could be the case. In that case, how in the world is that legal? Are casinos intentionally keeping slot machines rigged so you can't win? If so, what about all those stories about players who win huge jackpots?

It may seem not very clear, but it isn't. In short, most players lose, and a few lucky players win. A casino's machines are programmed to return less than what is put into them to earn a profit over the long term. There could be anything from a 2% advantage on the best slot machines to a 10% or more significant advantage on some big-money jackpot slots.

Casino slots are rigged to make sure the casino makes a profit, but that does not mean you can't win.

The gaming commission wouldn't let casinos run games you couldn't win, and it wouldn't be good for business either. Players would soon figure out that the games were unwinnable and would stop playing.

Let's examine slots in more detail. It will help you understand that you can also win despite the house winning most of the time.

The way slot machines are rigged

Understanding how slot machines work is crucial to understanding how they are rigged. Each slot has its own odds, but they all use a similar method of awarding jackpots. Here are a few things you should know about slot machines.

Understanding slot machine RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player. In slot machine reviews, you will usually find that each game has a specific RTP published by the developer. On, for example, you can find the RTP of Starburst and other games. HOPEFULLY, the RTP concept will help you understand how slots are rigged in favour of game developers and casinos, but not in an absolute sense. When playing slots, you can win, but you can't win in the long run.

Understanding Random Number Generators

The house has an advantage in slot machines, but it's clear that some players win massive jackpots.

There are many questions about when to play slot machines, avoid loose slots, and other things.

They believe that figuring out the answers will help them win more often, but the truth is that it's all a waste of time.

Random Number Generators (RNGs) determine when slot machines will payout. Even though it is unlikely, a slot machine can pay out a jackpot on two consecutive spins. The Random Number Generator spits out billions of numbers per second. If it spits out a number associated with a jackpot, the high-value symbols will appear across a winning pay-line, and you'll win.

RNGs cannot be manipulated. You cannot cheat online slot machines no matter how hard you try. Some players point out that RNGs can't be genuinely random since humans create them, but you cannot manipulate them for all practical purposes.

Perhaps someday, someone will spot a pattern in the apparent randomness by using a quantum computer to crunch numbers. You can assume they are random until then.

The slots developer can control the RTP via programming, but not the RNG. A third-party organization like eCogra tests RNGs and verifies that they are fair. The big slot developers like Microgaming and NetEnt do play fair, but this does not mean every developer does.

How to Win at Slots — Tips and Tricks

Now that you know how slot machines work and how they're rigged without being unfair, it's time to turn the tables on the casinos. Since I've been playing slots my entire life, I've learned a lot about slots, and I'd like to share my best tips on how to win more often at slots.

Pick Slot Machines With a High RTP

Selecting slot machines with a high return to player percentage is one of the most obvious tips. You're better off playing these games even if the jackpots are smaller because they pay out the most over the long term.

Often, the jackpots are smaller. With a minor jackpot, casinos have less risk to deal with, so they can offer players a higher payout percentage. Don't you think that makes sense?

Pick the Right Volatility for Your Bankroll

Understanding slot machine volatility will help you determine which slots are best for your bankroll. The volatility of a slot machine indicates both how often and how large the payouts are.

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  • Smaller amounts are paid more often in low volatility slots.
  • Slots with medium volatility pay decent amounts reasonably often.
  • Slots with high volatility pay less frequently, but the wins are more explosive.

Depending on my bankroll, I might go for a low volatility slot, like Starburst, with a 20 .00 bankroll. It's a good slot to build your bankroll with. To increase my chances of winning, I usually select a slot with higher volatility and the potential for higher payouts.

The only effective slot machine strategy is to manage your bankroll effectively. It is, therefore, helpful to know the volatility of a game.

Use Free Spins With Low Wagering Requirements

New players at online casinos usually receive free spins bonuses. Many of them also offer free spins to loyal players who play daily or weekly.

You will also want to take advantage of other free spins bonuses. They'll give you the chance to beat the house using its own money and have these characteristics.

  • The minimum deposit will not be excessive.
  • The wagering requirements are low, around 20x.
  • All winnings you achieve through wagering the bonus are yours to keep.

Read the Terms and Conditions of the Casino

Also, remember to read the terms and conditions before playing to ensure you comply with all of the casino's requirements to avoid disappointment when cashing out your winnings.

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